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  1. Tidux is an insider that's been around for years. This along with the other rumors, IMO, you can take this to the bank.
  2. How lucky would we have to get for a new trophy list?
  3. *Insert 007 car Ejection seat gif*
  4. Already taken down on PS3: The Testament of Sherlock Holmes
  5. So I saw somewhere that there is no auto aim. There is, it's on by default. Also, there is dismemberment. It's not a cheat, rather a setting in the main menu. Thank goodness! So far I think the port is pretty nice. Looks sharp and plays just like I remember. 5.1 Surround is working too and blaster fire and alarms sound all around you. I'm in nostalgia heaven right now...
  6. Any Dismemberment cheats?
  7. This is not a part of PS2 on PS4. This is an actual port made by Aspyr, and not emulation. But either way, still great to be getting more games from that era!
  8. Seriously, hope dismemberment is back. Use to have so much fun with this game. Shift plus ~ "g_saberRealisticCombat 1" still comes to mind. Good times.
  10. This glitched on me too, as can be seen in the thread. Think this flag should be lifted.
  11. @David_m_c_ I mean since this is an English website you could post in English to make this easier on us if you want help. I mean you're going through the work to translate it in the first place. edit: sorry, didn't see you posted both languages.
  12. What's your concern? @dj_helyx You've done the hard part.
  13. @dj_helyx It's really easy. 15 hrs in the story to 100%. Even if you save the final 30 percent or so for one sitting it's only a few hours of stuff. This game is honestly a 3/10 Platinum IMO and a 9/10 game. Give it a go!
  14. We got lucky on PS3. According to the new forum posts the Daily Challenges on Xbox have not reappeared, only the weekly ones.
  15. Amazing... all that hard work paid off. Makes me even more mad the mods closed our thread for no real good reason. We kept trying and despite all odds we finally won! perseverance paid off.