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  1. I haven't played Yu Gi Oh in a long time. I know there is a natural power creep in the cards. Should I start with the newer campaigns since these cards are probably stronger? What would be the recommendation to get a powerful deck early on. I'm currently using the XYZ user deck since it can special summon a 2400 attack card almost within 2-3 turns and it tends to not be beaten (at least in the first campaign stories)
  2. Could someone explain to me if the process if it exists to do the following: 1. Start a world on switch. I'll play and build it out. 2. Later on join on PS4 and do the achievements. Trophies Pop. 3. Go back to playing switch. I want to play on my couch but also want to earn my trophies
  3. Are we just not going to talk about these trophy descriptions? In a twist You got caught wearing her underwear. Going viral Sharing isn't caring.
  4. All campaigns have to be restarted by Amanda in the Tower. If you were mid campaign - you lost that progress. To my knowledge you don't need completion of the campaign for a trophy.
  5. I'm sure I'm not the first to request this. Can a filter for region be added? When I search by completion percentage it gets flooded with other region games. I would only be interested in seeing Jack N Jill DX for NA in the below example.
  6. I believe you pick a character to be cross save. It works on everything from that point. If you are wanting to swap to another character from a cross save perspective - there is a 90 day wait. I cross saved my only toon from ps4 which is my most progressed toon. It should now work on xbox, ps4, steam / My toon on pc was not allowed to be selected at the same time. He is not going to appear on my ps4.
  7. There is a potion of polish in the "Idle Champions - Chwinga Familiar" DLC which should be the cheapest way to buy the trophy if you just want it done. ($10 at full price)
  8. I just added the link under the chest section. I didn't see that you tagged me. Good idea 👍
  9. Seriously shame on you Sony. The episode hasn't even aired yet.
  10. 1. suck at the game 2. repeat the track over and over again trying to beat the gem or ctr challenges 3. cry 4. wonder why you bought this game 5. finally have enough gems
  11. Day 1 Starting up Valkyria Chronicles on PS Now. Episode 00 COMPLETE Episode 01 COMPLETE Episode 02 COMPLETE Episode 03 COMPLETE Episode 04 COMPLETE Episode 05 Episode 06 Episode 07 Episode 08 Episode 09 Episode 10 Episode 11 Episode 12 Episode 13 Episode 14 Episode 15 Episode 16 Episode 17 Episode 18 Scout: Lv 3 Shocktrooper: Lv 4 Lancer: Lv 2 Engineer: Lv 2 Sniper: Lv 2 War Cemetery Unlocks: Sniper Support Retreat Live Stream:
  12. Shrek gets more respect than a status update.
  13. Just saying. Look at that magnificent Shrek letter "S" trophy icon. Physical only. Get this pre-owned gem before it is to late to find a copy. If you take a look at this investment chart you can see your investment in Shrek will likely increase in value over time.
  14. Chest codes were added in the last update for PS4. Previously they were something you could only get on PC. The easiest way to get the codes as they are released is to sign up for the discord for the game (find it on Reddit). Free easy gold chests for just signing in and punching the code in.