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  1. I can confirm this works as described. Thank you!
  2. Guess I know what I am playing exclusively for the next few days lol.
  3. The exact same issue with Medal of Honor 2010 or Mad Max? And specifically you are saying that you could connect to Tier 1 mode a little while ago but now it is not working again? Just trying to get specifics. Thanks!
  4. So did it in fact work for you and now is no longer??
  5. @XEXU_DEMON_X10 I think we need some visibility on this post. Can you please change the title to "Tier 1 Mode Not Working" or something to that effect? I am still getting the infinite "Connecting" screen.
  6. When I click on Tier 1 mode it shows as Connecting and stays on that indefinitely. There are no error messages. Only way to back out to main menu is to go to XMB>sign out of PSN. I tried Tier 1 Mode again from while signed out and it signs me in and then says connecting. Interestingly enough when I signed out of PSN it said "You have been disconnected from EA Servers". So apparently the servers are up, but there is some issue with loading into Tier 1 or the leaderboards. Hope this is temporary as that is the only online trophy I have left.
  7. So, I consider myself rather adverse to difficult boosts... Just being honest, this is not one of them. Yes it is boring at times if self boosting, but if you can watch YouTube or listen to podcasts in the background it is much better. Getting 16 people together should not be that hard. I did it 2 years ago and everything worked fine. The glitches are rare and the only real issue is the server kicking you after 3-4 matches which results in loss of xp. The solution is to manually restart a lobby every 2-3 matches and you will never have a problem. If you like this game at all, or want all the Far Cry platinum's, definitely go for it. Honestly probably a 4 difficulty with a 6 boring rating IMO. Also, it's a really fun game. Sure, might be a lot of nostalgia but it has a lot of good qualities that aged well. Great exploration, immersion and gun play.
  8. That's for GRFRS, not Far Cry 2.
  9. Ok, here's my two cents on what's up: - It is very unlikely that Ubi will be pulling support at this time on PS3 since they specifically specified PC on their server closure list. - this list has been accurate as far as I know in the past. - We are very lucky that the servers are still up from 2008. (telling myself) Anything can happen, so Get to it now!!
  10. I still have PTSD from Crysis 2... GET THAT RELAY!
  11. Is that because of a send a friend request trophy? Does that use messages?
  12. I think it needs tested. The trophy says "invite a friend". You cannot invite in ad hoc, only Join or Host. It might work, but it very well might not.
  13. Several of these don't need invites though. Not sure exactly what that list is. Edit: Oh if these are just games with online trophies that makes sense. Thanks!
  14. I'm downloading now to check. Edit: game has matchmaking.
  15. Naturally. Ad-hoc does not require internet. Here are games on Vita that support Ad-hoc: