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  1. I hope Jack constantly reinstates his desire to kill CHAOS every few sentences in the final game. I don't need him to have a personality, just make him unhealthily obsessed with killing Chaos.
  2. Anodyne 1 and 2 are both pretty interesting, and the former tends to go on very deep discount quite often. I'm not sure I'd say it was 'good' but Back in 1995 is decent enough if you long for the classic survival horror style. Distraint 1 and 2 are breezy but tell a nice little story together.
  3. MP being removed means it's all on you to prove you can do it. Bring it.
  4. That sucks, I was looking forward to this too...
  5. Why on earth does this even exist,the movie is over a decade old
  6. If anything it's less of a grind than V. V actually requires you to play the MP, I'm not looking forward to that much at all. I've only earned the plat for III other than that, and it was doable enough. Most Rockstar games seem to be more of a long time than a hard time. Oh, but you'll need some help for the timed MP trophies, those are a major hassle with just two people.
  7. Nope, just checked. At least beating Legend doesn't seem to be a requirement
  8. Can you save in a run?
  9. How impossible is this going to be? Anyone here completed this on the Switch? I'm curious whether this is going to be a 10 or not.
  10. Looks like a multiplayer game month, not really my scene.
  11. This is one of those rare examples of a game I could actually see taking only a week to make. I moaned about Dark Alliance but at least that's a good game with a shit trophy list, these are the opposite.
  12. The Ten Star run can be annoying, it's pretty much the sole reason the game is a 9 but it's at least an 8 objectively. The reason for this is that a ten star run involves putting together a number of annoying tasks- with no means of keeping track of them in game outside of the other trophies they unlock. In most cases you'll unlock these other trophies along the way, so you'll need to keep track of things like enemies killed/shot dead, stuff like that, on your ten star run. You also need to get good at an annoying and finicky boat minigame near the end of the game.
  13. Posted two days ago, hopefully this will make the last two trophies earnable. If so, it'll mean that every game in the series has a version that can be 100% (other than UCN, which is going to need at least one more patch) ... now we'll have no excuses lol
  14. Wow. I'm not often put off by a trophy list but this is pathetic.
  15. Judging from the look of things, the game just isn't doable on console in it's current state. The cursor requires faster reaction times than an analog stick can match, for one.._ clickteam's work on these ports has been pretty hit and miss but at least they were all playable until now, this should nevrer have been released in it's current state.