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  1. This looks amazing
  2. Free upgrade indeed. I got this copy for €18. The website I ordered it from last year had a price mismatch but still send the game
  3. There is a new update today but sadly it doesn't fix this glitched lore object. But they are working on another patch scheduled for next week
  4. It doesnt seem to count as multiple times. I had one level were I had 46 team attacks and in another level I had 32 team attacks. But I did not get the trophy for it. So I think it has to be 50 separate activations. But the button combination is annoying because most of the time it won't activate and I just use my triangle move.
  5. As of today (29-06-2021) CrossCode got a free PS5 upgrade if you own the PS4 version. Trophies are the same. Install size is only around 570mb (PS4 version is 3.28GB) There is no import save feature (at the moment, don't know if it will be added) So no autopopping the trophies or continuing on the ps5 version.
  6. After a total playtime of 27 hours I finally got my platinum and 100%
  7. This game does not have fast travel. You just have to backtrack to where you want to go. Just find a high vantage point and see where you want to go. If you need to go to lower regions you can just jump of an edge and land on that plateau. If you need to go to a higher region you have to find the point where you first entered the region. There is no map in game so can't really help much more. Good luck
  8. After 6 hours rubberbanding, still no trophy. Maybe it has something to do with the savegame. I just checked mine when it was the last time it was editted. And that was around 17:20. Current time is 20:00. So I'm missing almost 3 hours. After my session I even completed the level for it to save. Even that didn't work. When I restarted the game I only could start a new game and not continue. So maybe after a while it stops tracking everything? But even so I have about 50% saved so it should take around 3 hours for it to pop. If this is wat stops it from unlocking
  9. I think this might indeed be glitched. I started the game on my second acount and from the first death to 1 km it is a bit more than 10 minutes. (I calculated the time between the two trophies) I was just rubberbanding and walking of the edge in the first level. So this should take about 4 to 5 hours of rubberbanding for the 25 km. I have finished this game on my main account and have rubberbanded this for a few hours but no trophy. I'm gonna delete (after uploading) my save game and start fresh. Let's see if it unlocks on a new save. Time to play some games on my ps4
  10. It seems one person has gotten the trophy today
  11. Insert disc Highlight "copy" don't select Right side of screen should be an icon with the free upgrade
  12. You got a typo in the title. You have another battlefield. It is 2042, you have 2024
  13. I find the score board a bit of. If you look at the "T" "K" and "D" you see they are not centered above the right column. @SasquatchSaul, which leaderboard are you referring to?
  14. That should indeed work. But try my method if you like. Atleast it saves planting all the peach seeds if it doesn't get you a white flower
  15. If I read this correctly it seem you are not replanting the pink seeds. You need to replant because once planted it won't change the outcome of the seeds even if you reload your save This is what i did: Step 1: Plant all Peach seeds Step 2: Save your game (you can back up if you want, to the cloud or other save slot) Step 3: Plant all Pink Seeds Step 4: Change Time zone, don't need to close the game, leave village, come back and check on flowers Step 5: If there is a White flower, harvest. If not reload save and repeat from step 3 This took me 2 tries to get a white flower and remember to set your timezone back before loading your save