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  1. No no kuni II was $10 during GameStops spring sale new.
  2. Until even that gets censored. Not sure how they can 'endow' the game to be any good.
  3. Shadow hearts, shin megami tensei games, and xenosaga. These are my pipe dreams. If any SMT is the most likely.
  4. Do you have every FIFA platinum? You sure do love FIFA. You seem to hunt for a variety of games though. Seems your consistent on FIFA and from what I hear they are hard platiniums. You planning on finishing the last 4 for Yakuza 4?
  5. 11,025........I have a lot more hunting to do. Makes it hard when I'm still playing PS2 games and love collecting games.
  6. Seems like your on the progress for Spiderman, each of the god of wars (I thought 2018 was a fun quick play). I say go for uncharted Drake's fourtune (remastereds a bit further it seems) could finish that up. Second recommendation would be infamous second son.
  7. Sleeping dogs (if you like Yakuza you'll probably really enjoy this), undertale, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, a way out, What Remains of Edith Finch, Night in the Woods, zero escape the nonary games, Danganronpa 1-3, Valkyria chronicles, final fantasy (VII, IX, X, XII, Type-0), god of war (2018), most of all I would have to say Nier: Automata.
  8. I work with VR but even with warping i still get sick in every headset. If i only do it for 20ish% of the game in vr am i losing a lot. I thoroughly enjoyed lumenis around an 8.7 for me what that is worth. Just been on the fence with the feedback on the VR experience on this one.
  9. I bet someone will make one soon. I hope they do at least. I'm not the best at timing. The ending to drakengard 3 I was only able to do because of the same concept in this video. Even then it took me five constant hours that I chose to forgo sleep to finish that damn final boss. I'm not sure if I want to try this plat yet I honestly don't know if my sanity could take it. Respect to all those trying or that have already succeed.
  10. Ah thanks, i didn't realize that my bad.
  11. I have not gotten a lot of the trophies which to my understanding i should have by now? What am i doing wrong to not get the outfits or the trophies?
  12. Not sure if a bundle would be cheating though i think a bundle of shadow hearts, Shin Megami Tensei, or the Xeno series would be enough to give me a heart attack. Also if the Final Fantasy collection rumor is true and that comes to vita i will be absent from the world around me for months.
  13. Hi!

    First welcome. I have had a great time here so far and i think you will experience the same. Though for gory anime if you have not you should check out Bastard!!! and hellsing. Both were pretty good with hellsing ultimate being one of my favorites.
  14. There are a lot of new games that look great to me. Some games from this gif interests me. Though also shows what could potentially come out in 2017.
  15. Story only what do you guys think is the best?