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  1. Oh no, are you kidding me, I won't be able to keep stroking animals a thousand times
  2. Well, he's just another Speedy Gonzales, there's full of him on this site anyway.🤷‍♂️ nothing to see here folks 😂
  3. I still find it crazy how trophy hunting changed so fast in the last few years. It was awesome back in the late PS3/early PS4 days, now it's just.. feel boring lol. Crazy how it took like 12 years+ for hardcore trophy hunters to hit 100k trophies and now someone who started 2 years ago is almost at 100k. 😬 Anyway, I'm always going to be a trophy hunter no matter what, and I'll still be buying them cheap stupid shovelware from time to time haha

    1. Grotz99


      I think they should break down leaderboards based on the trophy rarity stat in the profile. Create one for 0-20%, 21-50% and 50%-100% or something. Then the people who want to be hardcore and go for harder trophies would have a spot to check.

    2. ihadalifeb4this


      I don't know if i will always be trophy hunter, but i will always be completist when it comes to video games. 



  4. Those games sell for more than $5 each here in canada, unless they add over 100 trophies I'm not buying that shit until it's $1 lol
  5. Tbh I'll play the PS4 version just so I can auto-pop the platinum on the PS5, Anyway I don't really notice any difference on my PS5 when I play a PS4 game or a PS5 game 🤷‍♂️
  6. I wanted to start a new game+ for the refresh but decided to just watch all the cutscenes on YouTube instead. I think it's best that way so you don't feel "burned out". Not a problem if you're an hardcore gamers but casual gamers will understand lol.
  7. Sony don't randomly reactive your auto-renew subscription.. 🤦‍♂️ everytime you add a ps+ card or renew it via psnstore it reactive the renew, so you probably just forgot. Anyway if you don't have any method of payment on on your account you shouldn't really worry about it because sony doesn't do credits lol
  8. It's fun to note that it took them over 2years to patch the shortcuts in Soggy Cave.. Kind of petty of them lol. 😂
  9. Finally, it's always fun to come back to this game from time to time lol, look fairly easy.
  10. Just let it go guys.. we've been fighting over this for the past 5 years, it's getting redundant. Nothings gonna change.
  11. It's a shame really, I still have fun playing this game from time to time, I wouldn't mind doing everything again if the autopop don't work, And they made Infallible so easy to get nowadays it's such a joke lol.. stressed my ass off at launch to win 5 in a row and now we winning 5 in a row almost everytime I play squad mode with friends... 😵‍💫
  12. Honestly, it's a disappointing list... too easy. But I'm still gonna enjoy playing it so It's okay 😂
  13. I did exactly that back in december and guess what, both trophies glitched on me 😂😂. I'm just that lucky. So now I'm missing Maxed out on both version and they doesn't even care, How hard is it to add more levels?.. that's an easy fix.
  14. I sent a feedback to Team17 about Maxed out and Challenger trophies. Let's just hope it's fixed next update.
  15. It's not that bad now, I didn't know they added 5L/5B/4N instead the usual 3L/2B/1N, make the game way easier. I did 1 to 60 a month ago and recently conpleted it for my 850 plats. I did it first try and only died 2 times. Get firepower and practice training zombies, and when a first person view spawn go for it, once in it just run around the map and shot zombies. That's the easiest technique.