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  1. Hello! I'm going to host an event for MotorStorm online on PS3. Are you missed MotorStorm online? Good news that PSON Emulation has revived MotorStorm online! Join us ATV vs Bike races with catch up on, on 5th June 2022 at 9pm in U.K. time. PSONE Event: Primary DNS 185 . 194 . 142 . 4 Secondary DNS 8 . 8 . 8 . 8 (or, should not matter) To play MotorStorm Monument Valley online on private server! 🟩 Wired -Network settings -Internet connection settings -Custom -Wired Connection -Auto-Detect -Automatic -Do not set -Manual -Primary DNS - 185 . 194 . 142 . 4 -Secondary DNS - 8 . 8 . 8 . 8 (or, should not matter) -Automatic -Do Not Use -Enable -Press X -Test Connection 🟨 Wireless -Network Setting -Internet connection settings -Custom -Wireless -Scan -Press X on "YOUR ROUTER NAME" -SSID -"YOUR ROUTER NAME" -WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK -WPA Key - "YOUR ROUTER PASSWORD" -Automatic -Do Not Set -Manual -Primary DNS - 185 . 194 . 142 . 4 -Secondary DNS - 8 . 8 . 8 . 8 (or, should not matter) -Automatic -Do Not Use -Enable -Press X -Test Connection Private servers by PSONE ➭ Twitter: ➭ Discord: ➭ Official Website:
  2. Lol it’s not a big deal. Making new account on website is more easy.
  3. Is this new Ghost of Tsushima game?
  4. Glad I got it 100% on both PS and Steam. I hope this re-released version means soon Fall Guys coming on Xbox and Switch and auto pop achievements to get 100% easy on Xbox 🤩🤩🤩
  5. Hours of practice!! 😂😂
  6. No, PS4 controllers aren’t work with PS5 game. Only PS4 games on PS5 will work with PS4 controller.
  7. Yes very easy but I only have two PS5 controllers so I can't get the last trophy for 4 controllers!
  8. There have two local split screen trophies which required 2 and 4 PS5 controllers. I have tried logged in two accounts with 1 controller and it doesn't work. Need 2/4 controllers to unlock these trophies!
  9. What the hell?!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I’m huge thanks to PSOne team for revived motorstorm online! My favourite game! if you don’t like it, don’t join then And why flag this?! What about ps vita stack games by email trick? Is it allowed?!! I did tried it but I find it difficult and I couldn’t do it. Join PSOne server isn’t that hard and everybody can do this. No need modded PS3. PSOne server is running like normal psn server, no cheat.
  10. Ps vita trophy stacks different region games by use email trick is allowed but not with private server by put DNS numbers?! I want to platinum motorstorm pacific rift if PSOne bring it back and i think it’s unfair to blacklist it. Put DNS number on PS3 network setting is x100 easy than ps vita email trick and you don’t need to mod or hack a PS3 for access private server. PSOne runs server like normal psn server, no cheat or hack. Just playing game like normal. Any cheaters and hackers will be banned from PSOne. i would love to see psnprofiles allowed it.
  11. Hey everybody! I just want to say.. I've joined PSOne server on discord and PSOne team is super amazing and very helpful! They have bought back my favourite game MotorStorm online back and I'm sooo happy to play MotorStorm online again! They have bought back Killzone 2 and Warhawk online too. They are working on PS Home server atm and I hope.. MotorStorm Pacific Rift online so I can get last two online trophies. BUT.. I do not believe that its cheat!!! You don't need to hack or mod your PS3, just use DNS numbers in Network Setting to access their private server, they public sharing videos to tell you how to join and they public sharing DNS numbers too. Their server are not hack, it runs like normal how PSN server was. PSNProfiles staffs need to check out their server and will see there NOTHING modded and hacked. It runs like normal PSN server. Here video how to join PSOne server to play MotorStorm, Warhawk and Killzone by just put DNS numbers Primary DNS: Secondary DNS:
  12. A game from old cartoon that part of my childhood?! Sold!!!! 🤩
  13. ooh that’s great news! Thanks 🤩