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  1. Played it a long time ago but I thought it was right on dpad
  2. Make a townportal
  3. No it is not. I was just playing in practice and it just popped. Was playing with eddy.
  4. Just downloaded patch 1.03 and Gold standard trader unlocks by selling resources with a worth of 50.000 or more
  5. Someone on Gamefaqs says selling gear counts. It is a loot drop. But then again those credit cases are loot drops as well. Well I still have a long way to go for maxing 5 characters and prestiging 2 times and maxing a legendary items.
  6. I just got more than 1.000.000 credits but got no trophy. I'm using the kingpin medallion allot.(chance for a creditcase drop, 1000 credits) I'v got 76 of them and sold them and got just over 1.000.000 credits total. Maybe those credit cases are the problem? I have just bought them back and try without selling them.
  7. Yes but only for people who have bought a founders pack. The Open beta will start on may 23
  8. This seems to be a Dutch problem­čśů
  9. Haven't played the game in a while and was curious if "for honor" trophy would unlock. I played one duel against an AI opponent in the new season and after that match I got the trophy
  10. Thank you for your answer.
  11. I wanted to boost this games online trophies but can't play any game. Getting in a lobby together is no problem, but when starting the race the one who is not the host will get a crash(blue screen) I'm from europe and he is from US. And we have both different versions of the game. I have 1.02 (physical copy) and he is on 1.00 (digital copy, with no update) Is there someone from the US who can check their game version who has a physical copy.
  12. It could be the mission: A Whiff of Gunpowder. (4th mission from Kovac) Not 100% sure, its been awhile. If that is not the one it is a similar one. (Starting area)
  13. Yeah I got it with a new character. Don't know if there is a new update cause I don't have the game installed anymore. I just farmed it in one level. Took some time because of the loading, but faster than playing the game again until they show up at night
  14. Seems someone has the trophy if you look at the trophy list on your ps4. Could be it's from the developers, so maybe the patch is on its way
  15. If I check the trophies on my ps4 it seems that the trophies for Valhalla Mode and Valhalla Champion aren't stackable. It is at 0.1% and 0.2%. And 0.2% is for Valhalla Champion. EDIT: My savegame is useless now... Was in the mission Battle for Kairlion and I noticed I missed a skull while I was at the boss stage. So i went back to town before killing the boss. Started the mission again and the counter for the 30 kills hasn't been reset. I'm now at 100/30 kills. Because of that a certain npc won't spawn after killing all 30 enemies. And there is no way to reset that counter. Luckily I have a save in the cloud which takes me back 5 hours.