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  1. Thank you for my 667th reputation point! 😁

  2. Fair point and I actually agree.I take it back.
  3. For the question about 8+ boosters I see at least 3 games that shouldn't have counted.Singularity and crysis 3 require 6 players and battlefield hardline 7. I went for the least points but it didn't work out.Oh well at least I had fun!
  4. My favorite Christmas movie is Home Alone
  5. You must be arrested immediately.
  6. It doesn't take a genius to figure it out but it takes time.Cheaters are making new profiles and keep joining and then they are removed.Unfortunately it is an endless cycle.If you see a cheated list report it and it will be removed when the report gets reviewed and accepted.The example you gave has already been flagged.
  7. I was expecting Syndicate to be on your list mate.My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.
  8. This is a great event and I'm going to participate even though I'm not familiar with ultra rare trophies.I will try to come up with a list of games for the first tier in the coming days. Also I'm very interested in learning which organisations are going to get the money.When is that going to be announced? I have a question for the people who came swinging in this event.Wouldn't it be more strategic to go easier on the first tier to bag some money rather than list your hardest games right off the bat? Either way I'm sure people will have fun.
  9. I believe farming for runes in this game is a waste of time.Even without any runes it is easy enough.The trials lose their difficulty if you abuse save scumming.
  10. That's awesome news but I'm waiting for a ps4/ps5 localisation of Sky and Crossbell sagas to get into the series.Hopefully they get announced in 2021.
  11. It is tekken tag tournament 2
  12. Invisible Inc. doesn't have any DLC trophies.You are mistaking it with indivisible.
  13. Happened to me as well a few days ago.I think it is a sony problem.Still nothing wrong with taking precautions.
  14. These arguments are quite ridiculous.Just because people discuss minor gaming related stuff and express their negative opinions about a subject, it doesn't mean that it is their biggest problem in life or that they don't care about serious issues plaguing society.People voicing their opinions about a minor subject doesn't correlate to other aspects of their lives.These two posts are beyond stupid... Oh and as for the subject of this thread I couldn't care less since I only view trophies through sites like psnprofiles.
  15. 1. Censorship isn't government specific.Here's the definition : the suppression or prohibition of any parts of books, films, news, etc. that are considered obscene, politically unacceptable, or a threat to security 2.People aren't against social justice.The term SJW is referring to the lunatics who do all kinds of stupid stuff under the guise of social justice. As for the question of the thread my answer is no.Sony hasn't reached a level of censorship that would make me leave the brand but it is annoying.