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  1. Got mine at walmart PS5 + Pulse headset = $850 CAN... It's fun to be canadian.
  2. Just like I said, fun for a few games but you get bored quick. With a little time and will, you can 100% the game without too much trouble. Just a few tip for winning, if the ending zone is an open field with nothing to cover, don't take the crown first, you'll get fucking laser and die for sure. Happened to me too many time it's frustrating. But when the zone end somewhere with a lot of buildings and stuff, now your best bet is to take the crown first and run between everything with your hacks.
  3. I still can't believe the infaillible trophy is still ultra rare even with the quitting exploit. You fucking move foward, jump and dive. That's it. The game can't be more simple than that. 😂
  4. Dude, fuck Warzone, link that shit with Blackout. I enjoyed Blackout way more than Warzone
  5. My friend and I played this game for about an hour and we both agreed to never play this shit again lol. It's not bad, the game just feel weird to me. I'm not going to git gud at the game just for a few trophies. It's fun for a few minutes and then you get bored real quick. But it's free so just download it and try.
  6. When this happens the winner don't receive any crown tho', because he got eliminated too.
  7. It's 100% because of the loading time. I'm always in the last row every time. My friends are always in front. My PS4 ain't no Usain Bolt when it comes to loading. I can't wait to see how the PS5 will change that..
  8. From what I've seen it doesn't work if you have the EU version but still work for NA Edit: my friend did it a left a few matches, NA.
  9. No wonder why yellow lose 90% of the time when I'm playing. I'm always red since we're always 3 in a party.
  10. Race: Slime Climb Survival: Block Party Team: Fall Ball Final: Hex-a-gone
  11. Doesnt work, unless it only work if you spawn with the tail. I did leave after grabbing the tail and did 4 wins after that and it didnt unlock. Luckily, I won again next game to make it 5 lol.
  12. Try winning a game of Team Tails Tag by yourself 😂😂. Honestly most of the team games are not that bad, but it still sucks when your in a winning streak and you lose because of your weak teammates... in my opinion the worst are Jinxed, team tail tag and egg scramble and sometimes hoarder because its mostly luck..
  14. I have over 35 wins but I can't get more than 3 wins in a row... I'll get all the trophies I can get while maybe make it to 5 one day. Honestly I don't really mind if I never achieve it. The game is so fun and I'll keep playing from time to time and when they add new maps/modes.
  15. TBH it's not that hard right now. I get to the final like 8 out of 10 times. Hexagone is the easiest map to win when you know the trick, The tail one is straight out luck and Fall Mountain is worst fucking race ever, make me want to punch my wall everytime I'm 1cm behind the guy that grab de crown.