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  1. I glitched the water room so I could stay up top and I still found it relatively hard on Crushing Hardest part for me was guaranteed Chapter 11 in the library. That encounter was unfair in so many ways. There's the first part where you're one shot killed if you can't jump down and go into cover fast enough by the fat guy with a revolver. Then there's trash cover with a dozen guys all at once some of whom are using the cover to the left of you which allows them to shoot you while you're at the original cover all while a maniac is behind the turret and shooting non-stop. Clearing the main floor was hard enough but then there's the turret guy who is so difficult to get close to. And just when you think you're close enough to grenade him with the one you've been holding off using so you can kill the turret guy, more enemies come out of nowhere from the back and kill you forcing you to restart. I've never encountered a battle more difficult in the Uncharted series, excluding the water room since I can't gauge how difficult it was glitching it and all. (On chapter 14 in U4 so it's possible but I hope not.)
  2. How do I major computer engineering, work, friends, games, anime, and life at the same time? Please teach me, senpai.

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    2. TigressLion


      @Tanvir Hikkikomori's have tons of friends! In MMOs, Forums, and chat rooms.

    3. Tanvir175


      @TigressLion Lmao. You've got a point.

      @DaivRules Ouch that sounds rough. I would never double major engineering.I don't think I'll be switching though. It's definitely a ton of work but I think I'll manage. Currently in my junior year so I'm entering the hardest one but my professors this semester seem to be pretty great unlike a few last year so that's a big plus for me.

    4. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      Scratch friends and life, then it works =D

  3. Not 100% sure but players got the lv 25 spark of light for just getting TTK expansion without the full game so I would assume it's the same for Rise of Iron.
  4. Lmfao, the troll is strong with this one.
  5. Watch Steins;Gate. I liked Darker than Black S1. It was pretty solid but didn't love it. I absolutely hated S2. It just didn't make any sense to me. Looked like they were just pulling everything out of their asses. My best friend loves DtB, it's his fave anime. After rewatching, he said if you watch S1, the 4 episodes special (which takes place between S1 and S2 in chronological order but came out after S2 IRL), and then watch S2, it makes a lot more sense and S2 becomes more enjoyable. I watched the 4 ep special the day after I finished S2 so it was fresh in my memory but the special didn't help in my liking of S2. S1 and the special was good though.
  6. I've never played the game but based on anime impression only, it's definitely worth the watch. I found it very interesting and loved every episode of it.
  7. Sony needs to improve their support a lot. Especially on the Vita. I hate to see an amazing handheld system go to shit because of it's game library not appealing to the majority of gamers. It does have an impressive library and there's a lot of things I'd love to play on it but most of them are Japan imports and I can't read Japanese and reading would be very essential in VN's, some RPG's, and other games that relies heavily on story and options. I mean I'm sure I can navigate through a japanese call of duty lol. All they have to do is create a few AAA games that would probably be ass anyways but would appeal to the majority of people so it could sell more and developers can stop being so iffy on making games for it. Just pay Capcom for more than it's worth to bring a Monster Hunter game. I just got MH4U for 3DS to play with my friend and haven't gotten far and so far it's meh, but it's basically the most overhyped game in Japan so it would make Vita sell like hotcakes. Anyways, now that I got that sort of unrelated thing out of the way, I will still renew because most of the games I play are from Plus because I don't have much money to go towards games. Living the college life now. If the games on my list aren't from Plus, then they are borrowed from my cousin or played on his PS3 before I got my own very recently. The only games I remember actually buying are: Plants vs Zombies (Had $5 left over from a PSN card and was given a $10 promo so why not) Resistance Burning Skies/Wipeout 2048/Unit13 (Came with a second used Vita I bought) J-Stars Victory Vs+ (My cousin and I bought this together. Story meh, free battle doesn't disappoint [main reason I bought it anyways]) Rainbow Moon (Missed it on Plus and it was $3 and looked great and love it so far. Story meh but I like me some SRPG's) Legend of Korra (On sale for $6 and looks cool so I figured why not) A few games are people just played on my account and happened to get some trophies on so I'm stuck with them.
  8. As everyone said above, some games have their trophy lists separated. For example, Hotline Miami is available on PS3 and PS Vita. Maybe PS4 also but I'm not sure. However, there is only one trophy list meaning even if you play it on all 3 consoles, you can only get the trophies once meaning one platinum. Almost all, if not all, the Disgaea games have separate PS3 and PS Vita versions with different trophy lists, allowing for multiple platinums. Granted for this example, the PS Vita version are usually a little different with all the DLC from the PS3 version included. A game like Sound Shapes, has separate trophy lists for each console. Meaning 2 platinums. In addition, it can be played from different regions, meaning the Japan Sound Shapes has a different trophy list, the Hong Kong Sound Shapes has a different trophy list, the EU version, etc. That person in the picture bought the crossbuy version of Sound Shapes for the US, giving him 3 platniums, and the PS4 version of Sound Shapes from the EU, Japan, and HK stores, totaling 6 platinums for it.
  9. Not to sound like a douche, but have you tried restarting your computer? I do work study as Client Service Technical Support to make some quick bucks at my college and that solves about half the problems. As mentioned above, you can also trying reinstalling the plugin.
  10. Yeah I go to Game, Plus, Free Games. I only added one version of Sound Shapes and Stealth Inc but they're available in my downloads for all systems. As you can see on my psnp, I have already played sound shapes on all 3 systems. It doesn't really matter, but it's weird that it differs for us.
  11. Ahh man, I already have the attack drone maxed and still have trouble. Oh well, practice makes perfect. Just gotta keep at it I guess. Thanks!
  12. Are you sure? Usually when I add them to cart from the store on my PC, it prevents me from adding the game twice. For example, Mousecraft, a ps plus crossbuy for all 3 systems. If I added the one for PS4 on my cart, it wouldn't let me add the PS3 and PS Vita options but when I checked out they would all be in download list. NA Store btw, just in case it differs from store to store.
  13. Can't confirm but I heard some do and some don't. If it says GOTY edition or Ultimate edition, it does. The games on their are like how they would be on disc or digital. i.e. Borderlands 2 GOTY on PS Now would have all DLC but Sound Shapes on PS Now may or may not, up to the developers but it will most likely not. Games used as pure example only, don't know if they're on PS Now.
  14. The "of course you do" was for loading the save file on the ps3 to use cross save and get the trophies. Only saying because at first it came off to me as of course you need to get both versions separate. You should have it on your download list. If you don't, try contacting Sony like you want. I wanted to contact them about Terraria. This was back when it came out weekly. I have the ps plus game before Terraria and the one after it. I don't have Terraria. No idea why I don't have it. I waited until the last week of the month, and according to Wiki it was still in the store so I should I purchased it along with the others. Unfortunately, unlike your proof of having the Vita version, I have nothing as proof.
  15. PS Now is an overpriced Netflix but for videogames. As of now it is PS3 only titles, but they have plans to add PS Vita and even PS4 games soon. It works by streaming the game to your Vita, PS3, or PS4. PS Now can be used on all of these consoles. What people are talking about here is the free 7 day trial Sony gives you for PS Now. It's a basically getting the full subscription for 7 days, as the trial has no limits except that it is a trial lasting only 7 days. Because it is so overpriced, it's the only bit of PS Now most people use. And its a great way to rack up trophies for games on the subscription list that you wouldn't otherwise buy. PS Now offers subscriptions games and rent games. That is to say, the monthly rental gets you access to all games that are subscription based for as long as you have the subscription. The rent per game, lets you rent the game for a limited amount of time, there are like 4 or 5 options for times and price increases with more time, and then you can play the game for that amount of time. I personally am waiting for more easy games to come to the subscription part of PS Now, and for them to add Vita and PS4 games as well so I can take full advantage of the 7 day trial and get as many trophies for games I don't want to buy. I'm also waiting for a week where I am fully off as I have mentioned before. Here's my personal opinion on PS Now for no reason at all. Great idea and service implemented with terrible pricing and choices. All games should be available through the subscription in my opinion and the pricing should be more like Netflix pricing. I think 10 a month would have been great.