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  1. Good to hear you enjoyed it buddy...myself pass it 4 times and added video in youtube hehehhehe....add me on playstation my username is : delfierro006 .
  2. To be honest loved the game and have not played a soccer since FIFA 06. Moreover, it has some flaws but for 6.99 felt it was a good buy. 👍👍👍😁😁
  3. found this video that shows easy way to win
  4. Agree the graphics where not the best and the control were cluster such example with the rolling but over all played 3x so I guess that really liked it overall with a 7.5/10 because of fun factor/ combat dynamics and story won me over. Moreover, some of the weapons were useless heheheh
  5. This game came out of nowhere and reminds me of one of my favorites in deadnation....if anyone like twin shooters with a story....pick it up !!!!!!
  6. Its a competitive game for example ive played like 300 matches with a 3 percent rate of winning LOL!!!
  7. I agree the game needs some fixing and the controls are confusing but with all respect to the community there are many people loving the idea of the game of surviving as hunters without weapons but dynasty warriors type of spin. Moreover, the idea is new and a welcome difference to a different style of gameplay. Therefore, I am really loving the game to be even addictive in playing a lot. In addition, love the aspect of competition with different of emotions while eliminating someone in the 1st minute with satisfaction. In contrast, anger when eliminated out of the battle in the first minute. Finally, this game is bringing mix reviews from the player community and I ask people as a fan to give a chance and hoping some of the technical issues is fix.
  8. I was hooked ...would like to thank the developers for bringing the game on console because would had not played it on mobil
  9. Deadnation, shank 1 and 2
  10. Yeah man.... you wont regret it.
  11. This game was a huge surprise for me, wow...myself and the woman im dating are loving this game. Moreover, guys I recommend its sort of like cartoonish, dark souls like and attachment to characters come included..pull the trigger on this game if anyone is thinking about it.
  12. Great game!!! Im currently on it and surprise that sadly a few ppl played it.
  13. hopefully it gets fixed