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  1. Hi everyone! I am here to share with you my youtube channel, Liz Gaming. It’s in spanish though :(. I upload guides, specially for retro gaming such as Dino Crisis, Tomb Raider, Parasite Eve. You can still follow the guides since I use to play with my game settings in english :). I also make some trophy guides, such as the Resident Evil 2 one. I try to upload once or twice a week, but you can be sure to have a new video on Wednesday :)! Hope you enjoy and have fun as much as I am playing these guides. I sometimes do streaming but via playstation 4 broadcasting. I don’t know how to stream really, if you have any suggestions or equipment please help a girl in need lol. Anyhow, here’s my yt link: https://youtube.com/channel/UCSDGpyWJDBGLkUQXajYCt3w
  2. I’ve been watching American Horror Story seasons 1-5 and 8. Really hooked! Love this series. Also very hooked with WandaVision.
  3. It is. Specially because people around here don't believe in the virus at all, some think it is a trick of government 😅, so you might get and idea of how companies and people overall manage pandemic stuff. I feel like it's never-ending 😅.
  4. Completely agree!. Games as Dark Souls are sooo much fun to play that you really want to do the trophies. This actually varies depending on the game; for example I HATE to search for boring things like some Tomb Raider platinums, or doing things that are not interesting enough.
  5. I used to plat some games. But since I am busy most of my time, not into that anymore; it is very time consuming. If I get really obsessed with a game I might want all its trophies but it would take me months and months now.
  6. Native language is Spanish. Write and understand English almost at 100%. A bit of Korean too. Have a lot without practicing speaking English nor Korean though.
  7. I feel like it would be forever before I get the vaccine. Here in Mexico things are a bit weird, and people around my age are not planned to get the shot until mid-2022 if lucky :/
  8. This is one of my most recent pictures. Most of them are on my cellphone, so a bit lazy to upload more haha.
  9. Finally back around here! 😁

  10. Can’t wait!. 😍
  11. Thank you! Resident Evil 2 it's very addicting. I am gonna check them out.
  12. I am not new, but had a lot of time without playing video games. I own a many games, but lost like a year of new releases; could someone recommend me some good releases from last year until today? I own Crash Team Racing, Resident Evil 2, God of War, Soul Calibur VI, Final Fantasy VII (can't wait to try it haha); and I think those are my "newest" releases purchases. I am interested on Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, Days Gone to mention a few, and I enjoy most game types.
  13. Can't wait to finally try Final Fantasy VII Remake :D

    1. MidnightDragon


      Hope you enjoy! 

    2. JadedDragos


      Should be pretty good, I liked the demo, way different.

  14. I actually prefer PS4 controller design, this one looks a bit futuristic, kind of remind me a bit of the "silver" controller prototype for dual shock 3 that seemed like Batman's boomerang lol. Love the color, cuz I love white haha. Anyways, just let's hope battery really lasts compared to PS4 Dualshock, because I switch between my controllers a lot to keep playing :/.
  15. PSN: lpgcavazos Feel free to add me, just let me know you are from here. Lost my track on videogames a year ago, and finally I've returned to one of my biggest hobbies :)! I occasionally play MP games; currently playing Diablo III, Crash Team Racing and about to begin Resident Evil 2. Pre-ordered Final Fantasy VII Remake, can't wait! I have some platinums and started once more my gaming channel which is pxL Games on youtube (it's in Spanish though). My twitch account it's the same as my psn user.