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  1. Good game, terrible trophies list! Shame on developers! But I’m still going play it. Hopeful this game coming on Xbox too then I’ll buy it on Xbox because of full 1000G achievement.
  2. I have spent a hour and still can’t reach 2nd boss.. Did I missed out something? Where’s extra live and save? I only know there have checkpoint at R2 but can’t save the game?! How the hell everybody can complete it 20 - 25 mins?? Cheat code?
  3. When I have beaten it on PS4, I might will play it again on PS3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.
  4. Looks easy but no platinum.. I’ll buy it on Xbox when it on sale
  5. I’ll wait for it update. Ratalaika said all should be free upgrade to PS5. I’m sure AS version needs to fix.
  6. I think no. Some game can download save transfer like Spider-Man MM. I don’t think this game will included save transfer.
  7. It is so hard!! 8/10 for me! Guy who wrote guide must be lied about difficult to make himself sounds more like a professional gamer. Arena mode is insane hard, 4 enemies shooting everywhere on the screen, so difficult to dodge all of them. I’m trying get a last trophy to get platinum is 100 kills in arena mode.. it’s drive me crazy. change the difficult to 8/10 on the guide!!
  8. Free upgrade on Xbox series X I got today. So it should be free upgrade and free platinum too
  9. Damn I have waste my money on Ultimate Edition because I already have PS4 version 😬
  10. I like square, it bigger and showing more of art Stop being a crybaby! I hope it stays like this. Sony won't listen to a tiny group of OCD trophy hunters complaining about wrong shape thumbnail when million of players don't care about trophies and new thumbnail.
  11. Oh that’s shame
  12. I have bought it and it already platinum from NA version I played before.. So nope, not stackable.
  13. It just released on U.K. psn store today. I don’t see it got add on psnprofiles so it is not stackable?
  14. Will this big issue for ps3?
  15. I really love this PSNProfiles site. Would be awesome if they can do this for Xbox too?
  16. I’m confusing with this trophy, I’m not sure which and where should I buy upgrades from - Vehicle Upgrades, Buy Parts or Junkyard? I think I need to start over the game to saving up money, need to make sure to buy right updates next time for trophy. Anyone can help me? Thanks.
  17. This is madness!! Why everybody pretending that they find this game easy?! It's drive me nut! It reminds me of Super Meat Boy!
  18. I mostly got eliminated by my teams :/ I’m playing better by solo. I’m disagreed with this
  19. I’m not sure if it’s same game that released on Xbox one few years ago?
  20. Boodly hell this is very hard!! I can't do it and thankful that I played it on Xbox One. I don't want to buy this on PS4!!
  21. PSNProfiles need to change the version from EU to U.K. Because I noticed that this game is only in U.K. and NA. Also.. U.K. has left EU lol.
  22. After had practice on EU and NA. 3rd time little bit easy
  23. Reed Remastered is good game, not lazy made. Reed 2 should be good. I don't know why some people thinks it's bad for new Reed game coming.
  24. if it has subtitles to turn on then i might buy it. I'm deaf.