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  1. This seems like if you were good at the games 20 years ago it should be not too hard to plat.
  2. Eh, some games for me are just not worth it. I saw the pacifist trophies and I knew this wasn't going down.
  3. I mean...the biggest issue is that it is easier with a drum than the controller. The extreme songs just won't work button pressing. Have you tried looking at a different button layout?
  4. Stage 4 seems very broken. I don't think they spent alot of time fixing this remaster...
  5. Yeah this takes a couple of playthroughs to get everything, as I am learning.
  6. Yeah it is nice. I played this game almost two decades ago, and playing it again it feels so...short? I guess knowing where to go before you're "supposed" to is destroying what Yu Suzuki's vision was.
  7. Then don't play any game just for trophies? Play them for fun?