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  1. I just finished all the online trophies and both me and my partner were NAT2 and never touched our routers. What we did was to keep trying to connect and after a while reboot our consoles and try again. Eventually we managed to connect. We never encountered the invisible name glitch so I can't speak for that. So if you don't have access to your router settings or don't want to mess with it, not all hope is lost. You just have to get lucky I guess.
  2. Well the guide we have here on psnprofiles says 250 but yeah it looks like it will be impossible for many people. Maybe you could make it if you started now and went very hard until November.
  3. Bless Unleashed is closing at the end of November.
  4. You will never collect as many badges as your father. Deal with it!!!
  5. 1. Laser league 2.Two worlds 2 3. Spelunker hd 4. worms revolution 5. Mercenaries 2 6. Dirt 3 7. Chronicles of Riddick 8. 7 days to die 9. TERA 10. Armored core verdict day I finally finished tier 1! 7 days to die - 100% This is one of those survival games without a story where you just do whatever you want and survive. So when it comes to trophies that's the only thing that gives the game an actual goal. I did the online trophies with @VirtualNight and while it looks like he didn't have any fun base on his post, I managed to get some enjoyment out of it. If you are into building stuff it can be a lot of fun. It is a shame the console version got abandoned. The trophies aren't difficult but take a while. Mercenaries 2 - 100% This is a game I had played before it even had trophies (14 years ago!!!). A few months ago I came across a used copy so I decided to pick it up and now that the servers are closing I decided to give it a go. Fortunately the online stuff are quick and managed to knock them out in one night. Big thanks to @Shlomo_Sheckles for the help. The game is fun but unfortunately it doesn't reach its full potential because of the bugs and overall jankyness. Again there isn't anything difficult but there are some rage inducing moments like trying to capture the HVTs while their comrades kill them or they just die for no reason lol. Here's tier 2: 1. Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 2. Battlezone 3. Verdun 4. Warhammer 40k space marine 5. Sanctum 2 6. Clan of Champions 7. Hoard 8. Moon Diver 9. Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce 10. Dead Space 3
  6. Congrats on 1000 UR with Mercs2 :)) also, I noticed that your last trophy for Mercs 2 platinum was for performing a burnout, funny haha.

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    2. PlutoRico


      Congrats Pot #RoadTo2000 😁

    3. kevao97


      @PlutoRicowithin a year you will be in a thousand as well 👍

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      Hopefully 👊

  7. Can someone who got the trophy one of these days say how much money they grinded? I got over 100k for three days in a row and every time I get a J.
  8. 1. Laser league 2.Two worlds 2 3. Spelunker hd 4. worms revolution 5. Jump Force 6. Dirt 3 7. Chronicles of Riddick 8. Warhammer 40k space marines -> 7 days to die 9. TERA 10. Armored core verdict day I finished Chronicles of Riddick. Damn that was quite the grind but fortunately you can afk a big part of it. This is one of the games from the start of the trophy system when developers really went all out with online trophies. At least the single player was very enjoyable and even though there are some missable trophies you can do a cleanup with checkpoint select. If you don't mind the online grind I recommend it. Only two games left for tier 1 and I'm going to swap Warhammer 40k for 7 days to die which is almost done. I think I have a list for tier 2 ready but i don't think i will be able to reach tier 3. We will see.
  9. Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions The last Spiderman movie was very good so you are inspired to do it!!! USA psn card
  10. Has anyone tried this on ps5?
  11. Still no patch for Sol Cresta. Feels bad man 😭

    1. CelestialRequiem


      I check every day. I would put more effort into the guide if I didn't have a moribund hope that the game would be fixed. I have some good strats that could help shmup neophytes. 

  12. 1. Laser league 2.Two worlds 2 3. Spelunker hd 4. worms revolution 5. Hoard -> Jump Force 6. Dirt 3 7. Clan of champions -> Chronicles of Riddick 8. Warhammer 40k space marines 9. TERA 10. Armored core verdict day It has been a while since I posted here so i have completed two games! Dirt 3: A very good racing game that managed to push me a little bit with the drifting and the Bobsleigh challenge. That doesn't say much though since I suck at racing games lol. Apart from those annoying challenges and an online grind for rank 35 this is a casual and enjoyable platinum. It made me interested in the Dirt Rally games. If I ever get to them and especially the second one I know that I will spit blood trying to get 100%. Tera: This was my first MMO for consoles. I decided to go ahead and do it because some servers are closing. While the EU/NA servers appear to be safe for now we have heard a lot of bad news for this game over the years so I'm afraid soon all the servers will shutdown. It was an easy and very enjoyable journey. The community is very nice and there were always people helping with dungeons and bosses so that made it even easier. The only reason this is an UR platinum is because you have to kill 3 high level bosses that have hour long spawns and are being constantly farmed. I will also do two swaps. I'm swapping Clan of Champions for Chronicles of Riddick and Hoard for Jump Force. I'm almost done with the online grind of Chronicles of Riddick so i will wrap up the single player and next week I'm starting Warhammer 40k space marines. After that I will take care of Jump Force since the servers are closing and tier 1 will be finished. I don't have 10 games for tier 2 though. Probably will do some backlog cleaning along with some online grinds like 7 days to die and Verdun with my boy @VirtualNight. He is my boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn it Copanele don't get jealous!!!!!!!
  13. I decided to give him some space to relax 😇
  14. In the psn store there are two bundles called Tales of Zestiria Digital Standard Edition. They have the exact same name and description but one costs 20 euros and the other 30 euros. What's the difference between these two? I'm asking because the one that costs 30 is on sale right now.
  15. The answer to this is probably Johnny Depp wanting to fix the damage this situation has done to him. It has destroyed his career and he got removed from all the big projects he was involved with. Also his reputation got destroyed as many people blindly believed Amber Heard and considered him a horrible person. Even after we got proof that Amber Heard is a horrible person she didn't face the same problems in her career. Now thanks to the buzz this case is generating Johnny Depp is hoping to get a lot of people on his side, fix his public image and potentially get his career back on track. Me and you might not care but he does. There's also a lot of men who are resonating with Johnny Depp because movements like #metoo have been abused by a lot of bad people.