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  1. I seem to be missing some basic stuff, like how to place ctf flags and checkpoints in the editor. If anyone wants to boost let me know.
  2. Ugh I so don't want to play this crap again
  3. How do I get the hidden trophy and the toxicity trophy so I can be done with this crap? Nevermind I got them. So glad this is over. Bought it for a buck fifty and that was too much. Actually I regret spending the 3 hours getting the trophies more than the money.
  4. That's the bug stomper trophy. Shooter is too kill one in flight. I'm not even sure what that means.
  5. haha i always entertain the notion of bringing my vita to the gym with me, but i usually do a full on run. maybe on a weekend i'll try some of the games suggested in here and just do a hour brisk walk while trying to knock out some trophies.