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  1. where da updates at doe?
  2. Nobody acknowledges Carth when he makes his little quips. I don't think he gets out much, people don't like him.
  3. Doing the bounties is pretty fun too. Playing KotOR 2's opening (Peragus and then Telos) makes you beg for the Undercity and Vulkar Base back.
  4. DAE remember the 90s??
  5. Did you honestly think I was blaming inexplicable acts of terrorism on a thread on some small internet forum? I have no idea what you're going on about, but I'd appreciate it if you'd stop and the thread could get back on track.
  6. Well first of all, I was insulting his immature username while having one that is even more immature. I thought that was as good a sign as any.
  7. Haha bro, I've been talking to him on Steam the whole time. KotOR is actually my favorite game ever. When he said, "these gains are dedicated to Ryan," he was talking about me. Relax and stop taking this shit so serious, this is a hilarious thread and I love reading it as much as OP loves making it. Don't presume to know when people are being serious on the internet.
  8. Also, what kind of a username is "milkyholmes420"? What are you, like 10? This thread is the reason that ISIS is beheading journalists.
  9. This game seems lame, look at the dated graphics. I'm sorry but this "M(ass) Effect" game seems awful. It's a wonder I've never heard of it, shit thread/10.
  10. Call of Doodie 2K13 was the GOAT bruh, it's nice to see that you like simple dialogue.
  11. A game can have great story and gameplay at the same time, but critiquing the GoW games on their stories is like me listen to Chief Keef and trying to find a deep meaning. You don't play GoW for the story, just as you don't listen to Chief Keef for intellectual depth.
  12. Who counts the amount of games they play? I own over 400 games on Steam alone, and I'm sure I've played over 800 in my life, probably even 1,000. Also, who gives a fuck about the story and dialogue in a God of War game? You strike me as the type of person that has seen Armageddon and Transformers 2 and loved them because of the sophisticated plot. I don't like simple dialogue, and I think that's pretty obvious if you just look at the games in my fucking top 5. "Just my opinion, no need to get butthurt about it," as you so eloquently put it.
  13. I rest my case. God of War Ascension isn't even the best game in the franchise, same with Fallout 3. Donkey Kong Country is pretty good, but not the best in the franchise again. Uncharted 2 was a good game, but overrated. Dishonored was pretty decent. All in all, I can see why TLoU is your favorite game, because you obviously haven't played very many of them. EDIT: Also, hell of a top 5/7. Additionally, I was too busy laughing at your top 5/7, that I missed the part at the top. First of all, Deus Ex was one of the most innovative games of all time when it came out in 2000, which I'm sure you weren't alive for so it's understandable the you missed it. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic (not the MMO, the game that came out in 2003 that which the shitty MMO is based of off) is amazing, but you were just a baby when it came out (2003). Of course the only game you call a good choice is the one that came out current gen. Go play some actual games and come back and talk to me.
  14. I'm just throwing together a rough one but: 1) Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2) Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3) Metal Gear Solid 4) Deus Ex 5) Mass Effect Now I'm very curious to see yours.