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  1. Correct. Each favor has a blessing at the bottom of each tier that impacts all campaigns. You can combine the x2 buff across Helm, Kelemvor, and Torm to get a x6 damage boost to the events. Otherwise you are sort of relying on your gear to carry you in events.
  2. The variants only reward gems and you can grind those pretty easy. No real reason to force an early victory on them. If the variant requires area 175 and you can't even break past area 100 then don't waste your time trying to force it to happen. The exceptions are events because you can't come back for awhile (within reason)
  3. The more unspent favor (in your case Torm) the more +% gold find you get. The recommendation is not spend more than 10% of your favor at a time because it will lower your +% gold find multiplier more than you have gained from the blessing. The offline gold scrolls come from chests. They give gold equivalent to you just turning the game off and coming back in X amount of minutes. The recommendation is to do it at the end of your adventure before a reset because that is when you are earning the largest amount of gold. Your other question: if a Lv 10 Bruenor and a Lv 10 Arkham were fighting and had no gear at all, Arkham would do more DPS, correct? Hypothetically you are correct if your Bruenor was actually Lv 10 but that would be stupid to keep him at Lv 10. In reality your Bruenor is going to be way higher leveled before you can afford Arkham. Bruenor buffs will be granting a huge amount of DPS to your group so therefore he most likely more valuable than a Lvl 10 Arkham. You don't want to assume you can just replace the champion furthest to the left with someone on the right when you run out of space. You need to read the buffs. You can test swap outs and positions by monitoring your DPS meter. You will see how quickly you made a wrong decision Just reverse the decision. It doesn't cost anything.
  4. Medium potion of fire breath = Global party dmg done in 150 seconds added to the base dmg click (Make sure you have a familiar that is mouse clicking for you) Huge potion of giant's strength = increase dmg by 900% Those two combined will annihilate a boss. Either one alone should do the trick.
  5. Alley By MyselfPerform a self-alley oop You can do this in practice mode without the AI trying to block you away. Walk towards the hoop to the spot you would make a free throw shot and then activate the self-alley oop. (Triange tap and then square) Character will do everything for you.
  6. No Buckets AllowedHold an opposing team scoreless for 4 minutes In the game settings you can disable all fouls. The AI is so determined to defend the basket they won't come after you if you don't cross the half court. You can sit pretty for 4 minutes. Easiest trophy ever.
  7. What is the turn around time on guide approvals?
  8. For the number of people that mention fortnite...why is it not on the top psnprofile popular list for the week? I scrolled the first couple pages and can't find it. Seems like it should have the numbers to keep it near the top of the list.
  9. Fyi: This masterpiece is on psnow 😉
  10. The keyboard is reflecting if you think that is dirt
  11. Giving Microsoft the disc to get the digital copy might be a good deal. You can trade them a pre-owned copy from Gamestop and get the full game.
  12. CR is combat rating. It is your power based on your equipped gear. You can't waste anything or lose it. Edit: Apparently Xbox doesn't have the DLC achievements. You have the base achievements only. So basically this boost will handle the 1st of 6 max level characters you have to create. It won't help much beyond that.
  13. A free CR 210 boost is being given out to everyone that logs in. It will give you a max level character strong enough to take on any DLC content with trophies. The boost itself is good enough to get three lvl 30 trophies : for a specific role, mentor, and speed power Requires subscription to actually unlock the trophies but they are stored as feats until you sub.