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  1. I bought the digital version..And I checked PSStore, and dlc costs extra there aswell. I will however try and redownload and reinstall. I didn`t get a code
  2. I bought the Battlefield 3 Premium edition, but the in-game store still tells me that I have to pay for the dlc-content packs!? I can`t access them somehow
  3. The games I play now have time limits (Their mp servers) Like uc2, fc2 and maybe even gtaiv. So if I take my time, then servers will shut down before I complete and then I fail my goal to achieve 100%. But I agree, that would me more fun and enjoyable!
  4. Hehe I was just kidding! I`m sorry if it sounded rude, that was not my intention at all! Thanks for the good advice! Shit, now you really saved me! I wasn`t aware of that!
  5. Absolutely! No exceptions! "Just be really really careful if it bothers you so much that you need to do this." - I don`t really think I can be more careful if I actually decide to do it like this "You need to have your account on a second console, or else deleting it will permanently delete the account." - Please explain further!
  6. But yes, I agree with everyone of you! This is a lot of work, and it probably makes no sense at all being so commited at keeping my completion rate on 100%. But, the one and only thing that the things I do in life have in common - they give me very little room to do mistakes! For example; - I study to become a health care professional! If you do mistakes as a health care professional, people get seriously sick, injured or they might even die because of it! - I am soon the happy and proud owner of a Belgian Malinois, if I get sloppy when I train a dog like a Belgian Malinois ( a "high drive" dog ) my life will get miserable very very very fast as a result of that! - I work out with cannon balls, literally! (Kettlebells) If I do one single mistake, I risk destroying and injuring my body seriously, and those injuries are very likely to stick with me for the rest of my stay on this planet! - I am going to learn how to play trumpet and maybe even guitar this year, everyone knows that if you are BAD at playing those instruments but still practice alot, well you risk losing your girlfriend - or atleast risking her moving out from your apartment! - And if that isn`t enough, I`m signing up for a driving school so I can get drivers licence for motorcycle. And when you are "weak" for those motorcycles that have two hundred horsepower.......yeah! So yeah, I guess I don`t risk all that much by not caring for the 100% completion rate on my Playstation account, but I am a perfectionist and very competetive by nature - and unfortunately I read somewhere that "You should always compete with yourself" ...That was the point where my life sometimes got very stressful hehe! Anyway, thanks to everyone that replied to my post, I have gotten the answer to the question I asked!
  7. "Well you seem to have 2 accounts and they are sitting at 23 and 35% so you are off to a horrible start." - The one I gave up, and the second one I started ten days ago. And all the trophies I tried to get was multiplayer trophies for the three games on my trophy list, and I got them - in ten days! Atleast the ones I cannot do offline. How is that a horrible start!? "Honestly no one cares about your trophy completion and if you are going to get stressed out over multiplayer trophies you are willing to delete your account then I can't do much for you." - I care! And I`m not stressed at all , I just wanted to know if the method my friend told me about worked and maybe other people use it aswell and wanted to add something to it.
  8. "even the most dedicated trophy hunters get caught out by servers closing / unavailable dlc etc., and even if they don't, there will always be the possibility of glitches happening preventing you getting some trophy or another." - Well than he is in my opinion not the most dedicated trophy hunter, because if this method my friend told me about works than everyone can keep a high / maximum completion percent if they want to. Look, I know many people can have a hard time understanding why I go all extreme on the completion rate...I get it! But what can I say, I am like that. I am a perfectionist, and I think that reflects on pretty much every aspect of my life and personality. Anyway, I really appreciate you took your time to write the response to me! And for what it`s worth coming from a beginner, you have one of the most impressive profiles I have seen so far! Keep up the good work
  9. What do you mean I`m off to a terrible start!?
  10. Ok, but I have already signed up for gaming sessions. Thanks anyway!
  11. Im glad to hear that! However the next games I`m gonna start I concider them to be "high-risk" (Much due to the fact that I`m new to trophy hunting and unexperienced) but 1: Dead Island 2: GTA IV 3: Uncharted 2 So, I have to ask, are you one hundred percent sure that the method works!?
  12. Oooh! I see, but thats not a problem. Since I mainly focus on doing mutliplayer trophies first on every new game i start I only have singleplayer saves, and those I dont mind starting over as long as I get all the multiplayer trophies for the new games I start
  13. Thanks for taking time to reply! I`m aware of the issue with saves, but he told me I could back-up on a usb / external hard drive to prevent losing them.
  14. I am one of those who focus on 100% completion. A friend of mine suggested a method to prevent that I end up doing multiplayer trophies on old games and then servers shut down before I manage to complete all of them (That happened to me on my last profile and I ended up with starting a new profile just because of that) So he told me to do this; - Start collecting multiplayer trophies on a game, but don`t synchronize the trophies before I complete all of them. - If servers shut down or for any other reason I couldn`t complete all of the multiplayer trophies then he told me to delete my "profile" on my concole and make a new one. (Because trophies are not saved until they are synchronized he said) - NOTE: Im only deleting my concole profile (For example you have one profile that is yours and then maybe you have one "Guest / Friend / Other family members profile ) So I do not mean or intend to delete my whole profile, I hope everyone understand what I mean. I cant find a better way to explain right now. Well, all feedback is appreciated so I can avoid risks that stop me from keeping 100% completion.
  15. Ok so I assume they can not be boosted then!?