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  1. No it is not, really no game is worth 60$ when most today come out half finished and with a "season pass" that is 25% of game left out and sold back to us for $30. Civ 6 came out in 2016, and they want 60 bucks, plus another 45 for the 1st expansion?!? Yawn, wait a year and get complete edition, and let it drop to reality, sale price $29.
  2. add AC Syndicate AC Origins AC Oddyssey Freedom Cry
  3. Something nobody likes or wants, a psn game sony tries to hype as if it were a AAA game, as they laugh as how they took away any ps3 or vita titles for these "better" titles, that results in a massive dislike bar on their youtube video and more people not renewing their ps+
  4. Someone asks a simple question, gets answer for said question, and somehow they need to be better to improve as a human being? They asked for help and got it, why are you being passive aggressive in saying the way they accomplished their goal was incorrect. "Be better."
  5. Finally found a way to get this trophy, after searching for 2 years for a solution. One downside to this fix, you MUST be playing the disc version. The reason for this is you have to play the game without any updates. If you were playing the digital or plus version, it would download with whatever the most recent update is. On disc, go offline, disconnect from the ps network. Install the game onto your ps4 without any save data on your console. Then play the game and follow the video solution in the guide, or meet any requirements for selected trophies. This was the final fix for me and popped the trophies. Hope this helps!
  6. No the trophy is indeed bugged. I have beat the game at least three times with and without deleting save files. Originally had the game on disc, and the trophy never popped. Then it came to ps plus and got the digital version, and still wouldn't pop. Then it came to ps now, streamed it and STILL didn't pop. After beating the game so many times, and knowing I did the requirements, I followed the video until I counted off killing 20 guys with their own molotov, and nothing. It is widely know that many of these trophies are bugged as hell. Flambe' and combat specialist never popping is why I can never get the plat for this buggy pos.
  7. And AC Syndicate and Freedom Cry.
  8. Do you need to not have Rogue finished before entering? Because, Too late.
  9. AC II AC Brotherhood AC Revelations AC III AC Liberations HD AC IV: Black Flag AC Rogue AC Unity
  10. Hello, I recently picked up a copy of battlefield 4 on the last week of the psn winter sale, but have since been having problems with battlefield becoming other games. What I mean by this is that the game icon picture on the ps dashboard goes from their normal game picture to battlefield 4's picture. When buying Battlefield I also picked up peggle 2, yeah I know, but after not playing either games, just downloading both, peggle 2 became battlefield 4, after a few days. Not thinking much other than that its was weird that it happened, I started playing peggle 2 and picking up some trophies. Not peggle's though, battlefields! I finally noticed after getting a trophy called tombstone, which I though was dark for peggle. I now have 5 trophies for a game I have never started. (trophies have since been hidden, cause they are bs) After deleting, then re-downloading both games, and starting peggle, peggle's trophies have started popping. A couple days later, Injustice, another game I have not yet started, became battlefield. I have since deleted both and only re-downloaded Injustice, with everything remaining normal. Has anyone else had battlefield 4, "become," another game on ps4, or any other game for that matter? Is it just because none of the corrupted games were not started, or is this a problem with battlefield 4. I want to play battlefield 4 at some point, but am afraid to re-download with having other games on my ps4 at the moment, and more potential corrupts. My ps4 has never had any other game corrupts or problems before. Thanks for your time; if this is in the incorrect place, my apologies.
  11. 1) Sided with Sabal every time. Amita was just a drug peddler and constant complainer, who was really just looking for power. Sabal I didn't have a problem with because he was just someone who is not a product of the west, so why should I have looked down on him because his traditions were, different. Was going to side with Amita at the brick factory, but then heard her proposal to turn it into an opium processing plant, and decided against her for good. She was also a total b****. Killed her dead. 2) Let Noore "live." She did what she had to for her family's sake, even if it was in vain. 3) Let Pagen live. Had no problem with Pagen. Liked his commentary throughout the adventure. Even waited by the crab rangoon for 11 minutes for him to return for the shortest game I've played.