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  1. I finally got it with the foods perk while playing with my friend. You don't have to eat 200 in one level. The best way to do it if you have a friend: 1- Both get an armor with the foods perk. 2- Go to a level with pools of lava around 3- Both use a potion, player 1 will eat them, now player 1 jump in the lava while player 2 wait beside, player 1 will die in seconds and spawn right under player 2, now player 2 quickly revive player 1 and player 2 jump in the lava while player 1 use his potion and wait to revive player 2. Repeat that until the trophy pop. Took us about 5 minutes for my friend to get the trophy.
  2. Probably the PSNow glitch. Sometimes when a game get added to PSNow you see the de PS+ logo on it
  3. I said 50/50, because I have a few friends on xbox and it's nice to play with other console players. But man, PC? I have nothing against mouse and keyboard, I used to play FPS on PC back in 2010 and yes it's a bit better than a controller but really not something to worry about. It's the sh*t tons of hackers ruining it for everyone.. I know theres more honest PC players than hackers out there but I saw way to many hackers in warzone to just let it slide...
  4. Honestly, it's harder than it looks, even while watching a guide on youtube. I did forest and museum first shot without any problem, but for twillight, pirate cove and oasie I looked a video online for a few tips on some holes. Probably gonna do the same for the 5 left. Some of them are a nightmare (worms...). But nothing impossible with practice. It's a fun game to play with others. The Dunk and hockey mode is awesome too.
  5. Probably 99% of Americans on Call of Duty. You say 1 word that is not english and they react like you just insulted their whole family.. lol
  6. Tbh, I enjoyed about 80% of the EZPZ games I played and of course for the 20% that I didn't like I suffered throught it but it's just for a few minutes/hours, so why not?
  7. If you want the platinum and depending on how you decide to do the life skills trophies. Expect at the very least 300hours. Not so fun hours, fishing in this game is boring. The game is fun, there is so many things to do you never get tired. When I played this, P2W players didn't have a big advantage. But it's been a while it might have changed.
  8. I say go for it. For me, as long as I reach level 100 I'm good. I don't give a single fcks about easy or hard games. If you're happy about your 400 ratalaikagames platinums, that's fine. If you're happy because you never played any of those shitty games, that's also fine. You do you.
  9. I don't see any reasons to create a new account because of some games you regret playing. Easy or hard it doesn't matter, you completed the game and it's still an accomplishment. Just start playing games you love and ignore the rest.
  10. Althought I love riding motocross IRL, I'm not HUGE fan of the games they make. I like playing them from time to time, It's not THAT bad. They have made a lot of good changes over the years but I personally wouldnt buy this at $80 CAD. I would buy it at $10 without hesitation.
  11. Thank you sony for reminding us how much time we are wasting playing games ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. Top 3 games 1. Black Desert - *834 hours* (yep.... GRINDY) 2. Call of duty Black ops 4 - *316 hours* (just like every years, loved blackout, most of my friends only play cod) 3- Call of duty modern warfare - *95 hours* I earned about 3500 trophies this year. 2648 hours 1481 locally 1167 online I'm happy with those numbers.
  12. Actually, you do need to get 300 kills with both the XM and the BlackCell.
  13. They are not unobtainable. It's easier to do them in the old version with the tutorial. Bedrock doesn't have a tutorial world, unless I'm disabled and didn't see it.
  14. Just to throw some numbers here for people wanting to buy this game. I played 100% for the trophies, had the best stats (5) and gears possible for fishing (+10 rod and +3 fishing armor(+5 is max but good luck trying to get that.. You'll understand when you try)) and at the end of my run, my playtime was 32 days. I did manually fishing quite a few times, about 30 to 50 hours while watching movies... Because it's boring af. Sure it's 90% AFK, but insanely grindy. The fishing trophy without AFK is a good 200 hours atleast. Triple or even quatruple that number if you plan to AFK only.
  15. I don't think your old worlds can spawn bees, you can keep searching but it might be a huge waste of time.. just create a new world, craft a enchanted table,put some bookshelf around it, grind to level 30 at least and put a diamond pickaxe and hope for the best lol. My friend got silk touch first try when we did that in his world.