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  1. I just unlocked it - In the festival of thieves in Act 2, there is a bare-knuckle fighting ring. Enter the fight and win the fight without taking damage.
  2. I am not sure what triggers the Perfect Punch-Up trophy, and I am struggling to find anything about it online. The description states "Achieve a Perfect Punch-up!" and the icon is a fist with flame. I know fist fighting is available in Part 2 as the first encounter with a beggar. When you win the battle with no stamina lost, it says "No Stamina lost. Perfect punch-up!", but that doesn't trigger the trophy. If anyone can help - Thank you!
  3. Saw an active thread on reddit: - Thank you reddit user Virsalus Make sure to hear the rumor from the NPC before attempting to unlock the trophy. Jungle Golem - Secrets of Bamboo Splitting - "Your sword can cut through tree roots." Quest: The Plains > To the Plains' Northern Edge (Lvl 8) NPC: Man between Item Shop and Arms Shop Use Gilda's special attack, Heavens Bamboo Cut, on the Jungle Golem. You can charge it up by having Gilda use magic in the battles that lead up to the boss encounter. Thanks to EarthFlint! Marsh Golem - Heavy Drinker - "Drinking too much can be bad for a body." Quest: The Plains > To the Plains' Northeastern Edge (Lvl 11) NPC: Man on the left corner of the Tailor Bring it to low health, not sure how low exactly, but less than 500 should work. Then just pass turns and let it do its attacks, it will usually go Smash, charge up, then Ice Beam, even if already on low health. It will then use a skill called "Hydrate" to heal itself. After it has done that, use the Server's skill "Can I Get You Some Water?" on it. A message saying "Sufficiently hydrated" should appear. Then bring it to low health again and wait until it uses Hydrate again. This will automatically kill it with another message saying "Any more water will be too much" and the achievement should pop. Badland Golem - Protected by the Wind - "Cast some wind at flying red boulders." Quest: The Jungle > To the Edge of the Jungle (Lvl 14) NPC: Man to the right of the Wharf Bring a Wind Crystal with you on the expedition (Wind Magic skills might work but the Fisher's Hook skill doesn't). The enemy will start powering up for an attack. Wait until the Golem casts Store Strength and then wait another turn until it starts charging up for its Rock Throw attack. It will say something like Danger and "accumulating strength for the next attack". Use the Wind Crystal after it gives the Danger message and before the enemy's next turn. A message should appear saying "A wind field envelops the enemy!". Then when the Golem uses Rock Throw, another message should appear saying "The wind field repels the rocks!" and the achievement should pop. Thanks to EarthFlint! Snowfield Golem - Icy, Fine Dessert - "I bet the ice would make a fine dessert." Quest: The Marshes > To the Edge of the Marshes (Lvl 18) NPC: Woman to the right of the Park This one is a bit tricky. To be safe, go walk by the hint NPC (so the hint is displayed) right before going on the expedition. Bring someone with Server as main job (for the Dessert passive) to the expedition. Bring a bunch of preserved food items (green icon) that can be bought at the market (not the ones you can find). During the expedition, eat at least one of those rations (maybe need a couple, worked with as little as three during testing). Then during the battle just keep defending until the Golem uses its Ice Blade attack. A message should appear saying "Borrowed the ice blade to make shaved ice!" and the achievement should pop. Thanks to vin0080 and KY_2415 for the first crucial insights on this one! Mountain Golem - Echoing on High - "A shout in the mountains would surely echo." Quest: The Plains > To the Plain's Eastern Edge (Lvl 21) NPC: Woman in front of the Church Bring a Panic Voice item (buy from Item Shop) as well as a Knight (Adelaide or MC) into the battle. Use the Knight's Gambit skill and then while Gambit is active, use the Panic Voice item on the Golem. A message will appear saying "A serious echo rings through the vicinity!", dealing multiple hits of high damage to the Golem and confusing it. The achievement should also pop. Special thanks to KY_2415 from for this one! Volcano Golem - Lava Extinguisher - "Salamandsword fire-fighters put out lava!" Quest: The Snowfields > To the Edge of the Snowfields (Lvl 24) NPC: Salamandsword soldier in Rothelm Palace, between the Crowded Street and Main Street exits Bring an Extinguishant item (buy from Item Shop) as well as Orion with Salamandsword as main job into the battle. Then pass turns until the Golem uses its lava attack on the party. After a party member has the fire status ailment, on Orions turn, have him use the Extinguishant on the party member on fire. It should cure everyone, also applying a buff and a message should appear saying "Engaged in firefighting as a Salamandsword!". The achievement should pop, too. Thanks to EarthFlint and KY_2415! Desert Golem - Verdant Life in the Desert - "Water can turn the most barren desert green." Quest: The Badlands > To the Edge of the Badlands (Lvl 28) NPC: Man in the middle of the Backstreet on a flight of stairs Bring someone with Herbalist as main job as well as Orion into the expedition. Have the Herbalist collect a grass item (bring that into the Golem battle) and charge up Orion's special attack by having him use Chance attacks (arrowing enemies and then using Salamandsword skills works well for that). During the Golem battle, have someone use the grass item on the Golem (usually can only target allies, but here it can target the boss, too). A message should appear saying "The ability lacks enough water for greening!". Proceed to use Orions special attack on the Golem which will lead to another message saying "Greening of the desert saps the enemy's strength!", also popping the achievement. Thanks to EarthFlint and KY_2415!
