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  1. I actually agree.... if the bugs and glitches are fix that is.
  2. oh yea!!! Nintendo and Super Nintendo!!!!!!!
  3. add RRstars11 looking to add females because she wants to play with other female gamers and create the cute factor gaming experience....recently got her a PS4 and is a trophy hunter.πŸ‘ Consoles: PS4/PS5 and Nintendo RRstars11 : put in comment "another female gamer"
  4. Funny as hell manπŸ˜‚ LOL!!!!!
  5. heheheeheh!!!!! funny man LOL!!!Ima still 100 percent live or die though. πŸ˜‚, Actually, go to the youtube trailer for this game and the comments are savage hehehehehehe
  6. This game Coop is BS too complicated to figure out. I guess Im too dumb to figure it out , LOL. IMa have to 100 percent by myself.
  7. loving it!!!has his issues but there minor just like any other game. Just started it this week.
  8. oh ok cool man.
  9. Thank you for Video...!!! I used it.
  10. wth !!!! really , the pig is alot easier, I give u props though if u did it with the spider. ;0).
  11. Hey, glad you are enjoying the game... to do the parry do it against the pig / forgot his name. Im a try to do a video and post it here to help you. I just did the video. hoping it will help you out. ;0)
  12. old news hehehehehe
  13. This is a easy way to do it for those who are struggling. Hopefully it helps people.
  14. Hey guys decided to do video of gameplay for those that are borderline of getting or not getting it; hopefully it helps in pulling the trigger. In additional there is a free demo too on the playstation store.