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  1. Yeah, I meant crashing. I've never had a game crash this constantly. Are there any work arounds, such as playing offline? I have a wired ethernet connection, so it isn't wifi related. And I'm actually on a PS4. I wish I could file a report, but the crashes happen at the most random time. The game can be idling and when I come back 5 minutes later, blue screen with the error message.
  2. I’ve lived with this game force quitting every 5 hours or so and loosing a little progress, but it just force quit on me right as I was going to buy a DREAM S class Fighter! This is beyond frustrating.
  3. Thanks, I saw a few of those videos, but have yet to build one. Someone on the space anomaly randomly game me 300,000,000 worth of rare items right when I started, so that made money almost immediately a non issue. I've upgraded my ship a few times, so I think I'm down to around 50,000,000. I've done the chlorine and cobalt methods a few times, but this activated indium farm seems pretty straightforward. Thanks again for the tip!
  4. Great guide! Like it says, normally playing through the game will grab you most of the trophies. AFK for the Stranger in a Strange Land was really the only trophy I actively went after. I literally looked up yesterday and only needed 3 trophies. I still need the A Space Odyssey trophy (I need to warp a few more times), but if you enjoy the game, almost everything comes naturally. 2/10 on difficulty. And 35 hours seems about right time wise. I will say I found the first few hours tedious. I started the game a few times and moved onto something else. If this happens and you go back to the game, you'll likely forget the info dump of the game systems they spell out in the early hours. They aren't difficult to understand, but they're essential mechanics. You have a very small inventory, so it is a balance of inventory management and running small errands to find resources to upgrade the next thing. But once you get out of that initial period and get to the space anomaly, especially once you build a base and a few storage containers, things get going. It transitions from a survival game to an exploration game. So I recommend giving it a shot for several hours before you move on if you're getting frustrated with the intro. Also, playing on the PS4, one minor problem are crashes. I'd say the game crashes every 5-10 hours. The game autosaves pretty often, so it is never more than 5 or 10 minutes lost of game time. Really well done game. Bought it at launch, got stuck in the landscape of a space station and got a refund, and playing it 6 years later, very impressive with what they were able to do. This is one I'll likely play for a while after the Plat.
  5. If I ever replayed the game, I'd do 2 things that would cut down on the time significantly. I'd use the horse every chance I had (I played mostly on foot the first 5 hours, mainly taking everything in) and I wouldn't scour each area/village/town for resources. At the end game I had a HUGE collection of materials and supplies I never used. And that was with the Inari Charm from very early in the game.
  6. Difficulty wise, this is honestly a borderline 1/10. The alligators at the beginning of the game are the only danger in the entire game. The hunters can be challenging if you haven't discovered the evade button (its either R1 or R2). You can spam the evade and remain mostly invincible. Just swim in circles constantly evading, ramming the boats. I recommend regularly raising your infamy (you do this by destroying hunter boats), as this can be a rather tedious grind if you save it until end game. Plus, they give you some decent upgrades. Every time I'd be tasked with killing humans, I'd destroy hunter boats (they'll eventually arrive when the threat level rises) until it got boring. My advice, for organ mutations, prioritize leveling your Sonar, Hearty, Adrenal Gland, and Mineral Digestion. These were the only organ mutations I used. I suggest Mineral Digestion as it gives you extra Minerals, which I found the be the only upgrade material I was ever low on. I always used the Shadow Teeth and I would use the Shadow Set for the collectables and the Bone Set w the Shadow Teeth for hunters. And that is it. Turn off your brain and have a blast. The Plat took me 15 hours.
  7. Yeah, this is one of my all-time favorite games and the I LOVE PUNCHING! Trophy is the only thing I need to Platinum the game. I've given up on it. I've even tried the pause method but I still get nowhere close. I actually did it years ago on the PC, perhaps the input lag has something to do with it on PS4. But yeah, very frustrating when a tough mini game that really has nothing to do with the rest of the game play is out of your ability. I always check these threads every few months to see if anyone has come up with a magical solution to this one!
  8. Very easy Platinum. 2 or 3/10 Difficulty. The guide says 40 hours to Plat, but I was definitely closer to 60. Like the guide says (and it is a GREAT guide), prioritize the Inari Charm at Arrow Peak Shrine, which speeds up resource collection. I also recommend grabbing the Charm of Okuninushi, which provides health regeneration outside of combat. Both of these charms can be gotten very early in game. In regards to my build, my outfit was Traveler's Attire 95% of the game. Max it ASAP. It will help with collectibles. Then I had one outfit built for combat and one outfit built for stealth. I also found the Kunai very useful and the only one of the secondary weapons I heavily relied on (very good for predators). Finally, go to the Options menu. There are several things there you want to use. You can set up charm builds on various outfits, which is very useful. You can turn on off screen notifications for archers. Make the bamboo cutting mini game easier. Just a handful of quality of life things of which I'm probably forgetting a few. Other than that, a straightforward platinum. Once you finish, you may need to Google a few quests that don't show up on the map (there are two that are easily missed if you don't cross paths with the specific NPCs) and there are 2 NPCs in the Hiyoshi Inn Hot Spring area that you will need to talk to before you are able to pick up their respective collectibles. Other than that, it is a smooth, stress free Plat.
  9. I know this is likely different, but I've had a few minor glitches playing the game where I had to close the application and restart. Today I was playing and couldn't fast travel because the game thought I was still in combat (I had just finished a Mongol area takeover). Restarting worked, but, to my knowledge, I haven't had trophy issues, other than them popping 30 seconds or so after I achieve them.
  10. I've yet to get a PS5. Probably wait until next year, I always grab consoles mid cycle. I'm assuming the PS5 trophies don't auto unlock if you finish PS4? For me, this has been one of those games I have to be in the mood for. Sometimes I can knock out several hours at a time and sometimes I find it incredibly boring and have to drop out 5 mins into gameplay. It is a well made game, but it is one of those games that constantly wants you to slow down, watch a cutscene, follow a path of footsteps, slowly walk and listen to exposition. Oddly enough, I had a similar experience with the original Dying Light. Would love it for about an hour and then have to turn it off or move onto something different.
  11. I think I'm around 40 hours in and probably 1/2 way through Act 2. I've got about half of the map cleared out that opens after Act 1. Granted, I THINK I completed everything on the lower map (unless some new sort of mission pops up like clearing the farms). I've also stared using the horse a lot more to speed things up, but the overall scale of this one was pretty surprising, especially considering it is a new IP and Infamous Second Son was a pretty short game (even playing through twice for the Plat). The game also has impressively quick load screens, even on the PS4.
  12. Good to know. Grabbing a few leveled pawns makes the Platinum much easier. I have a level 200 magick archer that I still get requests for (I forget the exact build). Great game I've Platinumed twice now. Cannot wait for the second game.
  13. There are no missable challenges that are a requirement for the Plat. There are missable Location Specific challenges, but these are not necessary for the Plat. So no worries, play normally and deal with the challenges later.
  14. Thanks for the info. I just realized I was playing on Normal this entire time! I've seen people post how easy the game is on Normal and here I am thinking I'm playing on Hard. This one is pretty rough. I guess I'll start a new Hard run and plow through the story as fast as possible!
  15. Gotcha, thanks for the reply!