  4. Does hitting options to enter menu, and options again to go back unfreeze the game?
  5. I found the game fun, but we ran into a serious bug. Didn't have items disappear or too much of a performance issue on PS5. A co-op breaking bug and we were able to fix it. There was a Xenobiology lab update in February 2022. I would recommend anyone to AVOID the entire Xenobiology Quest line (including planting the research station) until this gets patched. We were doing the G. Planet: Recovery missions where you have to get the pets from each planet. After the 3rd or 4th one G. Calidor: Recovery multiplayers could not join co-op anymore. The game got really stuttery and laggy, we decided to rehost it and they couldn't log in anymore. The Host is fine to play without co-op, but when they log in they can't get past the loading screen. When they are connecting it would cause the host to stutter, and it would fix the host immediately when they quit out of their game. In order to fix the bug and enable co-op to work again: The host must complete all the remaining creature missions (missions Final Entry, and All Together Now) and turn in the creatures to the top of the Research Station. This can be pretty time consuming to do solo. You would need to get the creatures on each planet (one planet needed ~5 explosives, other two needed the ability to power and collect atmospheric resources , as well as a collection of hazard seeds to catch the creatures). This took 3 hours with a well stocked base, but I imagine it can take 6 hours if not prepared. After we completed the mission, I saved, closed out of the game, and re-hosted. Co-op worked.
  6. This description is wrong. I tried reforming a faith and having only 3 counties (all holy sites), converted all to new Bori and it did not unlock. What it should say is: I was able to unlock it once my last non "Old-Bori" county was converted to Bori and I had all counties in Africa. I used the "Unite Africa" Decision. Hispania, Byzantine Empire, and Arabia were the large military threats. By the end (1100 AD), I never converted to Feudalism and had about 20,000 Levy + Seige as the military units + Alliances with distant military powers (Norse). As Daurama Daura, make sure to have Rightful Liege for vassals, raid early on for gold, go on pilgrimages every 15 years. Your starting Rival is nearing a plot to murder you right away. Eventually, Vassalize your husband and Neighbors working east to your first empire. Take Piety for every option. Work towards The Prophet perk for Piety Costs reduced by 50% (3rd Learning tree). My new Faith was matching Bori except: Tennant 1: WarMonger - You will almost always be at war, so this helps prevent angry vassals Tennant 2: Human Sacrifice - Sacrifice heathen prisoners of no value to gain Piety, use Piety to fund Holy Wars and have a nice stable of infidels to sacrifice for your heir to build Dread and Piety. Tennant 3: I saw online people recommending Monasticism, to be able to make Succession easier by converting bad heirs to Monks. I didn't really use it that much. You can also Destroy Titles for kingdoms so they don't pass down, Murder if not your direct child, Disinherit, or Ask to Become Monk for men of age (can use a hook). Religious Attitude: Righteous (revoke evil faiths titles and place your own faith in their place) Early on I was the rightful liege and went to wars to those that wont Vassalize. Next, I focused on getting all the Culture unlocks to Feudalize (but never did). Converting to Feudal usually capped my Military strength and made it too expensive to operate wars. Eventually I would Plot Kidnappings against rulers and time their success with the start of wars with large military powers. Each new heir gets 1 Kingdom and 1 Subjugation, so use them wisely. (Note when Subjugating, release all landed prisoners for hooks so you can convert their faith. Capture as many vassals before enforcing demands as it makes the conversion process easier.) After controlling all of Africa - The final objective was convert faith. I would fabricate hooks and Demand conversions of vassals. Get the perk to convert faith regardless of Fervor strength (it took my priest 3-4 years to convert each counties faith).
