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  1. ^Beat me to it lol
  2. Sorry to get back to you so late on this, but I loaded my PS4 save on my PS5, did all of the bosses on PP and then pulled off a win on DJSS without the sticker and it worked just fine. I can't confirm if you can do it with a fresh save instead of one imported from the PS4 but I can't imagine that would effect anything, personally I think your 3/10 assessment is now the more fitting one.
  3. No, you're thinking of F the Pooch, which was removed from psn for reasons
  4. I wouldn't take the risk, but you can always watch a little footage if you need some idea of what you're in for. The game deals with some very heavy subjects and I wouldn't recommend it if you're sensitive to that sort of thing.
  5. Not every game has trophy support- it's currently unknown how many will outside of first party games (and even then it isn't a guarantee.)
  6. Keep in mind this is being done mostly for the sake of players who are physically unable to enjoy the game due to disabilities, rather than a concession to the 'it's too hard!' crowd.
  7. I'd give it around a 7, it can be difficult if you don't try looking at a video guide. Like Murder House it's more about memorizing routes and being efficient than dealing with enemies.
  8. Good? I'd rather not wade through huge empty planes to get anywhere.
  9. Puppet Combo are doing a Direct tomorrow that'll have multiple announcements, including console ports.
  10. Surprised there's nothing for going after the chaos emeralds.
  11. I strongly recommend turning the lighter off and walking instead of running when you can- you can still avoid her decently enough with the lighter on, she seems to respond to running a lot more, but there are a few areas where there's enough light to unequip it for awhile. As for getting spotted, it's still possible to outrun her as long as you don't mind taking a bit of a detour (running all the way upstairs tends to help). Edit: Holy shit they've completely broken Extreme, what were they thinking? Yeah you're going to need to unlocked the Circus mode to play Extreme now, apparently that mode doesn't have this insane, unplayable darkness to it.
  12. How playable is it? Are we talking as bad as Mafia 3, worse?
  13. Such a weak argument, 'if you don't like something don't complain about it!' Here's an idea- if you're fine with playing these 'games' go play one, it won't take you very long.
  14. I mean it's the 35th anniversary of FF this year, they're going to have some kind of showcase for that and I'm sure we'll get those ports announced there.
  15. Not sure what else it could be, the game didn't sell well enough to warrant merch.