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  1. Not really... but for some reason I really want a warm cup of milk and a blowjob..
  2. Finally got my last multiplayer trophy yesterday in the form of Challenge Mode. Honestly, it was a breeze after having just played on Hard. If that is the same difficulty as NYMHC but with the perma-death, I think it is totally do able. If it were on hard.... IDK man, that was tough. Good luck to everyone who still needs to finish!
  3. Thought this was more common knowledge by now. You can earn 8k xp every 10 minutes with just two accounts -
  4. Hi Guys, I have all online and DLC trophies except for challenge mode. I am trying to finish the campaign on Hard so I can unlock Challenge mode. I am currently on Chapter 8. If I dedicate my free time this weekend to finish the campaign on hard and then start and finish Challenge mode, is it doable? Love this game and would really like to get 100%. Worse case I can still get the platinum.
  5. For anyone new here, the UGC servers go up and down every few months and always get fixed without action from the community. That being said, these could get shut down at any time with ZERO notice. If you are reading this now, it is time to spend an hour or two and get these finished for Infamous 2 and Festival of Blood. What are you waiting for? GO!
  6. "Would you kindly stay out of my lobby?" - OP probably. Seriously though, I've got 202 more runs of Chapter 4 Part 1 and I am slowly considering picking up some scotch and pills at this point...
  7. @MidnightDragon Kingdoms of Amalur. Excellent game. If you choose it I hope you enjoy!
  8. These are being tracked here:
  9. Now that messages on PS Vita have shut down, it would appear that some games still can utilize in game invites to send messages using the messaging app and the recipient can receive and access the invite thru the messaging app, despite no other messages working. Since the shut down I have personally tested a couple games and plan to do more. This thread is to track which games' invites still work and which do not and are therefore unobtainable. Please keep the conversation focused on this and let's prevent another derailing that gets this locked. Thanks to @Beyondthegrave07 for the idea. In-game invites that still work: - Rocketbirds Hardboiled Chicken (Sending and receiving) - Fruit Ninja (Sending works, have not tested receiving) - Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable (Sending and receiving) - Earth Defense Force 2 Invaders from Planet Space (Sending and receiving) - Fruit Ninja (Sending and receiving) - Chronovolt (Sending and receiving) - Pure Chess (Sending and receiving) Thanks everyone for the help. It would appear that the server messaging back end is still in place. Is this indefinite or short lived? Time will tell I suppose.
  10. I can no longer send or see messages, however I sent an I game invite with Rocketbirds and my friend got the invite through the messages app.
  11. It's literally explained in the original post with a video as a bonus..
  12. Read Dead Redemption and GTA IV were both being hosted by Gamespy Servers back in the day. When it shut down Rockstar switched them over to P2P, so as long as PSN exists, those multiplayers will stay online. EDIT: Ok, so I did some research and I cannot find where it says that these were switched to P2P. Here is an article referencing the shutdown of affected games: Other than that it may have been an assumption on my behalf or someone I've talked to over the years as I cannot find a source. However, I find it very likely that is what they did as otherwise it would make sense to shut down those older titles first, unless R* doesn't have to pay for server hosting as it is P2P. Either way, no guarantees so finish those if you still need them. @Stevieboy
  13. Hi guys, @fenris-lima showed me an old video from ten years ago where you could level up really fast. You essentially load up a quick race on the Miyatomi track, 20 laps, zero opponents. Turn your vehicle around and hold L2. You back up around the track heading forward and you drift into the corner, earning you about 60-80k xp every 20 laps. You also Need the Mazda RX-8. With this new method you can earn over 500,000 XP (level 50) in 20 laps! Anyways I was having difficulty with this method so messed around a bit. I ended up holding L2 and holding LS to the left. This combination swung my front end out just enough that the XP started flying. That combined with double XP multiplier and I leveled up very fast. The XP Level trophies did not pop until that round was over so they do appear on your list seconds apart. Other than that, super easy!
  14. I can confirm this works as described. Thank you!
  15. Guess I know what I am playing exclusively for the next few days lol.