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  1. No one I know irl has this game!! why the stupid ad-hoc trophy!?!?!?!??!?! Sorry, needed that!
  2. Please heart me. Will heart back Level - Me -
  3. Suzi!!
  4. The hardest available, even if they don't stack I think it's better. If you start on easy you get used to it. Starting on hard it the way for me.
  5. I finaly done this now, cheers tho.
  6. not bad.
  7. Was going to mention this. And i seem to remember Sony working on a way to retro fit old games with trophies.
  8. Does anyone else have issues connecting to the competitive servers? The strange thing is cooperative are fine...... if anyone knows how to sort this, would be most appreciative as I really want the 10,000 competitive kills!!
  9. Doing my elite run now, weird thing... though I had done it On the palace, can't you just run to the next check point?
  10. All of the above, plus "lets try to extend the time it take you have to play to get the trophies, DOUBLING the time of the game with repetitive "kill Adamantoise - get the loot you need? no! then reload save and try again 600 **************************ing times!!!! /rant I will do this one day......
  11. Happy New Year, may your servers not close this year.
  12. Resistance 2, and going Mad with the servers................................................... cry
  13. killzone Shadow Fall BF4 RESOGUN That's all for now, if some lovely player with Master unlocked in RESOGUN would help me get the trophy for completing one level on master would be happy to repay the favour.
  14. Yeah, that's pretty much how it looks. hopefully I will find a boosting partner soon.
  15. Nice, thanks for the tip, I'll look out for that! thought the 10k was gunna be unachievable purely to the fact that I cant find games!! Also, friend request sent. Need all the buddies I can get for this 10k. Hoping someone will start a mass boosting session one weekend.
  16. Add me for boosting kills and score in comp (will work on coop later!!)
  17. Boosting Kills / Score on resistance 2 at 21:00GMT - FOR HOURS!!! if anyone wants to join me.

  18. Killzone SF is going to take a long time!

  19. Has this site had the whole "which on is better? Twitch or Ustream"?
  20. Working up to get in to Killzone oneline trophies!

  21. cigarettes......
  22. I seem to remember Sony on the pre-launch battling saying they would be working on "cloud emulation" for backward compatibility. And one thing that makes me laugh is it cant play the games but it can read enough of the disc to allow the use of the upgrade titles.
  23. For me, Destiny. One of the main reasons for me getting the 4.