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  1. I'd love to join! I have plats in the following: Final Fantasy XII Final Fantasy Type-0 Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy XV So looks like i'm a Chocobo Trainer! https://psnprofiles.com/izzyrules
  2. I used the Stark "Homecoming" suit a lot early on. Then I started rotation between using that and using the Mark II a lot mid game. Finally I settled on the Mark IV suit primarily once I unlocked it.
  3. Any recommendations for skirmishes to help level up? I just beat the story and I have one group around the low 30s, but most of the rest are at the level you get them at. So based on the formation used above, I'll need to level up some different groups. Are there some preferred skirmishes you've found to help in leveling up?
  4. Since there's a trophy for getting all of the magicks, does that mean you HAVE to devote one character to being a Time Mage for the upper tier magicks it has? Or are those available thru another job? I'd rather not have to devote someone to Time Mage if I don't have to. Of course, if they let you switch jobs (fingers crossed) this concern goes away...
  5. Yeah, I was surprised to see this pop up here. Makes me think it may possibly release at the FF 30th Anniversary event next Tuesday. In terms of the trophies, I agree the Concurrence one will be a pain as it can be a little dependent on the RNG to get a couple of those last few. No real surprises though, most of these are ripped straight from the Sky Pirate's Den. The two I don't recognize are the last two, in reference to the trials. Is that something that was exclusive to the International version and wasn't included in the NA one?
  6. Gotcha, I found it on youtube...thanks!
  7. What's your youtube channel? I'd love to check it out when the time comes to get some help with this game!
  8. Dragon Age: Inquisition. Also want to give a shout out to South Park: The Stick of Truth, even though its really just a PS3 port.
  9. Most of my favorites have already been remastered and released on PS3/PS4. The only ones missing I'd really like to see are Final Fantasy XII and the Ace Combat series.
  10. My set up was very similar to this. I used the Red Rocket station too. 6 people, 6 food, 6 water, 45 defense, 5 3 tier clinics, 6 beds. I just put wood crates and toolboxes around to raise the size of the settlement into the yellow. I assigned 1 person to food, the rest to the clinics. The one difference is that I didn't stay at the settlement the whole time. I would check in every now and again and ring the bell just in case, but I just played the game like normal and the happiness kept going up every 20-30 mins or so. Its just my opinion, but I think one of the keys to this is that every (or at least a very high percentage) settler has to be assigned to do something. That's why some people are getting this with 6 settlers and 5 clinics/1 food and some are getting it with 24 settlers and 18 shops/6 food and so on. Again, just an uneducated guess, but I'm wondering if having settlers not assigned to do something is one of the factors that prevents happiness from maxing out.
  11. Actually it was. Colin Moriarty reviewed it and he loves JRPGs and often states his appreciation for the Tales series.
  12. 1: Final Fantasy IV 2: Final Fantasy VI 3: Dragon Age: Origins
  13. Would love to see a true sequel to Final Fantasy Tactics.
  14. I've loved the Lego games ever since I gave the Lord of the Rings one a chance. After that I went back and played some older ones like Batman, Star Wars, and Pirates, and I make sure to get most every new one. I probably won't get Dimensions though as I don't need tons of figures cluttering up my house.
  15. I think that if you die in a level after getting a text but before hitting a checkpoint that the game doesn't save that you got the text. So what I did was make sure that i went through a checkpoint after getting a text even if I had to backtrack some. Unless the end point was right in front of me and I was sure I wouldn't die. Even doing that, after beating the game I had missed (at least) 1 text and had to replay some levels starting around the midpoint until I got it. Luckily it only took me maybe 10 levels to find the 1 I missed.