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  1. They plan to have weekly bug fixes. (Not sure if this is positive news­čśů) But when the games works it is fun to play. And maybe wait for a sale. The deluxe version was already discounted once.
  2. To Answer your questions: 1: most of the crashes have been partial fixed but they can still happen. I only play short maps for the gold farm and I can play forcfew hours without crashes so it is fine for me. I cant say for sure about story mode and other longer missions. If the game crashes for me it is a sign for me to stop farming for that moment. 2. I never played using summons but using a dagger and catalyst now. Before that I played dual pistols and a built around toxic. 3. Online is still broken I think. I play in offline gamemode. To bad you cant switch between on and offline mode with the same character. If you do to much damage in online and have an army of minions and you die you fall through the floor. And this is an issue from 3 years ago and hasnt been fixed. If you are gonna play Diablo 4 I recommend to skip this one until you are done with diablo and hopefully Wolcen will be in a better state.
  3. Maybe you can access it with this link
  4. Have played this game for over 110 hours and still dont have the pick up 50 million gold. I did get the 100k underling kills. Let's say I get the 50 million gold trophy before I clock 120 hours. Then you have to multiply it by 8 to get to 400 million gold. So that is about 960 hours just for one bronze trophy.
  5. You have to directly hit 3 zombies with one jump kick. No items used. I did it with the jump kick with 2 legs. If you kick one and that zombie hits another one it doesn't count.
  6. Yes: mine says: october 21 2031
  7. Its comes as voucher code for the deluxe edition items.
  8. What if they made the same list as crystal chronicles­čś▒
  9. Those trophies are a bit much. And it has to be done with one character. 400 million gold pick ups, with one character and not combined is a strange choice and way to much. I'm half way act 3 and I only got the trophy for 50k. So this will be al long long grind.
  10. There is indeed no ps5 version. They released a new trailer and it only mentions ps4 in the title
  11. Dont know if this is what you mean but on the map where you can choose al level, under each level there are the amount of flags. Left of it on some levels I have the number 20 and a checkmark but I dont have it on every map. Maybe that shows if you have everything on a level?
  12. The game crashes because the save file (from version 1.001) isn't compatible with version 1.000. Don't know why it crashes instead of giving a warning that the save isn't compatible.
  13. Ruined king has got a ps5 upgrade. It is a free upgrade for people who own the ps4 version and it is out now.
  14. Same here, or I missed an enemy: My list: 1. Omega (doesnt seem to count) 2. Fungus Humanoid 3. Neuro-Parasite 4. Feliform Cadaver 5. Purulent Exo-Mutant 6. Bipedal Stalker 7. Mechanica Arachnid 8. Security Drone 9. The Construct 10. Winged Leech 11. Tunnel Serpent 12. Glacial Alluvium 13. Fur Colossus 14. Feliform Ripper 15. Flesh Alluvial 16. Alluvial King 17. Omnivorous Colossus 18. The Alpha 19. Exo-Alluvial 20. Arachnid Exploder 21. Arachnid Scorpiod 22. Arachnid Jumper. These are the ones I found To bad the game doesnt let you continue afterwards. The only enemy I couldn't scan was that big thing at the ceiling with those flowers
  15. Thnx for the reply but I got it by spamming the pause button so I could see what button to press next.