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  1. I am selling my two copies of Snipers: Invisible Silent Deadly. Very rare game that only printed in a few European markets. Both are CIB and like new. See my listing for more pics. Servers are still alive and this can be mostly self boosted with 2 copies. A few challenges will need 3 or 4 but there are other copies circulating out there. Thanks!
  2. About 1 hour total. Maybe 30 mins of story missions to unlock UGC, then another 30 figuring out UGC and playing a quick mission 25 times. Not bad.
  3. Just earned these today. Signed in first try on Infamous 2. Worth noting that you don't get credit for playing your own level. Also, once you played 5 newest levels I recommend searching for "sec" and you will find short levels. Then you can replay the shortest 20 times for the trophy. Better get them done soon folks!
  4. I actually tried to do this yesterday and my deactivation wasn't working on any of my devices. I tried it again and it said I can't do it again for 6 months. Got on the chat support and they had me fill out a form to submit it. Within about 4 hours I got an email saying all of my devices have been deactivated. Thank goodness too as my fat PS3 just died on me.
  5. You can sort by year or console, up to you.
  6. Awesome cabinet lol

    1. Afro_Gear


      Thanks ma dude! lol

  7. What new trophies?
  8. Hope you guys get somewhere. Good luck!
  9. Looking for recommendations on fun or good Japanese vita games, VN's etc, that are playable on vita in English. Looking to expand my library a bit. Thanks!
  10. Battleborn shutting down January 2021.
  11. According to Diablo website: So it would appear PS3 to PS4 transfer still works.
  12. There's no chance it's GTA 6 this early. Heck, just 1 year ago Dan Houser said a new GTA would be impossible in this political climate. Things have not exactly gotten any better.
  13. Don't know much about this or context or anything. Although GTA online update does seem likely, the take away to me is the ESRB "Rating Pending" logo, indicating a new title. ESRB does not normally have to re rate a game for new updates. Then again... whole thing could be a fake. Also, image has a lot of red and "blood splatter". Manhunt vibe? Interesting all around. Here's a bigger image I've found. Also a serial number of sorts? 090449542... interesting.
  14. I've done all I can. Good luck.