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  1. I didn't know that those families level up together. That makes it even more easy Yeah, I know how that artifact stuff works, I played the original game a lot and it's the same in this version. It still depends on luck if you need rare artifacts, but knowing how many points you need for a certain artifact from a boss helps a lot ^^
  2. Why do people keep saying it is grindy to get merchant, blacksmith, tailor and alchemist up? It's actually pretty easy. At the start of each year, rotate between every member of the caravan and talk to their family. This will advance the relationships (without needing to actually play as different characters), and after four years or so every relationship will be maxed. The only grindy thing is getting the alchemist up, but if the main character is the alchemist's child even this gets easy. But I agree that getting every artifact will take a lot of time. I'm not sure how often you'll get the best scrolls and the corresponding materials in the new dungeon, but I think that this can be done pretty fast if you're lucky.
  3. I voted for Borderlands 3. I liked MH World but Iceborne is still just a big DLC imo.
  4. I usually don't avoid games just because there are difficult trophies. I played the Dark Souls Games and Bloodborne (this one ist platted) and got many trophies in those games. I just got annoyed by the grind you had to do to get some materials but other than that I got almost every other trophy. Maybe I'll get back to those games someday. But there are still some games I can't and won't try to finish. First example would be Super Meat Boy. I like that game but I won't try to finish every level with just one life. Another example is Stardew Valley. I enjoyed it but there are two trophies related to a stupid and really hard mini game - one of those trophies requires you to finish that minigame without losing a life. Or Destiny in which you had to finish a raid without anyone in your team dying. Usually I don't bother with a platinum when there's a trophy that requires you not to die. Those trophies can be fun sometimes but in most cases I just give up.
  5. As long as you don't install the updates you should be fine. Just get that trophy and then you can update your game
  6. I retried it and it didn't work either - it installed version 1.01 again. But I noticed something weird. According to the game information is has 52 GB. I deleted the game entirely, went to the library and downloaded it again (with psx). But then I noticed that it was only downloading 29 GB. The remaining 23 GB are not downloaded and yet it tells me that it has 52 GB. My guess is that it has something to do with the main game I have also installed. The Comrades DLC of the main game is also installed and maybe it's preventing from installing version 1.00 but it's just a guess. @Baby_Ramil Do you have the main game on your console? Did you download 29 or 52 GB?
  7. Of course, they are 😂 But thanks for trying to help For me it once said there was no connection when I checked the connection. But the download could start nonetheless. So just try to download. If that doesn't work close the program and launch it again until it works.
  8. Yep, the settings are correct. I once closed the program on the PC and the download stopped. Once the download was finished I checked the version and it said 1.01. I don't know why it isn't working for me but it's really frustrating.
  9. You mean method 1? The installation itself did work but it installed 1.01 like I said. The program psx said it were appkgo links (they should be the "good ones") but the patch still was installed right away
  10. It's not working for me. I tried the first method (psx) but it installed version 1.01 nonetheless. There wasn't even an update, it was just one download and that was 1.01 already. And I can't get the second method to work for the heck of my life. I don't even know what to do there even though I read the instructions several times. So I'll just have to wait for a patch :-/
  11. So, I finally managed to get that challenge. I had to go to another table (did it in Saint Denis) because for some reason it didn't count for me in Flatneck Station. So if anyone is having trouble try going to another table
  12. Hey there So, I'm trying to finish all those ridiculous challenges. Right now I'm trying to get gambler challenge #10 but it seems that the counter for that challenge is bugged. I've won more than five hands in a row (I go All-In when the first three cards are turned and enemies will most likely pass) but I didn't get that challenge. In fact there wasn't even a notice when I won the first hand which normally happens when you complete the first objective... Is this challenge bugged for someone else? It's reeeeally annoying as I can't get 100% with this bullshit.
  13. hideUnnecessary: 'Verbirg unnötige',hideUnnecessaryTitle: 'Diese Tiere sind nicht für die Trophäen notwendig.'
  14. Just wanted to let you know that "Rufus" isn't needed for the Zoologist trophy (I'm not sure if he shows up if you go into hunter mode as I already have scanned him)
  15. I really had to laugh about that