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  1. PSNProfiles need to change the version from EU to U.K. Because I noticed that this game is only in U.K. and NA. Also.. U.K. has left EU lol.
  2. After had practice on EU and NA. 3rd time little bit easy
  3. Reed Remastered is good game, not lazy made. Reed 2 should be good. I don't know why some people thinks it's bad for new Reed game coming.
  4. if it has subtitles to turn on then i might buy it. I'm deaf.
  5. you still around? Need a help too.
  6. Thank you very much, mine was Eu so it's 63!
  7. Yes I did wait for number. This game is really hard for me :/ I don't know where to find the right number from.
  8. I put temperature 54c then went to bathroom, click on the sink, it says it is not the right temperature?
  9. FINALLY!! tried again and I did it in 31 mins! Ugh this game made me rage!!
  10. Boodly hell this is very hard!! I can't do it and thankful that I played it on Xbox One. I don't want to buy this on PS4!!
  11. Tina is easiest!
  12. Have anyone seen the new Sony’s first car on CES 2020? Would be awesome if you can sign in psn account on touch screen inside car and earning trophies for visited different places in car and how many miles you drove in car. 🤣
  13. yes you’re right. Trophy popped up after finished training then it shows up on the trophies list.
  14. I have beaten Trax on Xbox one. 12 Achievements were win on each 12 track against level 2 Al. Got 1000G Wtf with PS4 trophies, it’s different and more hard and no platinum. Fuck this shit lol, no buy for me.
  15. Just started mine and no trophy show up?!