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  1. My first impressions (in order): - Is this a joke? - Wow, Nintendo won't care this is a complete copy of their idea, even down to the "classic" name? - Only see an RPG and Racing game shown. How many well known titles will they have? - PS3 plays ps1 games for free... -$100 USD?? BWHAHAHAH- Pass. Sorry, but this seems like a lame cash grab. I'll pass. PS, Trophy support would be nice, but why not sell a PS1 Classic bundle on PS3 where you get 20 games for, let's say $40? good deal, no new hardware. Seems simple. Oh well.
  2. @mekktor I would love to know. I am getting back to boosting this and if I can save time that would be great.
  3. That is correct. Here is my video of a method I've been using to solo boost manuals. Two controllers and just shoot with the dummy while you are running to the stairs.
  4. Please let us know what trophy you are referring to and the reason for your flag. Also, might not hurt to include a link to the gamefaqs page. Thanks.
  5. Hard to tell. For example: Last night I unlocked 150 Dog tags. No trophy. I unlocked 1 more and then Modern Art popped.
  6. Hey guys, Sorry if this doesn't really belong here, but I feel like posting, if only to help give others some encouragement. I purchased Crysis 2 on launch in 2011 and played it a bunch. I thought I even played a round or two online. Time passes to March of 2018 and I wanted to finish up the Crysis 2 multiplayer. I started boosting with a group and got to level 35. Roughly halfway to level 50. I was so sure that I played online years prior that I convinced myself Dedication had glitched. I decided that I didn't want to spend another 30 hours boosting a game that I could not even platinum so I decided to put it on hold until New Years 2019. Well as fate would have it they shortly after announced the server shutdown, forever locking me out of the platinum. That brings us to a few days ago when @Sergen told me the trophy could still pop. Since I had played online on March 23, 2018, 6 months would be September 24, 2018- before the server shutdown. This got me thinking. What if the trophy didn't glitch? What if it reset the stats online and it started my clock over back in March? And then it hit me. I don't think I ever played a match online prior to this year. The main reason I think this is because I preorded and had a special code which granted instant access to level 5 in MP. I always enter in codes before I start a new game and I would have done it 7 years ago also. When I booted the game in March I saw that I already had some levels so I assumed I had played. This may not have been the case. Anyways, I'm taking a big gamble by resuming my grind to level 50. In the end if the games screws me over I can be confident knowing I didn't give up. I did all I could and had the dedication to stick it out. Thanks for the encouragement Sergen and I want to give the same to anyone discouraged by this glitchy game to get out there and try it. Worst comes to worse you just earned yourself a few Ultra Rare trophies. Cheers and good luck!
  7. Wow, some BS with that Telegraph review. Not only do they get to leave their ridiculously low scoring review on Metacritic, but you cant even read the thing as it is behind an email registration "paywall". Really trash.
  8. The thing is I am 99% sure I played online a bit back in 2011. It would have been with a different console however. So you're right, it could potentially pop later this month if it thinks that when I played this spring was the first time. I figured the server would remember my ID though. No, same install.
  9. Played through two full matches today with another used copy. As I expected, no such luck.
  10. @Daemynz You're missing God of War 1 and 2!! Since God of War 1 was your first game I say you go back to it and finish it. Those are good to have done. You got this; I'm counting on you!
  11. I just bought another used copy to see if I get super lucky. Will post results one way or the other.
  12. Welcome to my nightmare... but seriously, sorry dude. Fuck that game. Glad I didn't finish the grind to level 50 once I realized dedication had glitched.
  13. Crysis 2- The trophy: Dedication. Requires you to play it online 6 months after your first time. It glitched on myself and many others. Sad, because it will be the only one out of the 3 Crysis games I cannot platinum.
  14. So just an update since this game does not get a lot of activity. Just boosted the MP trophies with three people and it took under 15 minutes. Only problem is the servers seemed unstable and we were getting kicked from matches fairly often. Might not want to put this one off much longer.
  15. I'm sorry but 3 flagged games is the maximum you can have. You might as well unhide the games since you won't be able to return to the leaderboards. Unless you feel you have a dispute but it sounds like you understand what happened.