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  1. Thanks! I glad I’m not too late! I have downloaded all DLCs from U.K. PS store no problem! Looking forward to platinum this game.
  2. I’m very confusing.... Eps are still on PS store, it says I can’t download because I do not own season pass disc?! I thought they all got removed from ps store after 25th June?! I have the disc, I’m safe?
  3. My friend told me that easy to beat time trials by use triple drift boost trick as many time as you can. A lot of players didn’t know about boost drift on PS1 and they were finding it difficult. I haven’t played time trial yet. My friend showed me how to do drift trick on PS1 last year.
  4. Last trophy I need seem impossible and need a luck to get it if my team and I made in top 4. I can do it easy with 4 controllers but trophy won’t unlock. Any tip how to do it?
  5. How long and how difficult?
  6. Limbo isn’t delisted game so it’s still working with PS+
  7. Sorry English is my strong language. Yes I mean we no longer needs PS+ to play any delisted games?!
  8. I have re-downloaded The Simpsons Arcade Game into my PS3. This game got delisted from PSN store years ago and I got it for free through PS+ membership. After I have downloaded it, I checked game information and it never showing start date and how many days left until it expires. Trophies is working and I’m very surprised that this game online is still working!!! So I tried playing game offline with different account and it still showing as full game. Not demo or got locked and asked me to go on PSN store to buy the game. I’m wondering if all games we downloaded for free by PS+ that got delisted from PSN store are now full own?!
  9. Very hard! I can't do under 4 mins. I have played it before on Xbox One.
  10. I did tried with my American account and it still can’t see DLCs I have downloaded into ps3. I think need American version disc. Free DLC multiplayer bundle is new added on PS store on 6th June 2019. Maybe that’s why. I hope they will add free multiplayer DLC bundle in European PS Store soon.
  11. I have just downloaded maps from US account and tried on my U.K. account. It’s not working.. Different region disc. Need from European PS Store.
  12. I can’t find UC2 DLCs on U.K. PS store.. They got removed? I know in America they getting free UC2, UC3 and The Last of Us DLCs because of server closing down in few months.
  13. Oh yes I know which one now 😂😂
  14. Lol first word in this video was penis 😂
  15. Look nice game. I hope it is nice, relax and easy platinum game. Not make me rage and post another thread about game is not 1/10 easy lol (I still can't beat Zeroptian Invasion OMG!! 😡😡)