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  1. Looks easy but no platinum.. I’ll buy it on Xbox when it on sale
  2. I’ll wait for it update. Ratalaika said all should be free upgrade to PS5. I’m sure AS version needs to fix.
  3. I think no. Some game can download save transfer like Spider-Man MM. I don’t think this game will included save transfer.
  4. Free upgrade on Xbox series X I got today. So it should be free upgrade and free platinum too
  5. Damn I have waste my money on Ultimate Edition because I already have PS4 version 😬
  6. I like square, it bigger and showing more of art Stop being a crybaby! I hope it stays like this. Sony won't listen to a tiny group of OCD trophy hunters complaining about wrong shape thumbnail when million of players don't care about trophies and new thumbnail.
  7. Oh that’s shame
  8. I have bought it and it already platinum from NA version I played before.. So nope, not stackable.
  9. It just released on U.K. psn store today. I don’t see it got add on psnprofiles so it is not stackable?
  10. Will this big issue for ps3?
  11. I mostly got eliminated by my teams :/ I’m playing better by solo. I’m disagreed with this
  12. I’m not sure if it’s same game that released on Xbox one few years ago?
  13. I’m confusing with this trophy, I’m not sure which and where should I buy upgrades from - Vehicle Upgrades, Buy Parts or Junkyard? I think I need to start over the game to saving up money, need to make sure to buy right updates next time for trophy. Anyone can help me? Thanks.
  14. PSNProfiles need to change the version from EU to U.K. Because I noticed that this game is only in U.K. and NA. Also.. U.K. has left EU lol.