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  1. Not been playing it recently but happy to get into sessions of knocking off the trophies
  2. I'm looking to boost just for the standard mp trophies. Is anyone interested in boosting with me?
  3. Rogue Legacy-easy? Those alt boss battles are something else entirely. Then there is the die no more than 15 times run.... God Of War. 95% of trophies are easy then the challenges and later versions which added difficulty specific trophies can rot somewhere far away. Kratos is a god and even when he isn't he should be op. Yet on higher difficulties he fights like a pig farmer. Prince Of Persia and Far Cry 2. So frustrating both games and annoying. FC2 obviously has the hard as nails online but the sp trophies are fairly standard. Game is so hostile to the player its annoying rather than immersive.
  4. Can't say I will miss this game. Online was plagued by issues. Such a shame because in the heart of it was a brilliant online mode and lots of fun. The weapon power and balancing was way off though.
  5. I imagine the non-ranked specific trophies you will be able to get in lan mode and boost with another controller. Decent amount of potential trophies there.
  6. 300 ranked wins is a bad one. From what I played of the beta, the 3 vs 3 battles will leave a lot to chance. Seems a bit grindy to me. Wasn't a fan of the beta. Thought it strayed too far from the PSP games which were and still are a blast to pick up and play.
  7. Tops: 1. The Last Of Us 2. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune 3. Killzone 2 4. Warhawk 5. Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 6. Resistance 2 7. Fallout 3 8. Guitar Hero 3 9. Spec Ops: The Line 10. Metal Gear Solid 4: Sons Of The Patriots Flops: 1. Dragon Age: Origins 2. Sacred 2 3. Prince Of Persia (2008) 4. Quantum Of Solace 5. Far Cry 2
  8. 1. Warhawk. Class game and think with better control scheme would do really well. 2. Resistance Trilogy. Would either be this or the Killzone trilogy. But I think the Resistance story and the multiplayer in the second game would be a worthy series to jump into. The Killzone stories are not too bad either. 3. The Orange Box. No explanation needed. Some other mentions; Ni No Kuni Dead Space 1 & 2 Heavenly Sword Call of Duty; MW2 or Black Ops 1 & 2 GTA 4 RDR Battlefield 3 Spec Ops: The Line Singularity
  9. 69 and 191
  10. Was looking online and saw this thread: Looks like the EU version isn't up to date enough. EU players can only play against each other which is a shame.
  11. So I bought Guilty Gear recently in the sale on PS4. Its a good game but I am having an impossible time of connecting to any online player for an online match. It comes up with info like'failed to obtain room information'. Have not played an online game as of yet so any ideas why that is?
  12. I played online a couple of weeks ago peak time. Roughly 200-300 players. Most trophies are easy to do legit. The hard one will be the offensive actions. That requires a huge kill/scorestreak.