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  1. How doe the cloud saves impact trophies?
  2. Super monkeyball target is ruined. This is utter trash. This isn't how it played on the GameCube. So pissed that I don't even want to play the main game. Who at Sega signed off on this trash. The monkey drops out of the sky as soon as you attempt to move. You could always make it to target on the old game no matter how many mistakes you made. It was friendly to even newb players. Anyone in the family could play. This new version drops the monkey into the ocean just because it can. Nobody wanted hard core monkey target mode. We want the original back. If you don't know what I'm talking about...think of it this way. Your playing real darts. You throw the dart. The dart sinks straight to the ground. The dart board laughs at you. Review : 0/10 Bananas 🍌
  3. It doesn't appear on the server shut down list. You can click each trophy and see the latest achiever. There is very few but it still shows people getting it in 2021. I don't know how a ranked mode is active with that few people unlocking it. You probably need a booster.
  4. Correct. But you need the character to still exist that earned that trophy. The trophies unlock when you sign into that very specific toon. Don't delete a toon to go make another level 30 thinking you still get both trophies. (Free to play only get 2 toons. Buying literally anything makes you a premium player permanently and it comes with more toon slots.)
  5. The below is probably the easiest one. Two of the three bosses appear per run. So it would take you maybe 2-3 runs and it isn't a horrible long time. There is a villain equivalent depending on which side you picked. Parole DeniedDefeat Red Lantern Vice, Yellow Lantern Lyssa Drak and Evil Star in the Oan Sciencells Two of the three bosses appear per run so you have to run the place 2 - 3 times. The below is easy with the insanely high CR. You basically will 1 shot these creatures. They are out in the open world for the Lightning Strikes DLC. Reap the Rewards Defeat 100 Paradox Reapers in Central City I would assume you can complete the below duo with no effort within the time limit at 270 cr. Your partner could probably even afk. Quickly, Into the Past Complete the Cosmic Treadmill: Flashback Duo in under 7 minutes
  6. The trophies stopped being added a long time ago. Your CR is beyond anything required for the DLC and then some. I would target them in this order if you want the most amount of trophies Open World -> Solo -> Duo -> Alert -> Raid The reason being - just because you are geared doesn't mean the other 7 people in the raid will do the achievement. Some trophies are just repeating a weekly quest so you won't earn it in time without reset tokens. Example: Evermore - Complete the Take Pride mission 14 times You have to kill Raven 14 weeks in a row for Evermore unless you want to buy reset tokens I wouldn't bother with the PvP trophies. The PvP requirements are why the 100% is extremely rare. Nobody wants to sit through that grind. To just let people know that may not realize it: The game has all episodes "open" up to "Wonderverse" (maybe I'm wrong on the cutoff but it is well past any episode with trophies). You can play them without a subscription. You can unlock the ingame feats and subscribe later. You get the trophies all at once when you subscribe and log onto the toon.
  7. Quote from article: Later in the year we will have our official PlayStation 5 native client launched, with a set of changes focused on how to make DCUO look and play best on that new platform. Additionally, we will be looking into how to further bring graphical improvements to the game to keep pace with modern hardware. While the options are many and details few right now, we expect to make a combination of art and engine improvements to really make the game shine.
  8. Looks extremely easy.
  9. Just curious because only 2 people have the platinum. I see it at Best Buy for 5$ shipped.
  10. I haven't played Yu Gi Oh in a long time. I know there is a natural power creep in the cards. Should I start with the newer campaigns since these cards are probably stronger? What would be the recommendation to get a powerful deck early on. I'm currently using the XYZ user deck since it can special summon a 2400 attack card almost within 2-3 turns and it tends to not be beaten (at least in the first campaign stories)
  11. Could someone explain to me if the process if it exists to do the following: 1. Start a world on switch. I'll play and build it out. 2. Later on join on PS4 and do the achievements. Trophies Pop. 3. Go back to playing switch. I want to play on my couch but also want to earn my trophies
  12. Are we just not going to talk about these trophy descriptions? In a twist You got caught wearing her underwear. Going viral Sharing isn't caring.
  13. All campaigns have to be restarted by Amanda in the Tower. If you were mid campaign - you lost that progress. To my knowledge you don't need completion of the campaign for a trophy.
  14. I'm sure I'm not the first to request this. Can a filter for region be added? When I search by completion percentage it gets flooded with other region games. I would only be interested in seeing Jack N Jill DX for NA in the below example.
  15. I believe you pick a character to be cross save. It works on everything from that point. If you are wanting to swap to another character from a cross save perspective - there is a 90 day wait. I cross saved my only toon from ps4 which is my most progressed toon. It should now work on xbox, ps4, steam / My toon on pc was not allowed to be selected at the same time. He is not going to appear on my ps4.