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  1. Yeah, that is not a valid flag for this game. If that's the only issue it will be lifted, so no worries. Have a good one.
  2. Why did they say you were flagged? Nothing is wrong with this list from what I can tell. The servers did in fact shut down on July 2nd, 2018
  3. Well then maybe I will do this solo... lol, thanks @ThatDrunkGuy! I read your comment in the session also. Very interesting. I wonder if it has to do anymore with not the same region, but the same home network? I connected to my alt no problem also.
  4. I got a DM back from Ubisoft regarding my tweet and they said: "You should be able to access the challenges. Are you still having issues?" So far we have 3 unique answers... nice. Anyone test the game to see if the challenges are back?
  5. Ok, first off thanks to @HuntingFever for his guide. Very useful. I've done a bit of testing and wanted to post my results. So from my research the game launched region locked but a later patch enabled cross region coop. So far I have tried playing with someone from Ireland with a EU copy and it would not work. I tried playing with someone from Germany with another NA copy and it did not work. I've tried playing with my second copy on my second console and am able to join myself no problems whatsoever. (I am in the United States) Already popped a coop trophy. However, it is not going to be easy to solo play with two characters for the trophies. I still need to test with another NA player to see if it works. I am going to be testing it here soon to confirm and update this post. It should be noted that the failed attempts were tried multiple times with the different methods outlined in the guide and nothing worked.
  6. If I were to do this from my 100% save would it work but just take longer? Let's say I'm sitting at 31% accuracy and have $10 million. If I input the time speed up cheat and set my turbo controller to fire over and over into the truck, would it still work?
  7. She's a little fat, but not that it really matters.
  8. I don't know what they're talking about, but they've been like this for 10 minutes.
  9. The dedication to this thread is legit. I'm going to run out of likes. Also, you Sweet Baby Ray's is great, but damn that's a lot of BBQ.
  10. What're you all eatin' for breakfast?
  11. Maybe we should turn this thread into a photo album where people submit pictures of their Vita's in ridiculous locations and then we like vote for our favorites? I almost think that is a great idea lol. @Lorajet
  12. Did you try warm water? That might help.
  13. Hey guys, I discovered a new way (as far as I can tell) to get the Vita Slim to idle in create mode for the 24 hr trophy. I poured a little pool of water on the screen while it is laying flat. I have a glass screen protector on my unit. I assume the default Vita screen is safe to do this on too but do at your own risk. The water fools the lasso into thinking it is being touched as you can see in this video that I made. Good luck!