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  1. Maybe review copies... or because the games are already sold at some retailers. I got my copy today.
  2. I think you can do it in spitscreen. I did it in a private match with someone on my friendlist and we just drove almost at the same speed to the finish and the one that needed the trophy just used boost when almost at the finish line
  3. Just a heads up. You only need to drive 1.000 laps instead of 10.000 And you only need to kill 250 opponents instead of 1500 It is not changed on this site yet but there was an update today (1.05) that fixed some stuff and lowered the amount of laps and kills needed.
  4. Love this game😁 Some of my own gameplay with the Storm Javelin:
  5. You are missing the centre in the inverted castle Can't find anything else but the centre room are a lot of rooms
  6. Just one more month (february) we get "free" ps3 and vita games. After that (from march) we only get ps4 games
  7. The Zone of the Enders Collection is up for download
  8. Downloaded the games just now. Only it is not the Zone of the Enders Collection but it is Edition. So you only get the first game. Don't know if it is a mistake but for now it is only the first game And if you "claimed" Amplitude for ps3, you can then download the ps4 version
  9. Or Big Fucking Apocalypse
  10. or if you have a second controller/account you can just play splitscreen
  11. Update 1.08 brings a NG+ mode and 4 new trophies: Complete NG+ (silver) Complete NG++ (silver) Complete NG+++ (silver) Complete NG++++ (gold)
  12. Go to your forum profile (click on your name top right, than forum profile, go to "edit profile" and then the first option: "Member Title" EDIT: didn't know about the 50 posts.
  13. According to the xbox360 achievements there are 3 missables: The Godslayer, The Final Instance, The Last Remnant
  14. It is available in the Dutch store as well😁 As well as the 5 avatars and 1 theme. (both free)