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  1. They said it would be back at the end of march and it is the middle of April.Have they given any updates on their twitter?
  2. You need to have them at one moment.
  3. That's mortal kombat 11 lol...
  4. For anyone looking to go for this trophy I just got it at 48k with Squaris GP. Note that you don't have to be in the top 1000 of the credits leaderboard for it.I was at position 1312 and I have seen people post that they got it with a position around 1400.It is hard to pinpoint exactly the position that unlocks it because it updates only when you view team vision.
  5. Do you know when Ghost Recon closes?I can't find a date.
  6. Hey guys stop underestimating Invisible Banana!!!
  7. And here I was getting ready to start it but it didn't last more than a few hours.I'm very disappointed...
  8. Most stuff can be boosted with two people but there are some exceptions which require more like multi-kills.
  9. Sometimes the demo/trial doesn't get added to your download list.I had this happen to me many times where I bought something but I got only the key.This is probably what happened.You added it to your list when it was on plus but only the unlock key was added.I recently downloaded and I still have it. Ownership is indeed a social construct but that doesn't mean that it is inherently false and open for bastardization.It surely is up for discussion though as all social constructs that were established by society in the past.The law says that the cashier can't take back your ps5 lol...Also the casher didn't give it.The cashier is performing a very specific action that validates the purchase but even that has specific rules.As Shadiochao has said all that is part of the established social construct.Also I consider it ridiculous to call nitpick the loss of something you paid for.I misunderstood here...
  10. It doesn't matter how you used it.What we are referencing is the core principle of the logic which can be utilized by your political opposition. I didn't say you targeted conservatives and my post isn't directed towards a specific side of the political spectrum either.I agree that not all opinions are worth humoring but when it comes to politics things aren't black and white.Your example isn't politics and any sane and good person on either side of the political spectrum can agree on the condemnation of pedophilia.Again I'm not taking any political side. Of course there are such beliefs and you will most certainly stand against them but anyone who supports a healthy democracy should do so with civilized dialog and not hate and "war" and you will find out that your political opposition has plenty of compassion to give as there are good people on both sides.Don't make the mistake to fall in the trap of logical fallacies and make generalizations about your so called opposition based on the bad apples.
  11. I don't really have a horse in this race since I haven't played any of the games(yet!!! hehe) but you completely misunderstood the point he/she was making.The point wasn't that conservatives are an oppressed minority but the fact that some conservatives could use the exact same logic you used to justify hating a minority group.Excluding the extremists there aren't good and bad sides in politics.As Rozalia said you need to get over the emotional distress the political opposition is causing you(along with a few others in this thread lol) and I'm not saying this with ill intent. Anyway I hope you enjoy this game!
  12. I think most people would agree that platinums should be counted.I have seen plenty of games where the platinum is quite a bit more rare than the rarest non-platinum trophy because of the overall effort required.Also since it contributes to the ultra rare count it makes sense to include it.
  13. @MMDELooks good.Get Sly on the phone! Also please do me if you would be so kind😳
  14. I wouldn't call it triggering.It is out of place and completely stupid. The original poster just informed people about the problems he faced with the game without any excessive rants. The logic behind the post is too stupid. "Oh you spent your hard earned cash to buy that product and it's problematic.Oh sucks to be you move on with your life" "SHOCKING LOLZ"