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  1. At the moment there is an 3.5 million zeni login reward (or 2.5 million). So better do it today. Saves a lot of time
  2. Does the daily bonus stack if I don't log in one day? Because if I use that method I get 200.000 zeni. I'm gonna try again tomorrow and see if it goes up with 300.000 zeni. About disconnecting from internet: You just remove the cable?
  3. Same here. I only got 2 out of the 5 trophies that is tied to locations. I need the one for all Locations, for Pandora and for Eden-6. And like you I have 223/223 locations The other 2 locations trophies I got way before patch 1.11 I tried uninstalling the game and playing on version 1.00 but that didn't work. It made the stat screen even worse
  4. This doesn't work. I need the trophy for all locations in Pandora but about 75% the game crashed. I did the remaining 25% but the trophy didn't unlock. Hopefully patch 1.12 will adress this and unlock the trophy retroactive so I don't have to visit all locations again
  5. It seems with todays hotpatch it remembers which location you have visited. But you still need to visit all locations again for the trophy to pop (if it pops) But if you continue your game without the hotfix all locations are reset again. So make sure you always wait for the hotfixes to be activated. So hopefully you dont need to do it in one session. Not 100% sure, maybe others can try this
  6. It seems the XBOX version is free as well. But only for one more day. Maybe the EU store will update aswell. But I grabbed the US version. Thanks for pointing this freebie out HusKy🙂
  7. This is not a free2play game. The game costs £14.99/$19.99 and will release 19th may
  8. I got the platinum over a week ago.
  9. I had no trouble at all with this boss. In the final part of the fight where he crashes against the wall and attacks with a wall of fire on both sides. First time you have to hide behind some piece of cover to avoid his 1 hit ko attack. After that you got 30-45 seconds to kill him before he uses it again I used Barrets Limitbreak Catastrophe and I used Aeriths Ray of Judgment at the same time. This was enought to kill the boss. My materia/equipment setup was the same as powerpyx mentions in his guide. And do you have Reprieve on your weapons?
  10. I meant in the title of this topic. And yes I saw that you mentioned it in the clip And is there a reason for L2 being used for gas and not R2?
  11. Maybe you should add that you need a turbo controller in the title
  12. If you leave the game to main menu the game will warn you that you need to save your game or otherwise you can't use chapter select. But if you closed it with the ps button you have to refight the last boss.
  13. Yes you can only use chapter select for hard mode
  14. It is free in the Dutch store. I see in the German store it is indeed €5 but you get 500 Points with it I don't know how the rules are in germany. Maybe the can't give free games. Because I see Warzone in the German store and you have to pay €0.25 for it.
  15. If you have enough souls (you should have if you use the duplication glitch) you should buy those wrath shards( The ones that replenish your chaos meter.) You are not vulnerable in chaosform. So just use those at difficult points in the game. If during a boss fight you see your meter is almost depleted, back away from the boss and use another item to replenish your wrath meter. The wrath items do get more expensive with every purchase. But hey you can dupe items to sell for souls