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  1. Grandia HD Collection, and as for something weird and indie... LISA the Painful/Joyful?
  2. 80% is where I'm at and I'm delighted to be there. Most of my remaining trophies are either on platforms I don't plan on returning to or DLC for games I'll never buy, so I'm good where I'm at.
  3. To clarify, they only disallow healing during the bossfights themselves? Also long as I don't have to do a no healing run it shouldn't be too impossible, imo.
  4. Thanks for clearing this up! Seems physical owners are in the clear. I've heard season 2 has a code with new copies to download the game instead, can you confirm if that's on the disc too?
  5. From what I understand, as long as you have the disc you can still download the episodes even now. Can anyone confirm this? And is it also true of the dlc episodes? I'm considering renting the game.
  6. I might just wait for a discount then- it looks like fun but I've got a ton to play right now anyway.
  7. Has this been patched yet? If not, I might get it now instead of waiting, thanks for the heads up.
  8. FNAF hasn't been big news since 2015. The games still come out every now and then, and the people like them buy them and the people that don't, don't. You need only look at the mostly indifferent responses you've been given here so far for your answer. Personally, I'll probably give this a shot once I have a PSVR. It looks fun enough.
  9. The most interesting of the trophies for me was (Spoilers ahead!)
  10. Just tweeted Gunfire directly about whether there are plans for NG, will post a response if I get one.
  11. From what I've read and seen of gameplay, the progression system is basically a soulslike- you get souls from enemies you can then use to upgrade, dying makes you drop them, and you get one chance to reclaim the ones you lose if you manage to reach them again and recollect them. Pretty sure there are skill trees but I'm less certain regarding loot/crafting. Seems to be somewhere in the middle in terms of gameplay systems.
  12. I thought it was an interesting trophy, though a bit random iirc. Was there a specific spot he appeared in or was it random?
  13. Is there really not a trophy for defeating the skeleton with a tophat? So disappointed if true
  14. I wasn't calling for a ban, I just thought it was a condescending thing to say, especially on a site people visit specifically for help with trophies.
  15. Yeah you're not gonna last long here with that kind of attitude towards others.