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  1. Europe version has been delayed to october 23
  2. It is a digital release only
  3. Not true. I only played BR and I don't have a trophy list. Even if I go to the psn menu while in game. Even there it says that there are no trophies Maybe it differs in other regions but there is no list for me in the EU
  4. Fast travel to region “Mission of San Juan”, Base Camp “Ruined Tower” It can take a while for them to spawn but with this method they spawn almost guaranteed: If you are at the correct camp (Ruined Tower) just close the game with the ps button (wait till the saving icon is gone). Then start game again and the turkeys will spawn when you are near the bush.
  5. If you go to "help" in the main menu there should be an option to replay the tutorial. Not really sure it is under "help"
  6. I send you the code Mori And the game will show up in the list of played games.
  7. If you still need a code message me. I still have a code to give but only if you didnt get one
  8. The first one I captured: The second one: You can web and throw the big enemies after unlocking a skill And I was stuck in a building:
  9. It is the third trophy in the Story campaign list. So it is not that far in the story
  10. Yes you can dismantle items later on in the story
  11. Why did they make the same trophy images for the platinum and the Owlking one. All the other images are different
  12. Just climb to the top of Avengers towers and make a picture from there
  13. I collected a few thugs:
  14. Yeah... or seconds😅