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  1. Do you know where those upgrades are. You say they are unmissable but I'm at the sixth map but haven't found a new upgrade. And what do I have to do for Skill Master? EDIT After I posted this the first item appeared in level 6. Anyone has a place to farm for upgrading my skills?
  2. warzone is a separate download. Just search it on the store on your ps5
  3. Same here. On the ubisoft site they say it will be in the owned section of the ingame store after you complete the tutorial. But there is nothing there and the season pass is installed
  4. You need to start spiderman on the ps4 and from ingame you can upload the save. And after that you can download it in the game itself on ps5. Atleast this is how it worked for No Man's Sky
  5. I had a few crashes and a ticking noise: ignore the sounds around 2 seconds. Ticking noise is only when ps5 is horizontally. If you can;t hear it just turn up your volume a bit
  6. Or you are out of coins or you should squeeze the trigger some more
  7. If I'm correct those are the ones who require a ps4 disc. If there is no padlock it is a digital game
  8. Do you have a save just before you completed new game +? According to your list that trophy didn't pop If you have a save just complete it again and maybe it will unlock the right way
  9. If it is to difficult you should change the difficulty. Or climb a high roof/mountain and if he follows you just spartan kick him of the roof/mountain (or a few times) You can always change difficulty back afterwards
  10. Thank you for the European link. You have to try a few times for the captcha to work.
  11. With this link you can request your psvr adapter. You need to enter your Serial number from your vr processor unit. EDIT: It seems it is only for US/Canada/Mexico. I think at a later date other countries will be added as well EDIT 2: European link see the post of EdgeOfPortal
  12. It seems they will offer 1 ps5 games per two months. Bugsnax is available for ps+ until januari 4 Destruction Allstars will be available from februari till the end of march. But what will they give in January as a ps5 game?
  13. That the development of the game is finished (besides the day one patch ofcourse :p) and they can copy them to the disc.
  14. Or you can highlight game. Press down a few time until you get to your add ons. It should be there
  15. Only 5? Damn. I have played about 2 hours I think and I have opened about 10 chests already. Goblin Camps, random chests from enemies. I am about the enter the second dungeon