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  1. Are there people that actually still play this game online? If so, how long does it usually take to find other people?
  2. Ain't that a bitch
  3. I'll enter for the NA code
  4. Felt great since it took a while to find people to help me get the last trophy. My first plat was Sonic & Allstars Racing Transformed
  5. You Found Me! from Mortal Kombat 2.18% ultra rare
  6. Thank you for the info guys.
  7. R.I.P Jade

    1. DarkStar83x
    2. Oblivion


      Jade is confirmed to not be in MKX. She was my favourite fighter in that game :,(

    3. DarkStar83x


      Oh, yeah. :( That sucks. Why not?!

  8. Sonic & allstars racing transformed, and Playstation allstars battler royale
  9. Nice I can't wait, and it looks like brutalities are back in.
  10. Def Jam Icon
  11. Ninja Gaiden sigma 2 plus
  12. "100% ez plat"