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  1. Where did you read that?
  2. Yeah the ps4 bundle page doesn't work. VITA works just fine. Maybe you can search for it on your ps4 Same here for the store. Sometimes it works and other times it just can't find the page
  3. Here is the link for Energy Cycle for ps4
  4. The Where is my money trophy needs to be done in a Matchmaking match. Not private The double or quits? trophy can be done in a private match Taken from the guide: Where is my Money This trophy can be earned during a "Matchmaking" online race, not just a simple public or private lobby. Before starting up a race, you can place bets on other players before you race against them. You can only bet on 1 person per race. Bet on someone that has the lowest rank, it will increase your chances of beating them. You only have to come ahead of them in the race, placing 1st is not necessary, you only have to place ahead of them.
  5. Got this from You will need to find Pandora's Box, which is a small purple chest that has a small chance of spawning every run. The Box can be found on the right side of the environment in the canyon section of the 1st level. Once you have it, every kill will send a soul to the box, with your tally shown on the bottom left of the screen, and you obviously need to collect 666 souls. Once you have the Box you cannot collect any other special weapon chests or you will lose it. Now the easiest way to collect 666 souls is to abuse the King Scorpion fight. After he has fired his lasers and green blob thing he will tunnel underground and chase you while numerous small spiders spawn from the bottom of the screen. Just avoid King and kill the little spiders, being VERY careful not to spin into another chest. Rinse and repeat until the tally hits 666 then pull left trigger and you will suicide and the achievement should pop. This also unlocks the Lady Death character. Note this can be done in Baby Mode but will take a wee bit longer as less small spiders spawn.
  6. That makes sense. Thank you. I only need 23 more bare handed moves and a whopping 53 sword moves. I'll get there sometime. I only hate the grind to level 100 cause I'm getting my ass kicked most of the time😅
  7. I'm Kahlt as well. But if you can't change the deck of a school. You can only learn 16 moves as that is de maximum moves you can slot. Or am I missing something
  8. #ERB - 25/96 Bare-Hand - 9/62 Sword This is the first school. You mention that if you complete that school you have learned 25 bare handed moves. But I only see 16 moves. Or is it like learning sword attacks you have to play some combat trails to unlock the option to alter a schools deck? (if that is even possible)
  9. If I leave a school were I have some progress in and later join it again is the progress completely lost or will it rememver how far I was with that school?
  10. How do I learn the sword moves from schools? I can't seem to change the deck. I can select the sword but I don't see any different moves. And the deck isn't filled with sword attacks. I joined Shadowking_tp000's school. Am I missing something in learning the sword moves? Thank you for including calbot. And Septomor thank you for this guide to the schools. Makes learning the moves faster. I can just attack in stead of blocking and don't need to find special enemies.
  11. But it is a tweet from yesterday
  12. After you reach level 60 you get crystals for leveling up. Some kind of prestiging. You only get one crystal per level and you don't get anymore stat points You do start at level 1 again (prestige rank) so the first few crystals will come quick
  13. I haven't had a single crash. But I agree on the lagging of other players and even enemies. One second they are in front of you and then they are not. Which makes aiming difficult But I like the game. I have played the ps3 version as well and can't remember there were this many players in a single game.
  14. I think the 3 melee kills in one game is not gonna be easy (or you are allowed to kill your squad :p)
  15. I could download Heavy Rain with my ps4. Don't know if the PC store is fixed