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  1. Ratchet: Deadlocked Nano-tastic! Increase Nanotech to 50 About to face the final boss now. Picking up the Plat tonight.
  2. I was a little late to the generation, so my PS3 came with Uncharted 2 and Medal of Honor. Popped Uncharted in and was completely amazed at what the next generation could do. Been hooked on the series and system ever since. As for Medal of Honor, it was kind of overshadowed by uncharted for me, really only played the online.
  3. The Resident Evil Remake for the Gamecube. The game has a lot of content, is incredibly beautiful for a GC title, and most importantly is terrifying. I'd make an honorable mentions list but that'd include all RE games except maybe 6, ORC, and Gaiden :l
  4. GTA V. I've spent way too many hours just exploring that world. That game packed in an incredible amount of sidemissions and games, really free and expansive world.
  5. Had me some Teriyaki chicken and rice.
  6. I personally like having a collection, so rarely rent games. I pick up current gen games new to support those who made the game, as whenever I buy a game It's something I'm sure I'll like. I do buy many used games, but this is only because I play a lot of older games that aren't sold new anymore, mostly PS2 gen.
  7. Swatting is ridiculously overboard for whatever point these people are trying to get across. Even just posting someone's personal information angers me, let alone using it for this. As stated before those doing it are playing a much more dangerous game than they think. They should be tracked down and arrested.
  8. Depends on the games I'm playing. Story-based games that I get engulfed in I usually try to rid myself from all distractions for; but whenever I'm just grabbing trophies I'm usually looking up guides and tips on the site.
  9. I'm really just waiting on Uncharted 4. Kind of interested in some other games; but that'll tip me over into finally buying a PS4 so it's the most relevant. Other than that; I guess Kingdom Hearts 3, Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy XV, and The Last Guardian.
  10. Rented up Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus and Full Frontal Assault from my library. Just need to grind up bolts for the million dollar armor in Into the Nexus and finish up speed runs in Full Frontal Assault. Afterwards, I'll probably hop back onto Ni No Kuni.
  11. I've noticed multiple people asking how to sort content into folders, maybe we can have the OP edit the directions into the original post or something. Anyways I don't sort my stuff as I don't like how the folders look on the xmb :/
  12. -zadorvp The Sims 3 Pets. I didn't even know that game existed. My trophies are all very common :l
  13. You can get Deadlocked by buying FFA on psn or new from a store, but you can't get it from a used copy if the previous owner already downloaded Deadlocked. If they did, it just says (Error ~) after trying to load disc benefits. So if you load up disc benefits and that happens, the previous owner already downloaded the game, otherwise you got lucky. If your a fan of the series and already got a used copy of FFA you can just buy deadlocked online separately.
  14. Blazikiller Playstation All Stars Borderlands The Walking Dead Ratchet and Clank Resident Evil 5 Jak and Daxter Uncharted 2 Heavy Rain Sly Cooper and the Thevius Raccoonus Sly 3 Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time I almost thought you had all of my trophies. I was scared. Uncharted 3, Infamous 2, and Silent Hill 3 protected me from your majesty.
  15. Mine's Hockey. It's the only sport I ever cared about whatsoever. I like to play it, but I never cared to watch any sport, including hockey. I'm not really sure how I got in to it, as Hockey really isn't a big sport in the US midwest.