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  1. Yeah it actually is a really good game.Especially for an RTS on console.I had a lot of fun getting the platinum.
  2. Max Payne 3 An amazing platinum to have.I might attempt it in the near future.
  3. I just got to catch'em all man.I just got to...
  4. There's nothing wrong with it no matter why you do it. I understand using an alt to try new games so you can decide if you like them or not. Now using an alt to avoid putting hard games on your profile, is ridiculous and it shows on the person's profile but still I wouldn't have a problem with it.Since people who do that care so much about their profiles in the end they lose because the completion percentage of a profile filled with ezpz doesn't say much. That is just my humble opinion.In the end you do you.
  5. So you copy someone's psn id just because they have earned a trophy you like? Sorry for saying this but I find this behavior laughable and really don't get the reasoning behind it... I suggest finding a psn id that means something to you like the name of a beloved person from your life or a movie or an object or anything really.It will be easier to stick to that.
  6. This is it right here. I saw posts sarcastically calling games with over 50% rarity garbage trying to defend not implementing this.How did you even come up with that conclusion? Nobody is denying that there are some amazing games with over 50%, they just don't require effort to complete thus not being eligible for the ribbon of effort.Such a simple concept. Now if someone feels like they have to change their gaming habits based on a new stat then they are where the problem lies and not the new stat and it's a serious one.
  7. Haha you are quite silly.Amusing little dragon.

    I'm replying here so the thread won't be filled with silly spam posts containing images and gifs your grandpa sent you.

  8. Did you even read the replies to your previous posts...I'm against participation awards as much as the next guy and this is far from one. Also to the people saying that they want other more important stuff first, well I agree but how about you read the entire post before replying to it...Especially the last part.
  9. An unemployed person is willing to pay 50$ so someone can earn him trophies... This person really needs to set some priorities in life.It's really sad.
  10. Why compromise when over 75% of the votes is 'yes'? Honestly anyone who feels excluded and/or discriminated over a trophy stat should go see a psychologist.
  11. I 100% support this. Lmao at a new profile stat being discrimination towards some users.I find that ridiculous.
  12. Actually they do give a fuck.I have seen plenty of flags lifted because of trophies that are known to be buggy.
  13. You have to earn a new trophy.Then it will update properly
  14. Damn this is a nightmare.I might have to start finishing ps4 games with online trophies sooner than I anticipated. Counter measures are needed ASAP. We are under fire!!!
  15. Let's prioritize all those cool features that are supposedly coming and leave ridiculous non-issues for later.