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  1. Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands took me 6 years and 3 months. After my initial playthrough I just didn't feel like chasing after the few remaining trophies I had missed. 6 years later I decided to replay all of the games in the series and finally knocked out those few remaining trophies.
  2. Finally got the platinum! Good luck to all those still in the grind. Keep at it, and pray that the RNGesus is kind!
  3. FINALLY got the large Viper Tobi crown, after killing about 25 today. And I swear, the one that gave me the crown was no bigger than about a dozen others that I had fought. Oh well, glad I got it. Just need the large Seething Bazel now.
  4. Woohoo, got all the minis! Barioth was my last one. Just need large crowns from Viper Tobi and Seething Bazel!
  5. Yeah, I noticed there's no Hoarfrost event either. Blah. I still need a Small Shrieking Legiana and Barioth and a large Viper Tobi, so guess I better get to grinding for those.
  6. I was lucky and got one early one before I was even really trying for the crowns. So unfortunately i can't really give any hints as to how to measure him. I honestly didn't have much luck measuring the large ones either, due to the floor being so uneven where he spawns at in the elder's recess. I just went by the eye test, and if he looked on the bigger side I'd hunt him. One thing I do remember is that it was in an investigation for both Tigrex and Brute Tigrex. And I do remember seeing him with the Tigrex and the Brute was noticeably smaller. That was really my only clue that it could be a gold. Also, maybe its just me, but i'm having INCREDIBLE luck with the 3 silver/1 gold hunts. My last 4 gold crowns have come from those types...
  7. When I got both the mini Silver Rathalos and Gold Rathian I was surprised. I thought they were on the smallish size, but wasn't expecting a gold either time. I was more fighting them just to get more possible investigations to farm later. But for the large golds, for both I walked up to them and knew it had to be a large gold cause they were massive. Edited: Got the large Brute Tigrex crown, I'm pretty much home free now!
  8. Yeah, I will say the minis are much harder to tell than the large gold crowns. When I've gotten a large gold, I was fairly positive the minute I saw the monster it was a large gold. I've actually gotten small golds and was completely surprised by it.
  9. I like to mix them up, just to prevent getting bored. Thing is all I need now (of the ones I'm guessing won't get events) is a large Brute Tigrex so I'll be burning through my investigations for him.
  10. Yeah, I gotta say I had pretty good luck with the event. And I just got a large Gold Rathian crown tonight. I just need a large Brute Tigrex and I've got all the monsters that I'm thinking won't have an event covered. Come on RNG!
  11. I still need the small Coral Pukei (already had the large), but I got the large Ebony Odo and large Zinogre on back to back hunts and that's what I needed from them. So I can't complain too much about the event. I'll get it eventually. And then go back to the endless farming of Silver and Gold...
  12. Unfortunately it looks very much to be an Azure Rathalos. The silver rathalos is basically silver all over.
  13. Ah, yeah I think @Allonnos is correct. New it was too good to be true, lol! Ah well, back to the grind.
  14. Yeah, now that Silver Rathalos will be in an event I only need to worry about Brute Tigrex and Gold Rathian. I have the small for both. Soon as I wrap up what I need from the coral event (large C.Pukei and Zinogre) I can get back to those two.
  15. Agreed, that's our buddy Silverlos. I can put off farming him for now I guess, altho I only need the small. With the (I think accurate) assumption the elders were never going to be included, right now its looking like Scarred Garuga, Gold Rathian, and Brute Tigrex may be left out. Unless the MHW gods hear our pleas!
  16. If it makes you feel better, I killed something like 37 before I got both crowns, lol.
  17. Typically the only special arena quests that give guaranteed golds are the ones tied to a crossover or some type of special drop, like the Barroth/Pink Rathian you mentioned. Or the one a few weeks ago with a small Nightshade Paolumu (it gave some sort of drop for a weapon I think). If its just a regular old optional special arena quest then it won't be a guaranteed. Altho you can still get gold crowns from them if you're lucky.
  18. Honestly, crap like that is why i play solo. I could handle players leaving after killing a monster, but someone just going AFK at camp and letting everyone else do the work so they could get a crown would piss me off to no end.
  19. That event was weird for me. I was having bad luck too, ran it about 10 times with no luck. Then, in about 4 hunts I got the large Narga, and both Garuga crowns (I already had the small Narga). Seems like when it rains it pours. I was only going after those two tho, I wasn't even bothering fighting the others.
  20. It'd certainly be nice if we got one for the Guiding Lands to include Silver Rathalos and Gold Rathian at least, but I'm not holding my breath.
  21. I got the mini Yian Garuga last night. I'm only trying for him and Nargacuga (already have a mini for him) right now, as Rajang won't count towards the Iceborne platinum and I already have the base game platinum. Altho I do already have a mini for Rajang, so the completionist in me will end up getting the large eventually. But I'm not in any rush for it.
  22. Lol, yeah what I wouldn't have done for a gold crown event for Black Diablos during the base game grind! Still, cool to see.
  23. The first Iceborne specific gold crown event is starting 2/13 per the event schedule. Its in the ancient forest. From the picture next to it, Nargacuga, Yian Garuga, and (curiously) Rajang will be part of the hunt. I only say curiously for Rajang since it was a DLC monster, but its possible they included him just to flesh out the number of monsters for the event, as there weren't many monsters added to the Ancient Forest region in Iceborne.
  24. Same, the only one I've captured so far was the Rocky Mole, but the trophy popped when i did.
  25. You would probably know better than I would, but it also feels like maybe they've loosened up on where and when you can get gold crowns? I got a small gold crown Glavenus from the Optional Special Arena quest. I didn't even know it was possible to get golds from those. Maybe it always was and I just got very lucky.