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  1. Yup! You'd be eligible to get both off any of the 2 versions, this is why cross-buy titles are priced the same in opposed to PS4 costing $10 extra.
  2. Horizon Zero Dawn 100%
  3. #89 Pyre

    The weird trend where I manage to plat a Supergiant Games title in 4 days continues.

    TBH this game terrified me with its amount of missable trophies. I 1st tried playing blind(like I did Bastion), till I got hit with my 1st Liberation Rite. Finding out I permanently lose 1 of my 3 highest ranked characters. And since I'm mostly using the more efficient/broken characters/w trial talismans. I had to plan ahead of time who I'd wanna discard, and work around which lesser efficient Exiles. Strategically characters you really don't wanna Liberate are Pamitha(easily Pyre's most broken character), Bertrude, or Grey girl. Pam, Ber, and Ti'zo's trial talismans can be busted at Lv 20. Grey girl has an enchanted earned skill, where she gets infinite stamina when holding the orb. Don't think I need to remind anyone that you can use the Beyond crystal's practice runs to pop those 200 Pyre trophies.

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    2. DarknessKey92


      Felt the same about Bastion & Transistor. And I get where you're coming from with Pyre. I'm not good with visual novels either, despite Muv-Luv kinda strengthening my patience. However I can see its journey eventually coming off as dull after your say 3rd Liberation Rite doing the exact same thing towards their "plan". This is probably why they attempt to give you a chance to pick who you'd wanna face, progressing certain party member's lore with other team leaders. While offering more limitations on top. However at times it seamed too limiting. Given that eventually you're forced to discard potential best, if you're not cautious enough to remember adding those less efficient characters during Rites for Enchantment balance.

      For instance try imagining beating those Harps with all 12 titans active, and having to include Volfred on your team.

      As to did I enjoy the game, I'd say more or less. Definitely didn't hate it, but I'll admit felt quite tedious given that the fear of screwing yourself out of a missable trophy lingered.

    3. MidnightDragon
    4. ihadalifeb4this



  4. #87 Transistor & #88 Bastion

    I always wanted to play Transistor when I 1st saw its gorgeous footage back in 2014. Just never had a PS4 at the time till recently this year.

    Transistor was actually the easier game to plat, cus of how finding the right build can just make you almost unstoppable even against bosses who get rekt by a simple.

    Triple Void debuff, Crash, Purge, and double Cull+Spark/w turn.

    Bastion had quick levels with an awesome Narrator, but boy that Stranger's dream wave fest with all Idols is just quite rage inducing if I'm gonna be honest here. That's practically what'll make or break you from achieving its Plat.

    Haven't seen such an obnoxious selection of enemy advantages like that in who knows how long.

    After playing both games, I've become quite a fan of Supergiant Games. Definitely gonna get their Hades title when it releases this year.

    I'll probably try Pyre next when I add funds to buy it.

    P.S. I actually laughed when I found out I plat both Transistor & Bastion in roughly 4 days

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    2. ihadalifeb4this



    3. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯 

  5. #86 ICEY

    I thought it was a neat, and simple game. With a fun combat system.

    Liked the narrator at 1st, but his sarcasm just got pretty annoying over time.

    I appreciate its creative approach towards breaking that 4th wall tho.

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    2. MidnightDragon



    3. mako-heart


      I hated the narrator, and so many trophies are just listening to him whine.

    4. DarknessKey92


      Thanks everyone!

      @mako-heart Those Marionette Theater trophies were quite a drag. I legit got mad during "People Are Pigs" because he not only stalls so much, but if you accidentally press :r2: after choosing "No" a 3rd time he'll send you off(towards the final boss).

      Making me redo it, and again for a 3rd time when I put my controller down flickering either :l2: or :r2:.

      I saw IBadDriverI's video prior to platnuming this game, and wanted to aim towards that fastest leaderboard spot.

      Which I still got regardless of those screw ups, and dying against Dahal. However still feel I could've done it in under 2 hours placing at least 3rd had it not been for those final redos.

      But I'm fine with a 6th spot out of 50.

      ICEY is a game I've been wanting to play for a while, given how it feels like a 2D DMC/w near unlimited dashes(cus they regen quite fast outside of battle). 

