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  1. Davi, I couldn't get this to work on the slim. Seemed to only work on the OLED. I could be wrong but it didn't work for me.
  2. Correct. You have to be interacting with the pop-it. I recommend my method or tap the screen for 24 hrs while watching TV.
  3. It is possible unless you have slotted all your diamonds as they no longer reset after a period of time. If you wants to do the glitch you must have at least 1 diamond and 1 free slot at all times.
  4. They will probably never be fixed. I see that is your last trophy for level 30. Sorry! You will have to manually grind to 1,500,000 XP. Level 20 is 250,000 XP. Here is a method you can use for a fast XP boost. Still will take a while, approx 97 hrs best case scenario. Good luck! To rank fast do this.. Uprising.. Last Bastion .. Gunner's M249 (no reload) Captain UFLL (me) capture C and B Sheeps go to A (just aside the zone) I shoot only the captain while the other do revives.. I capture zone A at 39-40 kills.. it takes 20 secs.. i do kills while capturing. Ends the match at 46-47 kills for an amount of around 1487xp.. Takes about 6 to 7 minutes per match... (multitasking the 3 consoles) Would be faster if i had not to reconnect to server when it crash
  5. Will this work for the Creation Club mods as well?
  6. Try from in game? Some of them work that way.
  7. I literally linked the forum post. You can view them yourself, as can everyone. Please don't deflect. We do not care about other members, we care about your list. Please explain how theses lists make sense so you can be cleared of any wrongdoing.
  8. I can see SpyroChampion is used to utilizing game saves... Also, this aged well, albeit under slightly different circumstances.. @Lance_87
  9. Guys, he used that one glitch, you know, the one where you return to the game after almost 3 years and unlock the 100% before meeting any of the requirements? As he said he used this on many PS3 games. I think we know what to do here.
  10. ^^ He is correct. Botzone will also count for your 10k Kills. It is fun playing online and there are still quite a few people playing today. Most PS3 games are more dead than this. You can also tubro or rubberband in online matches and they will keep repeating over and over until you get your wins.
  11. Wow, congrats! You've got some tenacity. I've been playing this off an on for a year and I hate it so much! I am level 18 and only have a few more manuals, but ugh.. I think I need some motivation to get back to it and I'm afraid that will be a server shutdown notice lol.
  12. It looks like you hid the game, but if you earned the multiplayer trophies after server shutdown you 100% cheated. My method only worked while the servers were up. There was no way to connect to ranked after server shutdown.
  13. Holy shit why haven't you played Bloodborne yet. Bloodborne.
  14. Did you follow this guide? Worth watching just in case you are in the wrong area. Worst comes to worst and this is your last trophy, delete you save, play up to this point in story to let it pop and you'll get your platinum.
  15. 1000th comment. That is all.