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  1. Hey guys this video is a suggestion to best character to choose and play with to get Boss Kills, Pick-ups and Resurrections. Big Henry as the melee damage for boss kills and his ability to resurrect/pick up with. So this is a example video.
  2. Shooters are great but if you do not want to worry about ammo then Big Henry and Arthur are great melee guys in my opinion.
  3. Wow ur right😬
  4. I hope they keep the DLC away 😁
  5. kona is better while Virginia sold more...mind blowing.
  6. I have to add this is my 1st detective game and it was a good time....never heard of it but the way it sold not many gamers heard of it either .....debating if should run it a 3rd playthrough.
  7. We have a chat room to set up a team and we need 1 more...add me at delfierro006 if interested. We have 2 teams but one team done already.
  8. wow!!! its a headache and they took out the healing Doctor!!!!thank god im done with this game.
  9. My suggestion is keep playing and winning with the 1st demon that you win with...same thing happened to me and that is the fix.
  10. Use Henry the Red in regular mode...easiest way to get it is using his ability for resurre tion and pick 5 cents.
  11. If there is no one to co-op up with and are forced to go solo on brutal stages then invest your xtra blue chips on the phoenix pod....warning: the phoenix pod will be a extra chance at the brutal base going in before collecting the genmat but not after acquiring the genmat
  12. This game was my intro to WarHammer and I loved it. Then, the online team up with fellow gamers from the PSN community was great as well. To compare, the game is not active anymore but your complaint is fair but many guys loved the game including myself.
  13. LOL< Ironically Im in the same boat now.... But it seems easier to prestige normal bases than the Brutal ones.
  14. THank you for Intel.... Definitely not playing PS4 version ..LOL
  15. In my opinion raiding in easier.