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  1. I don't think your old worlds can spawn bees, you can keep searching but it might be a huge waste of time.. just create a new world, craft a enchanted table,put some bookshelf around it, grind to level 30 at least and put a diamond pickaxe and hope for the best lol. My friend got silk touch first try when we did that in his world.
  2. Not sure yet, but if it can be achieves between multiples worlds. It should be very easy with the tutorials or duplicate glitch.
  3. It means ReReleased
  4. AS, EU and NA
  5. I'd love to have Monster Energy Supercross, I just bought MXGP 2 et 3 last week.Cant ride my motocross during winter so I know what to play😂🤙
  6. The last 2 or 3 levels are a pain in the ass if you go for it without hearts, build up some lifes in the earlier levels before attempting them. 15 to 20 should be enough for each. Quite fun to be honest, can't go wrong for a buck.
  7. I love black and white avatars, so that's what I have right now and as a bonus, it's Kratos. I change it sometimes when I feel for someting else but I always come back to B&W Kratos. On here it's me at harvey's (it's canadien not sure if you have that in the US) with my motocross and my buddy's motocross this summer, we were hungry. 😂 super illegal but we didn't see any cops 🤷‍♂️
  8. 8.5h is nothing tbh, I did it in 7 hours 46 minutes and I watched every cutscenes, I didn't rush any part and I wasted a lot of time in some missions because I did most of the trophies on veteran. If you know what to do you can easily platine the game under 5 hours. Maybe even under 4. The campaign is awesome and I loved every bit of it but it's still very short.
  9. The Spec Ops Safeguard is glitched, you can't enter in the helicopter at the end to flee and finish the mission..
  10. No one in here is pissed off, we are just disappointed about the list. Hard or easy, my friends and I will still buy the game every year because we are fans. It's not going to stop us from playing the campaign/multiplayer. I don't think anyone buy call of duty day one every year only for the trophies 😂
  11. Wow, did they asked ratalaikagames to make the trophy list for them? What is this mess....way to easy
  12. You don't just go on black ops 2 and get the big leagues trophy magically. Hackers usually unlocks most of the trophies you didn't unlock. Unless you know a hacker and ask him to only unlock big leagues, which to be honest would be even worst.
  13. Achieving level 100. Its been my goal since the beguinning. I'll probably have another goal in trophy hunting after I hit level 100, like trophy rarity or %. Unless they decide to put a new level cap obviously lol.
  14. I'm 99% sure that's a soulbox, I did it twice with my friends and the way we did it is running in circle on the flinger while killings zombies around. Took a few try, about 10 minutes both time. You can hear a loud boat horn when it's done. Atleast that's how we did it. I didnt test this method enough time to be 100% sure but I believe it's like that.
  15. What do you mean "if you don't care about your PS4". I have my dusty ol' 6 years old fat PS4 running 16 to 20 hours a day while I work/sleep since a month on Black Desert and shes still doing pretty fine lol. Overheated only once but that's my fault, 48 hours is her limite. So I might try it in the future with no problem.
  16. There's 2 easy method for that, the easiest is asking someone you know trade one to you, I'd gladly help but I'm not home right now lol. The second one is buying random weapons from the guy in mapworks, it's random but any weapons that cost over 10000 golds can randomly be a legendary. Got all mine like that. It shouldn't take you more than 30 minutes
  17. Yeah I knew about the NG+ glitch both my hardcore and nonhardcore characters are NG+5 lol.For lvl100 do it in frosted hillls, once you see monsters level 7000 just run around the map and eventually youll find a guy with a quest to redeem. Sometime theres monsters to kill around him before he pop the quest complete, sometime hes already waiting there with the quest.
  18. +1 this, I know exactly how to do it and it's pretty simple. When you use the warp to teleport to your friend, instead of pressing "Square" like it says you press "X" and it somehow glitch you in the same map but a different world with monsters over levels 1000. It doesn't also work on the first time you may need to do it a few time. They drop golds but no EXP. And if you're wondering how you get to level 100 using this glitch, it's simple. In some of the maps there is some soldiers getting attacked by monsters and once you killed all of them he give you a reward, In the glitch the reward is about 100000000EXP which get you to level 100 in a second. It also work in hardcore but for some reason you cannot kill any monsters. Frosted Hills is a good place to get it. I have video proof
  19. What you can do is finishing the first episode, you'll be at 28% instead of 1%
  20. Meuh, I guess I'll pass, I played the japan version of the game and it was actually pretty fun. But not enough for me to grind THAT long for 2 little trophies. Sadly not worth it.
  21. Can you tell us how many battles you can do in an hour if you rush the easiest? I'm curious.
  22. You can play solo, you don't have to join a multiplayer lobby.
  23. Seems to good to be true.. O.o
  24. Naah let them coming.You act like trophies have some sort of value but it really doesn't buddy, chill a lil' bit. My goals is to reach level 100. As soon as i'm 100 these games can lick my arse.. Buy them at 50% off.
  25. You wasted 10 minutes, how sad that must feel buddy.