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  1. This is madness!! Why everybody pretending that they find this game easy?! It's drive me nut! It reminds me of Super Meat Boy!
  2. Have anyone seen the new Sony’s first car on CES 2020? Would be awesome if you can sign in psn account on touch screen inside car and earning trophies for visited different places in car and how many miles you drove in car. 🤣
  3. yes you’re right. Trophy popped up after finished training then it shows up on the trophies list.
  4. I have beaten Trax on Xbox one. 12 Achievements were win on each 12 track against level 2 Al. Got 1000G Wtf with PS4 trophies, it’s different and more hard and no platinum. Fuck this shit lol, no buy for me.
  5. Just started mine and no trophy show up?!
  6. I really love this PSNProfiles site. Would be awesome if they can do this for Xbox too?
  7. IBadDriverI on Youtube said FoxyLand will be added as Japanese version too?! Is it ture??
  8. It has online on Xbox One. I saw some Xbox gamers have compleled it 1000G :/
  9. Very easy! I have beat it 4 times already. 1st time was 33 mins. 4th time was 15 mins.
  10. Lol at gamers use their kids as stupid excuse to buy this game. No kids want to play this game! Kids mostly prefer to play games like GTA and Fortnite.
  11. To try trick people to buy this game I think lol
  12. Brillant game! I have played it on xbox 360 in 2008 and I have decided to playing it again on PS3 right now. Shame that online is dead but good thing is server is still alive.
  13. Today I saw on Facebook, Hakoom uploaded a video of him showing Guinness World Records: Gamer's Edtion 2020 book. He is on it for number #1 in the world with most platinums. Congratulations to him!! But I don't understand, RoughDawg4 is ranking #1 right now with most platinums but why he is not on the GWR 2020 book?! RoughDawg4 isn't on PSNprofiles leaderboard?! I'm wondering why? He is #1 on Exophase leaderboard. (Now hacker - BlackMagickHacks is #1, I hope he getting removed soon lol) Leaderboard:
  14. How to use cam to see a girl inside the bus? You didn't say which button. Oh nevermind, you need to get on the bus first Great guide!
  15. I have bought Survive Mr. Cube and Steins; Gate 0 on my Korean psn account. I have some Korean money left, what else can I buy from Korean PSN store? Games must have KR stackable trophies. Thanks
  16. Roughdawg4 shouldn’t have removed himself from the leaderboard.. So he missing out to be in GWR book and rewards. If I was him, I would stay on the leaderboard and keep fighting with all reports and flag. Well it’s his loss.
  17. Anyone has Tad and the Lost Scroll PS4? Very rare and hard to find!
  18. Oh never saw this. Thanks!
  19. I would love to have this game add in my collection but I can't find it on internet!! I hope anyone has it and happy to sell it to me? I prefer PS4 version.
  20. he never got removed off from exophase leaderboard
  21. I have spent a hour and still can’t reach 2nd boss.. Did I missed out something? Where’s extra live and save? I only know there have checkpoint at R2 but can’t save the game?! How the hell everybody can complete it 20 - 25 mins?? Cheat code?
  22. I’m pretty sure I did saw this game on EU PSN store few months ago. So I’m decided to buy it because it’s on sale on US PSN store but I can’t find it on EU store?!
  23. You’re fucking seriously?! A good game you won’t buy because of one fucking trophy you don’t like?! Grow up you big baby.
  24. Tried it and keep failing! Weird is I’m was on ALT account and PSN Store download list were showing up games from my main account?! It’s wrong way around! So I thought I should test it by play game from main account on ALT account but it keeps saying error to download game. It soooooo difficult!