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  1. Thanks for the info. I just realized I was playing on Normal this entire time! I've seen people post how easy the game is on Normal and here I am thinking I'm playing on Hard. This one is pretty rough. I guess I'll start a new Hard run and plow through the story as fast as possible!
  2. Gotcha, thanks for the reply!
  3. I have a feeling this originally being a PC game, the text with screen resolution isn't much of an issue, but on the PS4 it is a bit of a problem personally.
  4. One of the main problems I have with the game is navigating and seeing items on the inventory menu. The large dialogue box always covers 2/3 of the other items on the menu. I'd like to scroll without this info, mainly when I'm transmuting, but I cannot figure out a way to do it. It just seems like a really bizarre design choice. Thx!
  5. I've been playing through the game on Hard mode. I'm considering the Plat and was wondering if once I beat the game, can I switch to an easier mode to go after the challenges? Also, does game difficulty change loot drops? Thanks for any help!
  6. Which I think is a terrible idea. Grinding through the early levels of the game just to level up a new character or multiple characters, I've never gotten that. I get it in terms of monetizing a game, but there are so many other ways to increase the longevity. After putting in around 25 hours into the Pre Sequel and knowing what Gearbox has been up to for the past 10 years with game releases either in house or published, it is obvious what they have become. I really enjoyed BL2, so I was giving TPS a shot. Unfortunately, it is one of the most boring gameplay experiences I've had since giving Darksider II a shot again about a year ago.
  7. Yeah, I played the first two games solo because of this but I heard the issues were not in the Pre Sequel. Plus I was playing as Claptrap going for his Action Skill trophy, so a few of those are necessary in co-op. I didn't have any issues with the side missions, but I had to redo a few, like the Ghostbusters mission, to get the side quests trophy. This is one of those Plats I've got about 75% completed but getting tired of the trophy jank and may just have to move on.
  8. I finished my first play through doing all side missions and had no location trophies unlocked. And I have no grey areas on any of my maps (apparently this doesn't mean much). I did a lot of coop, so I can only assume that was one of the issues. Following a guide, I have unlocked one of the location trophies so far. Hopefully TVHM going solo will help.
  9. Question about the Golden Keys. I have the Handsome Jack Collection. I have a Shift account from playing Borderlands 2. When I started my play through of the Pre Sequel and got to the Concordia Shift machine, I had around 75 golden keys. I took them all, assuming it was either a reward for having a Shift account and playing the other games or just a collection of keys from since the game released years ago. In any case, after playing the game for a few days, all of these 75 golden keys reappeared. I was able to collect them and suddenly have 150 keys. Has this happened to anyone else and does anyone know what triggers it? My game has frozen a few times (I'm playing on PS4) and I wonder if this may have reset the Shift Machine. Thanks!
  10. I played through the game as Claptrap, mainly for this trophy. It is a terrible trophy and I really don't like playing as Claptrap because of the unpredictability. I did about 50% solo and 50% coop. Knowing about this action skill, I used my action skill every time I saw another player go into FFYL. I have no idea when it happened, but once I was at the level to get all the action skills by reassigning my skills for Claptrap, the trophy popped. Once you learn a new action skill, the first time you use your action skill, you will use that specific ability you just learned. I know it doesn't help for this specific skill, but good to know in regards to several of the others.
  11. Once I hit level 32 in my first play through (I did all side quests on this run) I found XP to be nonexistent. Basically getting 2 XP from most kills. That was when I started True Vault Hunter Mode to start gaining XP again. And I'm once again back at Deadlift getting my butt kicked. I need to get a leveled shock sniper because apparently all of my favorite mid teens early 20s gear isn't swinging it in the new mode.
  12. Thanks!!!! I was wondering why they weren't listed as missable on the guide. Was about to give up on this Plat. 👊
  13. Yikes! I just finished my first play through and realized there are about a dozen missable challenges for the Challenger trophy. Just a heads up. Also, game developers responsible for trophies, missable trophies are terrible.
  14. Yeah, one side quest becomes available after you beat the final boss. Basically a tougher version of the final boss.
  15. This is a fun and quirky Metroidvania Collectathon. Light on combat and platforming and heavy on exploration. In terms of combat, all enemies either have a specific weakness or simple dodge/attack patterns, including the few bosses. Platforming is largely based on abilities and upgrades, rather than skill. You can either make the jump with your current abilities or you can't. I used the trophy guide off the other site and it is done very well. A solid 3/10 in difficulty. Probably 20 hours to Platinum. Here are a few tips: The coop trophy is very easy, just make a save just before the first boss. Back it up to a USB and have it so you can knock it out when you find someone online to help you. That with the 2 other online trophies take 5 mins tops. Anytime you are near a teleporter, teleport back to your Javelin. Teleporting and then teleporting back to your location takes 10 seconds. You will deposit all your resources you've collected. Just a good habit to get into because you will die, typically platforming deaths. Sometimes the game takes a few bars of health and starts you where you started your platforming. Other times, even with full health, if you miss a jump, the game will send you back to your ship without your supplies. You will have to go back to the spot of your death to pick them back up. Save the game when you are in your Javelin. If you save out in the world and quit the game, the game will start you back at the ship without your supplies. They will be left at the spot on the map you saved. Something I didn't realize until towards the end of the game - when you get any of the visor upgrades for the various collectibles, you must hit the R3 button to ping the locations. I was under the assumption they would show up on your scan (up on the D pad). Not only must you scan all unique creatures in the game (37 total), but you must slap or kick them as well. So anytime you scan a new enemy, slap and kick them a few times. The trophy says you must slap, but the internet says you can do either. Finally, the speed run in 4 hours may seem rather daunting. Luckly, there is a youTube video by Optinoob that is 55 minutes long. He is great. A warning, the in game timer continues not only when you pause the game, but also when you go to the Dashboard XMB. I watched the video as I played the game and finished at 2 hours. As for the DLC, it adds an hour or so of content. It adds a few new upgrades, but they aren't really useful in the main game. Any resources you find carry over to the main game, but other than that, the DLC is its own thing.