  7. Closing the game out completely and relaunching a few times made the trophy unlock. Worst case scenario I restarted 4 times but trophy unlocked, but most times restarting once was enough.
  8. This worked for me! Wasn't unlocking at all prior to this. Tried multiple times with different characters, started a new game in a different save slot even and did it and it didn't pop, even tried it without getting touched the entire dungeon and nothing. After I backed up my saves to the cloud, deleted saves from the application saved settings, redownloaded game, downloaded saves from the cloud, killed spider it unlocked. I ran the dungeon with Lucy + 3 shields passive and didnt get hit once throughout the whole thing.
  9. I was able to figure it out. Edited my post!
  10. obviously spoilers I am doing this from memory and using the ps4 pictures, so this stuff could be inaccurate. aleph - After the alarm keeps beeping to start your first day of work you will be travelling in a taxi. While in the backseat, look at the blue "Welcome to Virginia" sign on the right hand side of the road. Follow your cursor to it as much as possible. red night - watch the credits madam - take multiple sips of coffee after the cave collapses on your partner. before the military man arrives to shake your hand. flea - Change the radio station while you are driving around with your partner. It is possible that finding the sunglasses in the prior scene effects this trophy. While your partner is digging in a file cabinet, find the sunglasses in her office (top right file cabinet behind her desk). beatrice - find a feather (unlocks when you look at your feather cork board at home) mausoleum - pick a flower (unlocks when you look at a vase at your home) toet - after meeting your FBI chief at his office the first time, you exit the elevator, on the red chair ahead of you are glasses. Take the glasses and eventually late game when you are eating dinner with the secretary, she will be wearing those glasses instead of her typical teal ones. it will unlock then. lemon - At the bar, before you sit and watch the lady in the red dress sing. Find the red bandanna on the shelf near the door you entered the room from. Later on Susan the waitress will be wearing the red bandanna. iris - first visit to the priests house (fairfax family), look in the trash can next to the wife's bed. there is a crumbled paper for an application. on the 2nd visit (when you are breaking in with the lockpick) look at the kitchen table and there is a letter saying she was accepted. ganesha - Find the sun and moon brooch. The sun brooch is located in the observatory. it is located on the lower floor on the ground. Do not go up the stairs. The moon brooch is located in the hallway between the priest and the teenage girl. After you use the key to unlock the handcuffs of the priest take a left and go down the hallway to a trash bin. the brooch is located on the floor. DO NOT interact with the door where your partner is interrogating the girl. dead road - upon entering your home the 2nd(?) time. There will be a flyer for a train set slipped under your door. Picking up the flyer will get you train set later on in the game. When you are at your apartment and the doorbell is ringing nonstop, go to the living room and look at the coffee table. There will be a train set there and the trophy will unlock. benway - after the cave collapse, there will be a scene where your character is in the autopsy room with a red bird on the table. before interacting with the bird, there is a wooden carving to interact with that is on the far wall. It is next to glue. Interacting with this will unlock the trophy later on, when the Sherrif is playing with his boat. Meda - steal a sugar packet from the cafe on your first visit there, and then walk to the open drawer in your house with the tons of sugar packets. paris - find 10 bird feathers fever - find 10 flower ariadne - watch the credits doam - finish the game twice without chapter select
  11. You do not need to have it as a big lump sum. You can spend money as you earn it on equipment and items and still unlock the 500,000 gil trophy. Does anyone know if puff-puff for "Puffington Post" trophy must be given to DLC character Psaro? UPDATE: yes Psaro is eligible for a puff puff.