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  1. Monster Sanctuary stands out there, imo. It's never been half-off before and I only hear good things.
  2. I haven't seen this posted anywhere so thought it might be useful- the game seems to decide which instance of a level has a Shadow Fallen in it before autosaving, so if the shadow runs before you get a chance to kill if you can just die or quit out of the game, reload your autosave, and you'll effectively be able to infinitely retry that level until you get it done! Happy hunting!
  3. Wonder if they'll add a trophy for getting 100% completion on SA, pretty sure there wasn't one for the original.
  4. Is it worth saving the quest for then, knowing this? I thought Baal was the only thing that gave good experience by that point.
  5. That feeling when your name is more interesting than any of the games you've made
  6. Really wish they'd stop putting sports games on there, even if you like them a game that'll lose all value and playability in a year's time isn't a great deal. As for the rest... meh. Another weak month for me.
  7. Leaked footage of Breakthrough Games' next project:
  8. Maybe you should stop trying to shut down every opinion that isn't yours? Just a thought
  9. Or maybe spending thousands of hours grinding really is bullshit.
  10. Are there saves, or do you need to complete the whole story in one sitting without dying?
  11. I mean, we'll be able to back up our hardcore save at least, but wow. I don't think I've ever seen a bigger grind for max level...
  12. I'm not seeing the big draw myself yet, not when I can wait and get it a year or two later and with a decent catalogue of games on it. This year's showcase didn't wow me much either, certainly not enough to change my mind at least.
  13. I mean tbf these days most higher difficulties translate to maybe needing to replay a boss a few times, they're hardly the roadlblock they used to be.
  14. The boosting system on this site isn't very good compared to simply allowing for boosting threads- as a matter of fact it's near-useless for more obscure titles. I have no idea why it's there when the odds of finding someone to boost an old, forgotten title using it is extremely low.
  15. They act as hit points for the level, you get them all back once you lose. There's also a checkpoint option I think, that was added after launch.