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  1. Feel free to add me, just please send me a message to let me know you are from here :). psn: lpgcavazos MP games I currently play are: The Last of Us and Fornite. Also own Dark Souls II & III, Uncharted 4 and Diablo III.
  2. Welcome! Hope you enjoy being here!. Before PS3 I tought there was no point for "wasting" my time getting trophies; then started to get my first plat and everything changed lol. I'm 25 and from Mexico :). Nice meeting you.
  3. I think you shouldn't have said that you were nice or sweet with your ex-gf, ex-date or whoever. That was too much information, and since she is the insecure type, you really made her feel less special. My advice for the future is: never say how you treated someone, or how you are or etc, I think those aspects can be easy to see, facts do much more than words, but words are sometimes easier to remember than facts, so be careful with that. Don't try to impress her or anyone by saying how amazing you are, show how amazing you are, and that's it. If she comes up with that subject again, you should say something like "there's a reason why my ex's are my ex's; today I'm with you and that's what matters. Past can't be erased, but future can be built in the present, and you are my present" or I dunno. Wish you the best of luck btw
  4. I'm O-B-S-S-E-S-E-D with Turkish music lately, specially with this song by Berkay:
  5. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMSjtN9Xhm1nteFA_E-l6LA My gaming channel :). I'm currently uploading Bioshock and The Last of Us complete guides simultaneosly, they're in spanish tough.
    Sometimes I do broadcast and I'm planning new stuff. Your support and subscription would be very much appreciated, as well as suggestions, comments and such 😊

  6. I totally agree with you. Back then FFX and X-2 were my FAVORITE games of all time, and never understood why X-2 had very bad reviews. I loved getting their platinum on PS3, enjoyed every second of it (well, the grind stuff not so much lol) I personally don't like FFXIII, i don't know why bores me so much, but that being said, FFXIII-2 and LR have been my other favorite FF games of all time. I liked FFXII a lot as well.
  7. Feel free to add me, just let me know you are from here. Because sometimes I check what games people that add me and I have in common, and if there's none I might not add you, but if you send me a little message along with the friend request there would be no prob :). PSN ID: lpgcavazos Games I own on PS4: The Last of Us (MP) Uncharted 4 (MP) Tomb Raider Definitive Edition Rise of the Tomb Raider (MP) Dark Souls II (MP) Dark Souls III (MP) Monopoly Family Fun Pack Child of Light Bloodborne (MP) Bioshock Collection Uncharted Collection Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Game of Thrones Mega Man I also own (but not currently have them, my brother does): World of Final Fantasy Final Fantasy XV Dragon Quest Heroes The Witcher 3 If you need help with mp games, let me know :).
  8. I'm not a big fan of anime anymore, but the last one I watched this year was Basilisk. I LOVE BASILISK.
  9. welcome :)! what games are you interested at? we could be psn friends if you like
  10. I just started my gaming channel you guys http://youtube.com/user/liz8988 . I'd love to hear your comments and suggestions, I'm new at this. Thank you :)!

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    2. Jak


      Oh that's cool then. That'll be great, and your welcome

    3. JadedDragos


      Only thing to say is in some parts that gorgeous voice was drowned out by the game. Try to find a good balance if possible.

    4. Vedrancito


      do Stream in Spanish :D

  11. I've 4 FF series plat so that makes me a Chocobo Trainer. Final Fantasy X HD Final Fantasy X-2 HD Final Fantasy VII Lightning Returns !
  12. I platted this game back on PS3 and didn't know about the trophy glitch. Happy I didn't!. I'm playing this game now but not planning to use the glitches, I believe this game is more fun in Survivor and I'd feel the plat legit doing this.
  13. I have many plats I enjoyed! BioShock Infinite which is my favorite game of all time, and Im planning to plat it on Ps4 Catherine Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy X-2 Dark Souls II (3rd one I dont know why I didnt enjoyed the plat as much as the 2nd) Lightning Returns Uncharted: Drake's Fortune A long list, in fact, all of my plats are because I enjoy the game, but some trophies weren't so fun to obtain (Tomb Raider multiplayer I see you)
  14. Hello! Laura , how you been? It has been a while and hope you're well dear!

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    2. PureLuxiix


      Thanks for asking!! :D :* ~

    3. lpgcavazos


      oh that's nice :) i finish university on june, time passes by soooo fast! you're welcome :)!

    4. PureLuxiix


      Oh nice, when is your graduation? :P

      yeah well you worked hard that is why haha. ^^

  15. BioShock Infinite would be the first on my list, but since it's a upcoming game on September... 2. Dark Souls And by now i believe that's it lol