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  1. Meuh, I guess I'll pass, I played the japan version of the game and it was actually pretty fun. But not enough for me to grind THAT long for 2 little trophies. Sadly not worth it.
  2. Can you tell us how many battles you can do in an hour if you rush the easiest? I'm curious.
  3. You can play solo, you don't have to join a multiplayer lobby.
  4. Seems to good to be true.. O.o
  5. Naah let them coming.You act like trophies have some sort of value but it really doesn't buddy, chill a lil' bit. My goals is to reach level 100. As soon as i'm 100 these games can lick my arse.. Buy them at 50% off.
  6. You wasted 10 minutes, how sad that must feel buddy.
  7. You're lucky.. You found a kind modder lol. When I joined a modded lobby on CoD Ghost a few years ago I got all my stats and rank reset to 0. But it wasnt cruel enough for him so he also added 8.8 millions dead to my stats hahaha.. A forever 0.00 k/d ratio. 24days down to the drain.
  8. Happened to me 2 days ago, I noticed it to late and all my quick saves was glitched too.. Luckily for me I always save manually once and a while and only lost about 3 hours (still sucks tho') The game is fun but it's goddamn glitchy
  9. So if you can't play your PS3 and PS4 games on the PS5, you switch to Xbox? ....... What?
  10. The game got a few bugs, like people going throught rocks or juste not moving at all making them easy to kills And some funny one I found like running on a hitch between a truck and a trailer will make you fly high enough to kill you Not really a glitch but you know sometime while riding you see random survivor "captured" and send them to any of the camps you want, well one time there was one right in front of Iron mike's camp, you couldnt be closer. After killing everyone I sent him to Iron mike obviously since its 10 feets away and well... He runned the opposite way lol
  11. The playoffs this year turn out so weird in the first round that I wouldnt be surprise to see the hurricanes win their second cup
  12. First of all there's no such thing as ''valued/devalued'' trophies. They worth absolutely nothing since the beginning. Collecting them is just a fun hobby everyone on here have in common. If you're triggered because someone have more trophies than you because he play all the ratalaikagames and you decided to only play hardcore games, well, you need to reconsider your choices in life. Because that's pathetic. Let's face it guys, we're all losers here.
  13. I used OP seeds and I explored the ocean for 20/30 minutes and decided to try the tutorial and the trophy popped as I jumped in. So I guess after you've seen colored corals/huge frozen iceberg and explored a bit around a few minutes you should be good
  14. Nice guide, but I don't think "Quest for companions" is glitched. I'm pretty sure the 2 heroes that joins you right at the beginning count towards the trophy. That would explain why the trophy pop when you unlock Alotie.
  15. I have 2 actually, for the same reason. Magicka 2 Gauntlet Slayer Edition I'm the first platinum achiever for both and it make my tiny weiner proud.