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  1. Every trophy that's related to slayer points like recording 2000. Key word that worries me is recording. As for vanilla soul sacrifice I recently got the platinum and I did everything offline for anyone worried.
  2. For soul sacrifice delta does anyone know if you need the server for the slayer point related trophies?
  3. Mortal Kombat platinum!!! So I finally finished Mortal Kombat and tier 2 is over!!! Damn it Copanele!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @Copanele OOOOOOOOOOOOHHH Copaneleeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Are you happy????????? Tell me how excited you are. I know you waited a long time for this!!! @Eqill5 Yeah a big burden was lifted off my shoulders!!! You know this very well Eq with your great insight. I'm excited to finally finish this. Quite the grind. I suck at fighting games. Yeah Copanele I'm not like you, finishing scrore attack in persona or something like that!!! Damn it Copanele I also have a soul even if I suck at fighting games!!! So yeah since I suck, stuff beyond the grind like finishing the tower and the hidden fights were a pain. Overall I look back and I'm glad I gave this a try and I will be doing Mortal Kombat X at some point. Well now that I reached tier 3 I'm going to relax a bit and stop shouting at Copanele. Well I might start shouting at someone else, we will see. So here is my tier 3: worms revolution spelunker hd clan of champions two worlds 2 mercenaries 2
  4. Both are correct!!! First of all I do like your name even though I didn't know it meant something in Romanian and now that I know I like it even more!!! And the avatar is fire!!! Honestly guys I'm as confused as you are. The shoutouts just give me power to move on and earn ultra rare trophies. As for the tier jumping I guess it was wishful thinking because I saw you as a friend who would defy the rules for my sake. Look I will deliver the Mortal Kombat platinum to you as planned and then I will move on with my life. Everything will be alright.
  5. And the 4th game of tier 2 is finished which is Brink. This one was quick but I wouldn't say painless because I did everything offline and that includes getting the AI to disarm a mine. This game has one of the stupidest AIs I have encountered. Oh well other than that not much to say. Of course Copanele is still angry with me because I have been shouting at him without having finished Mortal Kombat. Damn it Copanele it is coming!!! It is the only game left in tier 2 so I don't really have a choice. Congratulations Copanele you have me cornered. It is time to make you proud and happy. @Copanele Of course you will be so happy Copanele that you will let me skip tier 3 and go to tier 4 as we have already established. Your excitement will be overwhelming and Arc won't notice. Unfortunately while I have no idea what tier 4 is going to be I can tell you Copanele that it isn't going to include a fighting game. Sorry...
  6. Damn that's cold Copanele. You didn't have to shut me down like that. Well I guess it's time you and @zajac9999 learn who I am. I'm just a humble boy from Greece who likes videogames ever since my father bought me a ps1 many years ago. Things in Greece are tough but my passion for gaming is burning like a fire which is incredibly bright and has the power to consume the universe. I will keep gaming as long as my health allows it. Pleased to meet you and zajac!!! Now we can become best buds!!!
  7. I just got the platinum trophy for SSX which makes it my 3rd completed game of tier 2. Once again this isn't what you were expecting Copanele. Damn it Copanele!!!!!!!!!! Of course now that I finished a snowboarding game with crazy tricks I'm finally one of the cool kids. That has to count for something, right Copanele???? So this game wasn't tough in any way but it had a lot of things to keep in mind. There were trophies for getting badges and each badge had its own list of requirements!!! DAMN IT COPANELE CAN YOU COMPREHEND THAT!?!?! So before starting it I pulled out my calculator and created a plan that helped me take care of everything without a headache. Now the next game is going to be Brink. Let's see how this goes. It shouldn't take long. COPANEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @Copanele @Copanele @Copanele Just you wait Copanele. I will finish Mortal Kombat very soon. Only 2 characters left to master.
  8. i don't think anyone can make you laugh so I'm going to post just to enter the random pick.
  9. Ok so here is my second game finished for tier 2. It is shift 2 unleashed. Yeah Copanele it isn't the game you wanted. You can pout all you want Copanele, damn you! I guess you won't be satisfied any time soon. Anyway I suck at racing games so this was an annoying plat for me. Fortunately I had done the online stuff a year ago so I didn't have to worry about that which I have to say had one of the most annoying online trophies. King of the hill! Not a time consuming one but the constant account swapping is a headache. The single player stuff weren't tough but I suck at racing as I said so there were some frustrating moments. So now I have started my third tier 2 game which is SSX. We will see how that goes. Dam you Copanele stop pulling my leg!!! Oh Copanele I have something for you. Here is an update for mortal kombat : 24/28 characters mastered. Yeah Copanele you read that right, I'm almost done. I'm sure that excites you. Oh it excites you alright. I have grinded a lot for you Copanele. When I finish tier 2 I will jump tier 3 and go directly to tier 4 because we are both going to be very excited. Don't bring Arc into this Copanele. Leave him out! He won't notice.
  10. Are you sure about this? At the trophy guide there is a comment saying that constant comrade can be achieved in ad-hoc. You can try doing 15 easy missions solo in ad-hoc and see if it counts unless you already did that. In soul sacrifice which has a similar trophy and is by the same developer you can do that so it is worth a try.
  11. The servers are not working so you can't play online. They have been down for over a week without any announcement.
  12. Actually they didn't shut down the servers without a warning. There was a technical problem that they refused to fix and then a year later they did make an announcement for the closure. Again I would be curious about a reply from the devs from twitter or something like that.
  13. All three of them are published by sony so it is weird that they would shut them down like that without any notice. It's very possible that it is temporary as you said. Can someone with a twitter account message the devs? It is the same dev for all three.
  14. The online trophies of both soul sacrifice games can be done in ad-hoc so the platinums are still achievable. I don't know about freedom wars though.
  15. Hey Celia, welcome to this community. Don't let anyone blow out the light in your heart and never stop believing in a better future for everyone. It's really nice that you are enjoying this niche hobby like everyone else here and we hope you start being active and have a good time. @Helyx Anything you would like to add?