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  1. I’m not sure so anyone should test UC3 on PS4 version because someone already tested PS3 version I noticed on the list.
  2. I saw someone wrote on Facebook that his friend lost Uncharted 3 trophies after change ID. I’m not sure which PS3 or PS4.
  3. I thought account on ps3 might having issue so need to delete account off ps3 then download it again to get work on ps3
  4. Damn 😲 Account will need to re-download again on PS3 after changed ID?
  5. Yeah it getting easy after. 1st time was 4 hours because I rage quit. 😂
  6. I’m wondering what it going happened? Do I have to delete and re-download my account into PS3 or PS Vita? Will lose PS3 trophies?? I’m going to test it with my alt account but I’m at work and I’m very exciting, thinking, wondering and worrying about this! 😂
  7. it doesn't bothered me, I have played Hannah Montanna and Barbie Puppy. Lol I don't care and I love to get many of easy platniums as I can!
  8. POWGI is most boring games with easy platium. If under 1 hour then I will buy.
  9. It out by this or next week i think
  10. Lucky!
  11. How did you played it early?
  12. Hey there, when Peasant Knight comes on Xbox one?



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Richtoon


      But some of their games are on Xbox One too 

    3. The Blakk Vulture

      The Blakk Vulture

      Ratalaika told me on Twitter about a week ago they wouldn't be able to. Something to do with price points :dunno:

    4. Richtoon


      Aw that’s shame! Would be nice for easy extra 1000G :( 

  13. Done it Done it Not bothered about gameboy games and I don’t think it released in U.K.
  14. Thank you for tips!