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  1. Whining, begging and bragging.
  2. Might go back to Stormy Ascent before I buy this one. If I can't even get those trophies I have no chance here lol
  3. Weird choice. Will probably still play it but I have no idea why they went all bronze.
  4. Not really. It isn't comparable at all- Fall Guys is largely luckbased, there's an element of skill you need but to compare it to a game where the impetus is entirely on you to improve is pretty disingenuous.
  5. This doesn't sound like a thing. Sony don't give a shit about trophies and how they're unlocked, unless you were using some manner of hacks online or something this just doesn't add up. Pretty confident they'd just outright ignore a report that was just an accusation of trophy boosting.
  6. They made the wrong moves over and over and were horribly mismanaged as a company- I wouldn't be surprised if the Japanese branch follows suit in the near future.
  7. Was that what we were arguing? I don't care about the trophy. I think taking issue with someone over 'multiple times' actually being a single time strikes me as grasping at straws, however. Also the trophy isn't currently possible to unlock anymore, so I guess the devs were listening after all lol.
  8. So you're calling him out not on being wrong, but in his wording being wrong? Kinda pedantic when the words effectively boil down to the same sentiment in the end, surely?
  9. What exactly in that quote is contrary to what he stated?
  10. What's weird to me is that this actually sounds really doable... but in the most obtuse, unintuitive way. It's like a puzzle more than a test of skill almost and there's no indication of that ingame at all.
  11. Let's hope that part isn't literal!
  12. You think the crash gods started that good? Hell no. The only difference between them and the people that start petitions about games being too hard is that they didn't give up.
  13. Can you turn the ghosts off? TBH I think having them there would stress me out more than help in most cases, lol
  14. The real question here is who the hell names their kid Timmay