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  1. It's just one disc. The rest is downloaded. Total filesize at update 1.05 is almost 120GB
  2. I'm now at the Delver boss. The beginning of ng+ was a bit though before you get your rig. Cause you can't dodge and have to play a little bit different. I only died once at little johnny, so it seems it is not that bad. Let's see what trouble the delver is gonna give me
  3. How much harder is NG+? I missed two drone modules and have to play to Ezra Shield who has the last module. Anyone ever died at the same time as a boss? Well this is what happens:
  4. I did the first quest from him. Hopefully he is still in jail I'm gonna look for him tomorrow
  5. Do you know If I can still Rescue Rex after I have beaten the area boss, and after beating Harold? I forgot about him but I need the ammo he sells
  6. According to the patch notes from the latest patch this issue should be fixed now
  7. Thank you. This worked like a charm:)
  8. I thought I read the speedrun has to be done within 15 hours. But don't buy the game yet, There is a bug that prevents you to continue the story. The Devs are aware of this and will be patched soon.
  9. Don't know if this was in patch 1.04 but in patch 1.05 when I'm using bloodlust the enemies don't drop any fragments anymore
  10. Are there missables? Don't have the time to read all 5 pages.😅
  11. Can you not buy white/grey weapons at stores and then dismantle those weapons?
  12. The other challenges I got without activating the class. Only for the True Grit I needed the L1+R1
  13. Anyone else have trouble completing a class challenge? I have to kill 10 enemies with an ASR or STG. Tried with both weapons but it won't count
  14. I just got the trophy for 2 classes. It instantly unlocked after I used a skillpoint
  15. If you don't want to play as Manchester B then just use an option file to fix it