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  1. So last night I booted up FC2 for the first time in a year to finish up the grind. Anyways, I was able to get right into ranked matches the first try on all of my consoles. As you may know normally it takes a few or more tries. Well I just remembered that a couple weeks ago, several Ubisoft titles had their servers shutdown for maintenance and included on that list was FC2. There is a chance that this maintenance and server reboot fixed some of its errors. Now for the experiment: If anyone has all diamonds slotted: please go into the game and see if they have reset. This could be huge for people who made the mistake of slotting all diamonds. We know they reset in the past so this is the best chance we have of it being fixed. Please post results!
  2. Still better than the publisher completely abandoning their title. One of the reasons I love THQ Nordic.
  3. I remember reading about this game having issues and people saying to avoid it. If anything needs patched now is your time to request fixes! The publisher has assigned a new developer to handle future updates of the title. Cheers!
  4. Have Sony retired PS2 on PS4?? Really disappointing. So many great games with untapped potential. I'm still holding out for the GTA Episodes that leaked but seems more and more impossible at this point. Unless, (work with me here) Sony is waiting to release them on PS5 that will be fully backwards compatible with PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4 titles.
  5. Well we've been bamboozled. Seems to be market speculation with zero sources : But then again article here from OP's post does sound like a source so I am not sure:
  6. While I get your point this is exactly why they may want to acquire a profitable company that is self sustaining. Sony would fork out a huge sum with low risk and high ROI. Also broadens their portfolio with Huge IP's, Borderlands, Bioschock, RDR, GTA, that sell very well.
  7. Damn, this could be truly amazing. Sony is very good with limiting and excluding Micro-transactions in their games. Can you imagine the talent at Rockstar free from the corporate constraints that Take Two has been imposing on them? RDR and GTA with no MTX. The next Bully could be fully singleplayer. Oh man, please be true!
  8. Ok? Why don't you just tell us why you were flagged if you're actually trying to dispute this instead of saying this is a "shit site".
  9. Ride to Hell Retribution. at 73% and will have the plat in a few days. My only wish was that I watched the Angry Joe review first. This shit show of a game makes Rogue Warrior look like a fucking GOTY in comparison.
  10. "Demon's Souls Remaster Will Happen, Says Kotaku Editor"- The most click bait BS ever.
  11. He's a journalist for Kotaku. He has lots of insider connections and knows things. For example he knew Fallout 76 was going to be a multiplayer only game before it's announcement. He either knows the game is in the works and this is all he is going to say about it for now or he is just guessing. I'd lean more on the former.
  12. I know right? The guide "highly recommended" two playthroughs for Bioshock 2. I'm like heck no, started on hard and it's easier than 1 is. Still fun though but not a real challenge.
  13. @wootang2K9 It's your prerogative if you want to use the exploit but I just wanted to throw my two cents in there. I just did this myself a couple weeks ago and beat the game in one run on survivor with vita chambers disabled. I didn't use the exploit since I had the Welcome to Rapture edition. I was originally going to but I am SO GLAD I didn't. As you said yourself it is one of the best FPS ever. It is also a wonderful survival horror game. Years ago when I played it on normal I remember the atmosphere being great but the combat being generic. Returning all these years later on Survivor, I discovered a wonderful side of this game. Resources are more scarce since you have to use more to dispatch foes so you are encouraged to search the environment more thoroughly, finding secrets and hidden areas. Not only that, but the increased difficulty caused me to experiment more with plasmids and stacking various tonics that would stack damage, such as extra wrench damage, etc. In my opinion the best way to play this game is on survivor. It should have been the only difficulty. It makes the game shine for all of it's strengths and it is not really that hard. I'd say 5/10 at most. Regardless how you play I hope you have a blast. It is a wonderful game!
  14. Yep, officially fixed by Naughty Dog: I wish other dev's/pubs replied and reacted that quickly to server issues! *cough* Ubisoft *Cough* Splinter Cell Blacklist *Cough*