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  1. I platted it on 20th of march. Maybe I'll call customer support for it (free is free :p)
  2. Great idea. If only they give the themes to everyone who plats the games. I platted Horizon Zero Dawn but never got a theme for it๐Ÿ˜ž
  3. A season has to be at least 9 rounds to play against all teams. So you have to start a 9 game season. If you already did that, then I don't know why it won't unlock
  4. Out now. Atleast in the European store
  5. Yes. Chests counts, cause it drops money on the floor. But the boxes (briefcases, 1000g) that drops when you have the kingpin medallion doesn't count (or any other boxes(briefcases))
  6. Yes all story locations are available Sad to hear you had those trials glitch on you. I never had that problem. So maybe it is false information for you but for the most people it is correct that you don't need to repeat any trial on a prestiged character
  7. On a prestiged character you don't have to repeat the trials. When reaching level 10 (or 11) you can select all difficulties but Cosmic. Cosmic difficulty unlocks when you reach level 60 again
  8. Until the 7th it wasn't patched. Another treasure room was patched but not the crypt Haven't played the game since I got the plat so maybe it is patched. Just try the crypt and there should be 2 chests total without the need of fighting enemies
  9. The Bajillion one. Then I heard about the crypt in Innerdoomstad. It has 2 chests (one hidden behind a grated door(just smash it) and one at the end of the crypt)and you don't have to kill a single enemy
  10. I just farm the same treasure room in chapter 1. Kill the enemies, loot chest. It's about 1 million xp (with in total 280XP boost) and the run takes about 1 to 1:30 min including loading and swapping. Sometimes less than a minute. So no need to run to other treasure rooms cause it takes to much time and is a waste of xp boost in my opinion traveling to other treasure rooms I need 320 million xp at the moment
  11. I wanted to use 5 boosts for max xp bonus. So the time would be 5 hours or so. I'm not planning such long sessions :p. 30 minutes was no problem but then you don't get max xp. I still need 700 million xp I just bought the cheapest legendary for leveling because the legendary marks took a while to get. (now I have over 800)
  12. If I use the xp boost and I'm going offline and want to continue next day. Does the counter freeze or keep ticking while I'm offline?
  13. I think you can play with US people as well, because you have the same version (1.00). You could set up a gaming session on this site
  14. Played it a long time ago but I thought it was right on dpad
  15. Make a townportal