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  1. Is this game 20 hours to get platinum and 3/10 difficult? I saw this somewhere on Facebook.
  2. Thanks
  3. Ghost of Tsushima is amazing game but only 1 thing that ruined the game is crappy bokken duels! I find it so difficult to hit opponent and I always lose like 1/2 - 5! Game is on easy mode too wtf?! It terrible and poorly gameplay and shouldn’t have included in the game! Any tips how to win?! Thanks.
  4. *eats popcorn 🍿 *
  5. Yes it very lazy and ugly but I’m not going let this bad thumbnail stops me from playing game lol
  6. I love cute furry characters, I’m going try it :3
  7. No cheat for slow it down? I find it little hard with ball moving up and down and arrows moving really fast…
  8. Any cheat for slow it down?
  9. Why pic of cars with no wheels?! 😂🤣
  10. Still tooooo hard! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 Why the hell would breaking through gaming dev made this sooo difficult after they made lot of easy games by use cheat code… I hope someone found the cheat code for this stupid bowling game soon
  11. Win 20 races will work too?
  12. Awesome! I think I’ll go for lifetime. I’m from U.K. too so it should be around £10 I think
  13. Is it at same price?
  14. Everything. Save date, cars, championships to PS5.
  15. and I lost my old save because of save auto uploaded to PS+ cloud so I have to start over on PS5... I have finished it 100% on PS4 and still not get any trophy on PS5 version.