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  1. Battleborn shutting down January 2021.
  2. According to Diablo website: So it would appear PS3 to PS4 transfer still works.
  3. There's no chance it's GTA 6 this early. Heck, just 1 year ago Dan Houser said a new GTA would be impossible in this political climate. Things have not exactly gotten any better.
  4. Don't know much about this or context or anything. Although GTA online update does seem likely, the take away to me is the ESRB "Rating Pending" logo, indicating a new title. ESRB does not normally have to re rate a game for new updates. Then again... whole thing could be a fake. Also, image has a lot of red and "blood splatter". Manhunt vibe? Interesting all around. Here's a bigger image I've found. Also a serial number of sorts? 090449542... interesting.
  5. I've done all I can. Good luck.
  6. Hi
  7. This post is on the first page of Google searches when you search for "GTA V Profanity Fine". Can't find anything that talks about it. Will need proof if this is real. All there is is a filter: "To check if the words included in the list are really banned, Kotaku jumped into the game and typed some of them out in the in-game text messaging screen; the result was a message, displayed in the screenshot below, that reads “forbidden text. Try again.” Source:
  8. Hey there! THQ Nordic have announced a free, fall update which includes a bunch of new features and improvements. Personally excited for the faster loading time and Private Servers/ removal of region lock.
  9. Looks like no more Battleplan updates, but servers are going to stay live. Must be temporary issue. Strange, that post is two years old. The forum's said updated 7 hrs ago so I read it wrong.
  10. Someone earned the daily Challenge today. Is it back online?
  11. Tidux is an insider that's been around for years. This along with the other rumors, IMO, you can take this to the bank.
  12. How lucky would we have to get for a new trophy list?
  13. *Insert 007 car Ejection seat gif*
  14. Already taken down on PS3: The Testament of Sherlock Holmes
  15. So I saw somewhere that there is no auto aim. There is, it's on by default. Also, there is dismemberment. It's not a cheat, rather a setting in the main menu. Thank goodness! So far I think the port is pretty nice. Looks sharp and plays just like I remember. 5.1 Surround is working too and blaster fire and alarms sound all around you. I'm in nostalgia heaven right now...