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  1. Do you have the warp room on the Minerva (the boat) It is hard to see on you picture if it is visited or not. And maybe enter the final boss room again. Otherwise I can't find any other room
  2. Dont know if you still need it but this is the room you are missing (room in red circle)
  3. Miscellaneous new features The camera has been adjusted to a new angle. Offset is adjustable from Options. 4 new map settings are available: Deathworld, Factory, Desert, and Monastery Frame Blending is now available in the Video Options Players can now delete items from the inventory via the Trash icon 51 new achievements are available Don't know if it is ingame achievements or steam achievements
  4. My save is a combination of 1.02 and 1.03. But I platinumed the game today so screw the permanent 100% map😅
  5. You are missing the same room as in the post of z-Blazee
  6. I'm not missing any more rooms because if I enter the final final boss room it goes up to 100%. (the trophy popped there as well). I have beaten the boss (have a Clear mention on my save) But the map doesn't remain at 100%. Maybe patch 1.03 has something to do with it because there are other problems as well. Susie doens't show a bubble with what food she wants and not all enemies does the shard animation if I got them. I kept farming but never saw the shard and when I checked the list it had a shard with that enemy (Giant plant thing for example)
  7. How do you get the 100% map permanent? After I beat the boss and start the game again it goes back to 99.80% and the boss room needs to be revisited. Or is it only possible in a new game+?
  8. I just got the last boss stuck in a wall. Wasn't even trying to fight the boss in the first place. Just wanted the 100% map coverage trophy. So I went in without healing. I think this is easily to duplicate: Spoilers off course in the clip
  9. Top of the map where there is a savepoint and warp room together. You have a blank space directly bottom right that you are missing
  10. From I put the ways to kill the final boss in spoilers for those who don't want to be spoiled There seems to be 2 missable trophies: When you go up a flight of stairs in the hall of termination, it will lead into a boss fight. Similar to how you flip the castle in SOTN, you're not supposed to just rush to this spot and beat this guy.The first two of those are 100% missable since if you just do the third, you won't be able to fight him again. I have to replay the game up to that point for the second ending. 1 2 3
  11. Available now in the Dutch Psn store. So I asume it is in your store as well
  12. That was in Fat Princess. I loved the way it was said
  13. That is a great price. Too bad in the Dutch store it is €19,99
  14. He means that it no longer needs ps+ to play the game
  15. 6.71 will download automatically but the installation is not necessary because you can keep playing online But I think it will install once you downloaded it and restart your console