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  1. Swarm of Darkness or Blood Seekers
  2. Finally got it in a brawl
  3. Tried it over and over again, still nothing. Any advice? Oh, just saw it seems now confirmed that it hast to be a win ...
  4. Yes, I am absolutely sure. All Kills 50+ and some first places as well.
  5. I'm sure that there was all damage 50+ and no accidental kills. Some of the games i won, too. One other riddle left, so I will do this first and then it hopefully works. Thank you
  6. I'm stuck at riddle 2. Done the requirements several times, but it does not unlock.
  7. Nervermind
  8. Thanks, got it in the meantime, but forgot to Post here.
  9. Need help guys, how is this working?
  10. Is this only for options and quit or for closing the application also?
  11. Thanks A1rPun, got it
  12. Edit: got it, thanks