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  1. I guess I'm the most unluckiest guy ever here because I just did that for level 50 and none popped lol, so I'm sitting here level 50 with no trophy on both version. Love this game 😂
  2. I tried that with Tooled Up and it didn't work, guess I'll try again for level 50.
  3. Wait for DLC 1, they'll add more perks.
  4. Exactly, Just got Tooled Up, only on 1 version.. maybe once they add a new weapons we'll able to get it but autopop sound way easier..
  5. You have to do a daily Trial III. It's RNG everyday, I only got Trial I and II for the past 2 days.
  6. Nope, won a few times today while doing my dailies and still won't pop.
  7. Only glitched for some of us, there's a chance you'll get it since people have it. But if you win once and the trophy doesn't pop, you're doomed like the rest of us. Doesn't matter how many times you win the trophy just won't pop.
  8. Can confirm, Just went in and won a game still no trophy.. Edit: I notified it to the Worms team and they told me they'll report it to the dev.
  9. Yeah I'm sure no matter what we do we can't get it to pop, we'll need a fix. Still gonna try since the mode is a good way to gain exp on our guns.
  10. It's a long shot but are you playing with or without crossplay? I'm playing without sincd the beginning, so that may be the cause lol, doubt it tho'. I'll try with crossplay on later when I'll play just to see.
  11. Yes, you can do the same map 7 times if you want. Most of the time we did RoF + knife for the first 4 or 5 elites and hoping for good guns for the rest, even with shitty green guns it's easy but take a lot more times. The drop are bad too, we only saw 1 orange gun once. The game mode is quite fun we did all map with a gold chaice including nuketown.
  12. Well, 4 wins and still no trophy, is anyone here have the trophy after several wins? Or we're just doomed until they patch it? Everyone with the trophy got it on the first win. I just hope they patch it soon before the casual stop playing and everyone is tryharding every games.. already saw a lot a good players and making it quite hard to win.
  13. It seems the probleme is only on PS5, won twice on PS5 no trophy, switched on the PS4 version and won the first game the trophy popped wothout a problem.
  14. Everything is easy but oh man it's a long grind, winning in deathmatch and Last worm standing may be an issues for casual players since you need to go full on sweat mode to win a game and sometimes it's not enough I got second and third a few times with over 25 kills.. and may be worst in the future if they match you up with high level players. So yeah the sooner the better. Some of the weapons are garbage too, making it a pain to level up to 10.