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  1. I am also having the exact same issue. Select stage 2, and then the confirm button stops working.
  2. OK, after spending a couple hours trying and failing to get it, I know what the issue is. I can't even remember if they had this originally or just added this in the free update. edit: I wrote a reason I thought I was missing the platinum, but I was very wrong. In all the original levels there is a hidden enemy you need to shoot as well, but in the updated levels there is no hidden enemy, I got the trophy and the platinum in one try. I would suggest "Let Go" even though it is a pretty long song, there are long quiet sections where you can relax and several enemies don't shoot you like in R U Afraid.
  3. I got killem all after I beat the game, then restarted on a new game at a different difficulty. just right at the first video.
  4. it is forcing you to not just play "your main" and experiment. each fighter in VF is pretty unique.
  5. You can't play more than 2 matches in a row against somebody in ranked match. Thinking you can just go afk and let people beat you up ain't gonna work.
  6. After playing the Japanese version...nah, it can stay in the previous generations. We don't need a poor shooter with a Yakuza skin on it.
  7. Apparently that cheese that falls out doesn't count against the trophy. I got it and must of not noticed it before I posted it. 😆
  8. I'm trying to get the Battle of nerves trophy (catch the mice with only one cheese remaining as the cat) and every time I catch a mouse, more cheese flies out, so I don't get the trophy. What gives? Is there a way to catch them without cheese falling out?
  9. Wow, after trying off and on again for a year...I finally did it. The idea of following a specific pattern every time was the right move to get into cool...if you're not that musically inclined, I was just thinking about the opening to Red Hot Chili Pepper's By The Way baseline (which is that kind of syncopated beat previous posters have talked about) Edit: and just got the cool rating for level 5 in own try following the pattern. It works!
  10. This seems like if you were good at the games 20 years ago it should be not too hard to plat.
  11. Eh, some games for me are just not worth it. I saw the pacifist trophies and I knew this wasn't going down.
  12. I mean...the biggest issue is that it is easier with a drum than the controller. The extreme songs just won't work button pressing. Have you tried looking at a different button layout?
  13. Stage 4 seems very broken. I don't think they spent alot of time fixing this remaster...
  14. Yeah this takes a couple of playthroughs to get everything, as I am learning.
  15. Yeah it is nice. I played this game almost two decades ago, and playing it again it feels so...short? I guess knowing where to go before you're "supposed" to is destroying what Yu Suzuki's vision was.