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  1. Honestly, it's a disappointing list... too easy. But I'm still gonna enjoy playing it so It's okay 😂
  2. I did exactly that back in december and guess what, both trophies glitched on me 😂😂. I'm just that lucky. So now I'm missing Maxed out on both version and they doesn't even care, How hard is it to add more levels?.. that's an easy fix.
  3. I sent a feedback to Team17 about Maxed out and Challenger trophies. Let's just hope it's fixed next update.
  4. It's not that bad now, I didn't know they added 5L/5B/4N instead the usual 3L/2B/1N, make the game way easier. I did 1 to 60 a month ago and recently conpleted it for my 850 plats. I did it first try and only died 2 times. Get firepower and practice training zombies, and when a first person view spawn go for it, once in it just run around the map and shot zombies. That's the easiest technique.
  5. By the way you don't need to active all 3 to every locations, just the correct one at the right location.
  6. This make the platinum from 10/10 to a 2/10 lmao. Thanks for finding this duds.👍
  7. I'm 99.999% sure that Hammer Shaft is Impossible, I can't get over 500. The level is so poorly designed, instead of increased fall speed ability it should be decreased fall speed. The guy that made this game probably don't care anyway lol.
  8. I know right, I did Pure Shaft at 30% speed to see if we can cheese it and nope, you need to reach 5000 at 70% speed. I only got Bat Shaft because it's the easiest lol. Good luck to anyone who's really going to try to 100% this. 😂
  9. Yes, It's way harder then it looks. The free falling minigames is absolute garbage lol.
  10. You don't have to do all 3 in one hunt, man that would be the most RNG shit I've ever seen lol.
  11. RNG luck. Nothing you can do about it, just be aggressive and aim for the weakest cars. Keep in mind when an ennemie jump out of a car it's still marked as occupied for a few seconds (with a orange arrow on top) I don't know if it's a bug or intended to but I'd take advantage of it. Works for most of the trophies.
  12. Thank god I can stop creating a random party chat to avoid hearing people blasting music or children screaming for no reason 😂
  13. It's not hardest if you put some times into it, I would recommend watching some tips on youtube first before starting, TheMoZProject is a good DOA player on youtube and give some good tips. Before advanced mode it was a generous 8/10 for a rookie, maybe 9 at most. But now it's more of a 2/10 to about 4/10 at most. The best fate is Furious feet and firepower, it's better to always leave if you don't get one of those 2.
  14. The blank one is for AS, they just didn't assigned the region for it yet
  15. Been playing for a few hours now and honestly it's really not that bad, I unlocked some of the hardest in just a few games of trying. The flamethrower trophy took about 4 hours but we all know how buggy that one is lol. I still have a few left but I believe I can do them in a few hours too.