  6. July 2020 Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition Destroy All Humans! 2
  7. Same
  8. Yup! Eventually orb patterns become visible with minor waves having a slight alteration by red/s. Which you just have to adapt on the fly. I think they give enough time to move about tho, but at certain occasions either navigate slow or back to properly squeeze through. If you're about to get trapped by a mass spread, I'd at least recommend tanking 1 orb in apposed to getting all 3 whiped out there. I was able to beat the boss without getting hit on both versions, so going in with 2 hearts is fine IMO.
  9. #84 Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes

    This is both my Lv. 25 and birthday :platinum:

    As a big Suda51 fan, I simply felt like I had to milestone this gem of a game highlighting Suda's career.


    I've heard this game's Soundtrack a few times last year, and thought it was good. However after playing it so much realized, it's actually an amazing soundtrack perfectly fitting every single aspect presented. It honestly blew me away!

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    2. ihadalifeb4this


      Happy birthday and congrats!

    3. LunarCharm


      🎂 Happy Birthday to you, and congratulations on the platinum! 🎂

    4. DarknessKey92


      Thanks everyone!

  10. Model Warrior Julianne took me like 2 hours on Vita, and 30 minutes on PS4 after being familiar. Lower right safe zone works for both versions despite PS4's looking like you're gonna make contact. I usually get ready to leave after I see a snake like formation with 2 reds at its end. Followed by another 1 using only greens. Eventually flooding the screen, but once done disperse leaving more than enough space to reach left center. Just keep shooting at all times, and try focusing your sight not on green enemies but around Julianne...unless red waves show up. Just taking out 1 of them during these final phases makes a difference. This silly mini game has no i frames when hit to at least offer a chance to survive or escape traps. Meaning if you're caught by a big string of orbs(mostly caused by reds), then there's a chance it could wipeout out all 3 hearts. 1 thing I found weird was how Vita let you shot holding or , but PS4 only uses . IMO felt more comfy and offered better positioning to properly navigate Julianne. I kinda noticed the boss can be more persistent in Vita, but on PS4 her orb phases feel more tame. Actually got confused when I saw soo many openings towards the right side, where I could just hog it and pick my attempts during her slower showers. Regardless it honestly wasn't that hard, like I was anticipating it to be.
  11. It also glitched for me on PS4(despite Vita working fine), and followed Halon's method to pop them using my expendable Eviction save file from day 17. I think you have to buy the Leotard cloth 1st then wallpaper after for Cyberfunk, and Living with style didn't pop until I bought Anna's wallpaper(might also be required). You don't need the Miki, Warrior, or Rad wallpapers tho.
  12. #80 VA-11 HALL-A(Vita) Underrated visual novel with a neat cast of characters, which just left me wanting more at the end. My favorites were Stella, Jill, Sei, Gill, Anna, Dana, and Virgilio(for spoiler reasons). Really happy I finally added this plat to my collection, ever since I heard its amazing soundtrack in 2017. Might even try to speedrun plat the PS4 version later. Plus you gotta love the indie developers' passion for Pro. Wrestling. Not to mention actually having the most hilarious in-game 4chan section out there.


    I also took the liberty of just popping my plats for #81 Rebirth 2(cus it's already on the Planeptune route finale) & #82 Monster Monpiece(just enter any training session).

    Mostly got bored of delaying them for almost a month+. On top of not wanting my 2 VA-11 HALL-A trophy lists stacking once completed.

    VA-11 HALL-A can go a little overboard with the sexual innuendo, but it's still a charming little title I highly recommend trying out.

    It's 1 of those games which will never go on sale, but I think its default $14.99 price is fair enough.

    Dana at some point mentioned her friend Iris working at N1RV Ann-A located in Panama(a supposed worse Dystopia than Glitch City). During the good ending Jill & Dana tell Gill they're visiting Panama for almost 2 weeks. So I'm kinda expecting at least a Jill & Dana cameo in N1RV Ann-A if it does release sometime this year.

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    2. DarknessKey92


      Fair enough.

    3. ihadalifeb4this



    4. DamagingRob


      Sounds awesome. But I'll probably sit here, waiting for a sale. :P

      And congrats!

