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  1. Go to your forum profile (click on your name top right, than forum profile, go to "edit profile" and then the first option: "Member Title" EDIT: didn't know about the 50 posts.
  2. According to the xbox360 achievements there are 3 missables: The Godslayer, The Final Instance, The Last Remnant
  3. It is available in the Dutch store as well😁 As well as the 5 avatars and 1 theme. (both free)
  4. Hopefully other countries will follow soon.
  5. It looks like they only fixed the rubber banding. (or I'm just a bit better now) I played a few races and never had them all in close proximity. Or that they all pass me in the final corner
  6. Sign me up
  7. I think the demo's for bosses only appear in the list if you have actually beaten the boss with Richter or Maria.
  8. Just put the bobblehead(s) from your inventory in your stash and then remove it from your stash to your inventory. Repeat until trophy unlocks (don't know if this still works on the newest patch)
  9. Have you tried closing game and restarting? I had a problem with the "Retro Now" trophy (play a Holotape game) I played the holotape game in the starting vault. Didn't unlock the trophy. Have played the game for over an hour before quitting. Next day I played the game again and the trophy popped on the loading screen.
  10. Yeah you do... and hopefully the "copying" part won't take to long afterwards Last time there was a patch about 145mb for Black Ops 4 and the "copying" took ages (well close to 30-45 minutes😒)
  11. Had the same problem and thought I'm gonna create another stash... but they are shared😞
  12. Then it is still installing. Spro 2 & 3 needs to be downloaded first to be playable
  13. You have your system language in Dutch? Change it to English to get English voice overs (I think)
  14. It seems patch 1.02 is the problem. I deleted the game and reinstalled it without 1.02 and the trophies unlocked no problem I even got win 3 in a row at the same time as win once. Seems the savegame remembers how many races you won before hand. So it unlocked both trophies at the same time. Well the win 3 in a row popped a few seconds earlier than win 1 race. So you could even get the win 6 in a row at the same time if you won 5 races on patch 1.02 and then go back to version 1.00 and win 1 race. Sadly this doesn't work on the digital version because you can't delete the patch
  15. This doesn't work either. And Twisted (double somersault) seems glitched as well. There is an arena map where you can drop down from the ceiling and you have enough time to pull it of but it won't unlock