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  1. It is free now for people who have the ps+ version. Atleast in the dutch store.
  2. I'm at level 110 and have 200 stars. I'm trying to get atleast 2 stars on the levels. Up to level 50 I have managed to get atleast 2 stars.
  3. Dismantle gear and you can buy resources from the same guy who can appraise relics
  4. I'm at level 69 and still no 10k burst trophy. Trophy wise level 50 and 10k burst is only 0,5% on playstation Edit: Popped during level 69 🙃
  5. Seems it is. Still a free upgrade for the people who have the F&D dlc
  6. I could download the Ultimate edition upgrade for free. (Exalted Update, april 7). Dont know if it is a mistake but I have the complete game now for ps4 and ps5. Only thing I had before was the Fire and Darkness expansion and the ps5 disc version. And I dont need my disc anymore I'm from the Netherlands so this is the link to the dutch store:
  7. Just a heads up: According to Powerpyx's guide there is one missable trophy. Defeat all 23 visitors. 2 of them spawn a limited number of times and when you Come close and they see you they summon other enemies and then run away and wont come back. Enemies: Forlorn and Forsaken ( Kids in yellow and Red raincoats)
  8. Run and gun doesnt work for me. I tried shooting them, killing them with sword, even shooting and killing while wallrunning
  9. Yes, everything can be done solo. I even recommend playing solo when going for the kill trophies. Otherwise your teammates are getting kills as well so it would take much longer to reach the 10.000 kills
  10. There is a timer on the Dutch psn store for GTA trilogy. The timer is just a bit more than 2 hours. So after that you should be able to buy it
  11. The Persistence is playable without vr and if they allow it, it has a free ps5 upgrade
  12. Anyone else having issues entering online lobbies? I always get a disconnect or timeout. And if I get into a lobby it is completely afk so it never ends and I have to leave and search for another lobby/ I just want to get some coins and if I can get into a lobby with 1 or 2 non afk players I can get 60 to 70 coins. All other games are fine while playing online. So anyone else with the same problems or is it just me?
  13. According to the hotwheels website the first racing season will start on november 11. And will end on January 18
  14. Maybe you are confused by the colors? Yellow = Rare Gold = Unique
  15. Corpse Explosion on console is not that good in my opinion. I can't select which corpse to explode. And the game mostly choses the corpses behind me where there are no enemies Is Clay Golem better than Blood Golem?