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  1. Either join some session and slowly figure it out or put in the research and lead it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. I did it a year ago. People seem to think the game is P2P and will never shut down, but I don't believe that. It has in fact been down for long periods of time. In came back online middle of last year so myself and friends jumped at it. I would do it sooner rather than later. As far as session go, you just got to keep a look out or create and lead it yourself. Don't know what else to say, it's all dependent on how bad you want these trophies...
  3. So I did this not too long ago and we used PS messages. Use discord, please. But no mics were used. The only two things that need coordination and preplanning are Predator Paragon and Clutch. For PP, you as Batman you need to use 6 special moves on 6 different people. You just need to have everyone meet at a determined location and stand spaced a part. This way you can have people come up to you for ledge kills, or walk over your explosive gel etc. For clutch, you need everyone to kill off the other team until only 1 team life is left, then they kill your hero. The rest is done by walking forward and backward, forward and backward over a line at an objective to capture/uncap. All that being said, you don't need a mic, but you need people you can trust that wont be selfish and can follow direction. Good luck!
  4. Literally took me 9 yrs but I finally have earned the Platinum in Red Faction Guerrilla. Probably my most difficult Platinum to date but still very enjoyable. Honestly this was one I never thought I'd get. #feelsgoodman



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    2. DamagingRob
    3. Afro_Gear


      @Chocolate GiddyUp Thanks, and yes I enjoyed my time. Hmm, your name isn't ringing a bell... but I've made my gaming rounds, so never say never!

    4. The Titan

      The Titan

                  Nice!Image result for jojo nice!

  5. Seems like if he could find his dispute from 2015 where it was lifted he would have a much easier time winning this dispute as well... Edit: Unless I'm missing something obvious, there was never a dispute for this game on this site.
  6. This is 100% false. Not a knock @Miticogialdo, just don't want people to be misinformed. For some reason it no longer resets as of the last couple years.
  7. So I am playing Silent Hill PS1 for the first time on my Vita and it is genuinely scary at some points. Having not played video games during that era I was not sure if I could learn the tank controls, but they are not that bad. Just got past the Clock Tower and now I'm scared lol. I'm about 2 hrs in. Any spoiler free tips or advice?


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    2. Helmet_time


      I remember playing SH1 when it first came out.  One of the few games I found genuinely scary and disturbing.  


      Sadly, that was almost 20 years ago, so I don't recall any remotely useful information or tips.  Good luck though.

    3. Conker


      Cool you are enjoying it, I love silent hill 1 and I agree above it had some good scares and a great atmosphere, I wish it would be Redone. Hopefully you get the good ending, in my only playthrough I’ve only gotten the bad one 

    4. DaisyVilla102


      Play with headphones on if you aren't already.  The sounds in that game are at least half the atmosphere.

  8. Wow, for once I am glad my Amazon order didn't arrive on time. Copy should be here tomorrow!
  9. In case anyone wants to stay up on this:
  10. Congrats on getting the platinum! Can you please update the post with how you ending up getting it to help others? Thanks!
  11. Still my favorite DLC I've ever played. And what's crazy to me is that in a few days it will be 10 YEARS OLD. Damn... Fallout 3: Point Lookout
  12. You could try turning it off, install cart, then turn back on and see if it loads it then. You could also test the cart in another vita or PS TV if you have one, otherwise it's likely the cart that's bad. If it starts happening with other carts it may be the Vita cart reader. Good luck!
  13. This is from last night. I replied again asking for more transparency but never heard back.
  14. I've got an idea. Gonna take some time but @II--KAMAL--II may be up for it. Look up the credits for Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Find some of the staff that may be involved IE: Network services or gameplay designers, etc, and try to find them on twitter or Linked In. Hit them up directly. The problem is that Ubi support is acting as a firewall and I believe 100% that none of these complaints have legitimately been looked at by the dev team. I feel this may be the only way to get some work done. We can message those devs kindly and tell them the issue and ask for guidance or help.
  15. You need to unhide Black Ops if you want it disputed. Otherwise it'll stay flagged and this will be closed.