  13. Finally got Rebirth2's Dungeon Master trophy, thus assuring my plat! After clocking 240+ in-game hours, across 1 save file with multiple New game+s. Managed to get all plans, and only need like 5 accessories(where I need to revisit True ending route for silly shop only accessories/material), cleared all quests, Colosseum battles+DLC, get every character to Lv. 999, all Lily pairings to 10, max out credits 9 times(after buying shop), get all Medals/Discs, and unlock 5/9 endings for the 100% album. I really hate that this game has 9 endings. I got soo bored of redoing everything after finishing Lastation's, that I simply left my Vita in a constant state of sleep mode while Stella did her thing this week. As I watched Anime, ate, went out, or slept for the day. I'd mostly turn my Vita back On just to check if she was done or rekt back...then resend her again. I almost feel like the Emergency DLC is a Plat requirement, cus I can't imagine having the patience to wait(twice my amount) just for her to comeback empty handed. Instead of bringing back in defeat superior equipment for a better chance. Without DLC you're forced to send Stella and pray to RNGesus she returns on her own in attempt #15.

    Anyway for anyone who cares, here was my True Neptral Tower set up:

    Starlight Sword(7) STR+441 HP Up+2 STR Up+2 VIT Up+1 LUK Up+1

    Heavenly Star(7) HP+20 STR+10 VIT+475 LUK+25 HP Up+1 STR Up+1 VIT Up+2 LUK Up+2

    Sagestone(2) Steal-Nul STR+20

    Warning Bell(The most vital gear)

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    2. DarknessKey92


      So far Rebirth2 has been the 2nd most painful to plat, with Hyperdevotion's tedious Lily rank trophies still being my worst experience. IMO Victory was better than MK2, so it doesn't surprise me to realize its Rebirth counterpart continues that legacy. Actually Victory(PS3) was my 1st Neptunia title, and I really enjoyed the game. Even managed to become 1 of the 1st 50 Platinum achievers on this site(which still surprises me). I've read that Victory 2 is a great sequel, so I'm looking forward to making it a milestone eventually. From my weekly deals browsing, Idea Factory has for years really been hooking it up with those price drops. It even pains me sometimes to see how low they go, cus I'm a loyal customer who's bought all their launch Limited Editions. I mean look at this Rebirth2 PSN sales chart, it dropped down to a consistent $5.99 to lowest being $3.99 or $1.99


    3. Phoenix_argentea


      Hyperdevotion Noire... Surely a different game, very interesting and fun (with some hard leveles), but that grinding was atrocious. If I remember correctly you have something like 22x21/2 = 231 couples, with the affinity increasing 1 by 1...😭. Surely is after the other grinding in Neptunia U... But my first Neptunia game was the Cyberdimension Neptunia 4GO, followed by the Re;Birth trilogy.

      You guys in NA have better price drops compared to the EU: I've never seen re;Birth 2 (or other Neptunia games) with such a low price. :) Too bad there's also a price drop for the Vita Atelier games...

      If possible I stick to the retail version (except the Re;Birth 1 which is only digital in EU), but my Neptunia collection is "mixed": some games have Italian cover (mostly the PS4), others (mostly the Vita ones) English cover. Too bad you can't see the reversible covers of the Vita games... But surely you have an incredible nice collection with all the Neptunia LE! I saw there are a lot of interesting things, like the Super Neptunia RPG (amazing LE edition with steelbook, ost, plushie, cards, but the game isn't really great <_<).

    4. DarknessKey92


      Yeah! I'm very glad IF broke away from NISA, and started Idea Factory International in California.

      They've not only been doing a great job with these consistent discount prices, but their Limited Editions are also handled way better. There's really never a shortage, unlike back then when Neptunia LEs would sell out way to quick. Leading to scalpers selling them off on Ebay/Amazon for absurd prices. The Action Unleashed's LE had a Purple Heart body pillow cover, so that was neat 😂

  14. No More Heroes: Really hate that this game got delisted along with the DLC from PSN. Finally bought a decent retail copy of Heroes' Paradise last year at my local independent game shop. Asura's Wrath: Cus we need this Acid trip on PS4 Shadows of the Damned: Altho I prefer a sequel, considering Travis Strikes Again kinda alluded towards 1.
  15. Final Fantasy X HD On a side note: I still remember being sad about the Anime's cancellation on March 2012. Which motivated me to platinum Soul Ignition in its memory. Now here we are 8 years later, and it is assured to return in 2021. I'd definitely love to see Bleach get 1 last single game on console. After watching their Hyrule & Pirate Warriors work, I think many could agree: Omega Force should develop a Bleach Musou!