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  1. Yes you can. I did this trophy on Klassic towers, mainly endless Tower.
  2. Psnid: KamJaw98 Games I'm or Will play are Rise of the tomb raider Spider-man ps4 Devil May cry v MorTal kombat 11 (when it comes out)
  3. Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition
  4. Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 - 2.02%
  5. I finally reuploaded. Now it contains everything with one hidden red orbs location which isn't mentioned in the devil's lair 10:55 exactly. Don't know really how to trigger it, but I'm assuming it's because of passing broken bridge with devil trigger vortex. Also don't really know why, but in the devils lair there are shown two spots that you get orbs by destroying barrels. If there are shown destructable things or barrels which you get orbs off, then there is much more things like that, but it makes no sense, because it is not really hidden, getting orbs from destroying things is something you would do normally while just playing the game.
  6. everything is in chronological order as you play the game, so one shouldn't have problems for finding all of those. I showed only that what I have found myself, and yeah, I probably should have do some more research for items. I will add info in description or just reupload video ;/
  7. In Devil May Cry 1 there are few hidden spots where red orbs spawn, if you want some extra orbs you devil may cry find this video helpful. Not only it shows where these spots are but also it shows some good usable items, that you could find helpful when attempting Dante Must Die Difficulty. The best way to beat DMD is to get that items, because you can have more than you can buy by getting them playing new game +... on normal thus making your dmd run very easy. Haven't seen other video like that on YouTube. What do you think about that?
  8. That's a challenging trophy list. imo harder than the ps3 one. I preordered this game and going to get platinum on ps4 version as well.
  9. Ratchet: Gladiator, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Devil May Cry 1, Heroes 3, Worms: Armageddon, Skyrim, Mortal Kombat 9, Shadow of the Colossus, Killzone 1, Tekken 5, Gex: Deep Cover Gecko, Medievil 2, Crash Bandicoot 1, The House of the Dead 2, Quake 2, God of War 1, GTA2 & Need for Speed: Underground 2. btw. I was very selective.
  10. I played final loop and tested lisa in lamp glitch and flashlight colors. She caught me and when I got through the doors this message showed and don't know what it's saying :/
  11. Thanks guys for help https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GN173qkED3A I've made a video with 4 voice messages backwards and normal. links to messages in mp3 with download are in the description
  12. So I have been playing P.T. and when I played Didju rike it video to mic during last loop I have heard this radio like backward message so I flipped it and it sounds like Italian or Japanese the message is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G15nb998tGw Can someone tell what it says?
  13. I think they released not separated trophy list because they had such description as "completed some chapter" and when they have make episode they "writed" trophy to the game. now the descriptions are story related and they release trophy packs at time as they made the game and scenario. Maybe after they release all episodes they release second trophy pack with platinum. That would be great P.S. Gold trophies are not since 2nd episode instead of it we have more silvers.
  14. there are no trophies on psn profiles or in game patch. If you get in online mode and see your trophies for the walking dead there is 82% not 100% (if you completed all 4 episodes). so here it goes: (Silver) Blood and Iron Made it out alive. (Bronze) Miles To Go Took a breather. (Bronze) Right of Frost Stopped for the night. (Silver) Center Cannot Hold Reached the other side. (Bronze) All the Dark Night Made it through to morning. (Bronze) We Slowly Drove Reached the terminus. (Silver) Kindly Stop for Me Found your way through. (Silver) All The Dead Lie Down Completed Episode 5: "No Going Back" P.S. yeah. I just found trophies on few sites. but still it isn't in any patch ...and that bug with online mode...