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  1. You got a typo in the title. You have another battlefield. It is 2042, you have 2024
  2. I find the score board a bit of. If you look at the "T" "K" and "D" you see they are not centered above the right column. @SasquatchSaul, which leaderboard are you referring to?
  3. That should indeed work. But try my method if you like. Atleast it saves planting all the peach seeds if it doesn't get you a white flower
  4. If I read this correctly it seem you are not replanting the pink seeds. You need to replant because once planted it won't change the outcome of the seeds even if you reload your save This is what i did: Step 1: Plant all Peach seeds Step 2: Save your game (you can back up if you want, to the cloud or other save slot) Step 3: Plant all Pink Seeds Step 4: Change Time zone, don't need to close the game, leave village, come back and check on flowers Step 5: If there is a White flower, harvest. If not reload save and repeat from step 3 This took me 2 tries to get a white flower and remember to set your timezone back before loading your save
  5. Downloading the game on my ps5 right now I think the dlc was always free
  6. I just put the weight to max (400kg) age tot 22 and select a class with 45 minutes. And just wave your move controller like a maniac. You don't even need to wear the headset. I was watching a movie will waving my move controllers up and down. I got 5000 calories easy that way. (and I wasn't even in the range of my camera, the headset was.) And to make sure the calories counts I just let the song finish. So maybe if you have all other trophies, back up your save and start a new game. I think this way you can get the 10.000 calories within the hour. If your arms aren't getting tired 😄
  7. Yes only skill. No guns Did you get it?
  8. I just did this on the "wanted" enemies. Just go to world tier 1 (it is easier) and only use your skills on them. Nothing else. It popped at the fifth one for me. But the skills that alter you bullets doesn't count for some reason
  9. I haven't played the demo that much and I unlocked 4 trophies Awoken to a Nightmare In Rode a Hero Urgent Task A Gathering Storm
  10. It seems for some people the trophy for completing the tutorial won't unlock. It happend to me. I had to replay the tutorial for it to pop
  11. I finally unlocked the trophy. I had to delete my save game (after I uploaded it to the cloud) and start a new game. It is about 2 to 3 hours to get to this point in the story. Trophy won't unlock if you replay the story on your original save
  12. There is one trophy that didn't autopop for me: From the Ashes - Recover the Shield Protocols Anyone an idea?
  13. Cant you click on the 3 dots if you are standing on the ps4 version that is already downloaded to your console. That way I could download the ps5 version. (disc upgrade) It should work the same for digital version
  14. I can see them make all trophies autopop except Infallible😂
  15. Hello Maybe someone can help me here. I got the VR adapter so that I can play my VR games on my ps5. If I have the VR Unit connected (The V1 version) to my ps5 I can't play dvd's. The moment I disconnect the VR Unit there is no problem with the same dvd. I have tried multiple dvd's but all the same. The screen stays black and I can only get back to the main ps5 screen by holding the ps button. Does anyone here has the same problem? Or if someone has a VR unit V1 version that could test this on his or her ps5.