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  1. Warning: Do not start this game if you haven't already. While everything is still technically achievable the team managers of the two teams that originally helped trophy hunters get the team trophies have stopped helping so practically you can't earn them unless they either change their mind or another team manager starts helping.
  2. I bet he felt very smart hiding the games and pretending that they aren't on his list lol.
  3. Please let us know how this goes.I would like to do the online trophies but I want confirmation that this trophy can be earned before I start.
  4. Next object is going to be the BFG from sacred 2.It's a huge gun which fires pure T-energy.
  5. I'm currently playing Fuse so to honor that I will say the arcshot which is a very cool crossbow.
  6. I'm not against this, I just know that it isn't going to work.As others have mentioned there are too many grey areas as far as catching team accounts is concerned and I can guarantee you that nobody is going to admit to it. Well not really.You have to look at the big picture.While the position number will be bigger it will not hold the same weight.Holding the 500th position in a leaderboard with a thousand participants isn't very good compared to the current one with hundred thousands participants.
  7. A keyblade from Kingdom Hearts.I just love the series!
  8. Can more people confirm this?
  9. Note that dirt 3 used to be free with ps plus.If you had added that to your download list you would have the VIP pass as well.
  10. While this is true I don't see Sony abandoning their most profitable brand as long as they exist. I'm very confident that these will be made even if future playstation systems aren't consoles in the traditional sense whatever that means. Who knows what the future holds?
  11. The next generation of consoles is going to be the last one!!! Oh wait that's what they said about the current consoles. Hmmm....................
  12. It looks like it comes and goes.The last achiever for the summer was at the 15th of August and then people started earning the trophy again in October.The last time the trophy was earned was a week ago by a new player.I don't have a solution but it looks like there's still hope.
  13. That's quite the investment.I don't like LOL but this could be very interesting.
  14. I voted for the psn card because I can use it to get stuff from the US store which aren't available in EU.
  15. Not really.Profit is what lets publishers(not developers!!!) get away with such rubbish.Attitudes and low expectations like that are irrelevant if they don't impact profits.Basic economics bruh.