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  1. Most of the NG+ stuff seems to be cosmetic stuff carried over, so nothing too exciting imo.
  2. There was an alternate ending/ extra dungeon stretch goal that was never hit, I'm still hoping that'll be added via dlc someday.
  3. You don't need to upgrade sprint more than three times, but it's important you do asap. I upgraded pistol capacity to 50 and then almost never used it, but it was reassuring to have that much ammo. The shotgun and bow are your best friends. Sniper rifle is vital at a few points, so upgrade critical to max (don't bother with increasing power- one bodyshot at max critical will end most nonbosses.) Magnum is best saved for bossfights, but it's still worth upgrading the attack when you have gel to spare. Melee is worthless and health completely a waste, along with syringe capacity.
  4. Dunno how useful this will be to you, but I recently discovered if you cast Stop on a staggered enemy the stagger bar stops too for the duration, it's pretty OP. Might help you at least burn through its HP faster.
  5. Nah you can fight him in any route now
  6. I hope next week's sale is better, because this is pathetic. A couple years ago EU PSN was great for sales, too...
  7. I hope we get Her Story someday soon, glad we're getting this!
  8. The only part I remember being completely bullshit was this one dark crystal cave area where the floor was either slippery or just extremely hard to land on in general, and even that you can break with the flying power. I'd give this at 5 at the very most. The sequel, on the other hand...
  9. Ouch. Seems to me like the first game was easily the best, and the rest all were either mediocre or just flat out sucked.
  10. I used to ignore the ones I didn't want because I thought the games had to be downloaded to be 'bought', and I didn't want to fill my hard drive with crap. These days I add everything since that isn't the case, even if the odds I end up playing it are really low.
  11. Thanks for the video!
  12. Went all-in on Saga 3 and Scarlet, as well as Star Ocean 1. Hoping a port of the 2nd game is on the cards, those two were easily the series' best.
  13. There's a difference between being direct and being curt, and apparently the more I talk with you the more I realize rudeness is your default tone.
  14. First off- weirdly hostile response. Secondly, if you're going to say something like " likely won't unless it's free for some reason." when you clearly never wanted to play it at all, maybe you should have been honest with yourself from the start.
  15. There's actually a really cool feature that allows people to be invited to the coop mode without even needing to own a copy of the game, so you can effectively enjoy the story for free if you can find someone willing to invite you (I'd be happy to if our timezones match up, I need the mp trophy myself.)