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  1. #89 Pyre

    The weird trend where I manage to plat a Supergiant Games title in 4 days continues.

    TBH this game terrified me with its amount of missable trophies. I 1st tried playing blind(like I did Bastion), till I got hit with my 1st Liberation Rite. Finding out I permanently lose 1 of my 3 highest ranked characters. And since I'm mostly using the more efficient/broken characters/w trial talismans. I had to plan ahead of time who I'd wanna discard, and work around which lesser efficient Exiles. Strategically characters you really don't wanna Liberate are Pamitha(easily Pyre's most broken character), Bertrude, or Grey girl. Pam, Ber, and Ti'zo's trial talismans can be busted at Lv 20. Grey girl has an enchanted earned skill, where she gets infinite stamina when holding the orb. Don't think I need to remind anyone that you can use the Beyond crystal's practice runs to pop those 200 Pyre trophies.

    1. Corrin-of-Nohr


      Congratulations :)

    2. FawltyPowers


      Did you enjoy it?


      I liked Bastion, really enjoyed Transistor despite the unplayable frame rate issues at times, feeling there was still much to explore after the platinum but Pyre I could not stand, not even a part of it. It wasn't a bad game and I get why it is praised but it did not gel with me at all, I got bored with the dialogue immensely (at least I've learned Virtual Novels aren't for me), the sport type gameplay I found extremely dull, oh and I hate caravans, too many bad holidays when I was young. I panicked at one point because I thought I'd missed a missable trophy and was resigned for another playthrough, when I realised I hadn't I was jubilant. I think I was deleting it off my system while the platinum image was still flashed up on my screen.

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