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  1. Keep getting an unknown error: Unknown Error Occured, error_message='type='N3fmt11FormatErrorE', message='invalid format string'' error_code='-2' Maybe because everyone is trying to get online
  2. Every purple bar has to be filled. It seems I am one of the few who has this trophy glitched: (this is my own upload)
  3. It's glitched on me too in the first playthrough. The developers are working on a fix. But it's been a while sincy they announced it. The patch is allready live on pc, but no word on the ps4 patch: A few patch notes: Gameplay: Completing a dungeon in Mythic mode also counts toward the Completing all dungeons on Legendary achievement. Added a fix that retroactively awards you the 100% Bestiary Completion achievement if it was not awarded to you properly on earning it. Airships now remain spawned on the World Map when they have been spawned prior from completing a dungeon. Players can now flee from Hunt bosses if they realize they’re in over their heads. You will flee back to the World Map when you try to escape from a Hunt encounter. Hunt Quests have had their levels adjusted slightly to give players better warning about their difficulty. Players who defeated Bhargus but did not receive the Purgatory Stone should now find it in their inventory.
  4. From the Enmasse site. It seems the code only works in some countries:
  5. I got a lot of double KO's in the standard matchmaking. 4 people in free for all. I don't have a lot of trophies for this game but double KO's should come naturally in that gamemode
  6. I think my Big Game Hunter trophy is glitched. I fought every enemy and have filled the knowledge bar completely for all enemies. Yet the trophy won't unlock. On the official site from the developers they say you have to fill the knowledge bar. But do you have to get rid of all question marks in the item drop section as well? If so this is gonna take some time. Cause I fought the same enemy 10+ times but it will not drop the last item I need. (I have about 20 enemies with 1 missing item drop)
  7. Same. While the boss didn't show up in the short cutscene (invisible), the game didn't lock up and I could battle it. In the battle the boss was visible And haven't had any crashes in the few hours I played yesterday
  8. Stock photos. You only have to place the car in the picture and change some settings to your likings
  9. It popped after a while. Just keep playing and it will pop. Don't think you can stand still and wait for the trophy. That is what I did the first time. Second time I just completed the quest, slept at the inn and after that I went to the blacksmith and sell some stuff. During selling my stuff the trophy unlocked. It has a delay of atleast 5 minutes. But some other people had to wait longer. But it will pop eventually
  10. If you just search on this site you would have found a trophy guide for it. But to answer your question. No online trophies and there are 2 dlc trophies. The Ayrton Senna Tribute dlc pack
  11. Well I think I'm putting this game aside for now. Have played for 15 hours. Awesome game but the crashes are ruining it for me. Did the arena, won all battles, got my rewards and bam crashed to playstation home screen and lost all rewards. Don't know if it is because I installed it on an extern hd. I'm now installing it onto the internal hd. Maybe it fixes some crashes So in my 15 hours of gameplay got 1 side boss not spawning (thus locking the game and all menu's except for the pause button) And 6 to 8 crashes while exiting battles or dungeons. And one crash after completing a round in the arena. EDIT: Is the trophy Go On... bugged? Or am I doing the wrong quest. It is for Killing one of the Beastmasters target. If I'm correct these are the Hunt missions from The beastmaster in Town. I killed the fire demon and turned the hunt in but no trophy
  12. Was playing the sewer mission where I had to clear it from slimes and battled the slime boss but he was way to strong for me at that point I leveled up and wanted to try to kill him but he won't show up anymore. The cut-scene and the sounds are there but no boss. And I can't move my character at all or enter my inventory Anyone else ran in to this? I already have mailed the developer but wanted to give you a heads up aswell See this youtube clip I uploaded:
  13. I have played the game for 3 hours or so and I am having fun. Love the art style (darksider-ish) the sound is awesome. And the different tiers of loot is cool as well (like in the diablo games (uncommon, common, rare, legendary and epic) There is even a fishing game and not tedious as other fishing games like ffxv. But maybe it will when I'm further in to the game. I played the first dungeon on Heroic. Was really doable. Haven't tried Legendary yet, but if you die on legendary the dungeon resets and you have to start over. Bestiary could be troublesome if some enemies are randomly spawned. Same for the fishiary. You have to catch all different kinds of fish
  14. Difficulty trophies stack and you have to play online because there is no couch coop in the game
  15. Just create a clone (stone, the same one you use on pressure plates) but link it with a trigger to an attack spell. So when enemies attack your clone, your clone will attack them. Just keep deploying your clones until you get your 10 kills Hope this makes sense.