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  1. Yeah, I have the feeling they will make us work to clear those DLCs. I'm gonna farm over time just to keep my muscle memory until the DLCs
  2. A bit too soon to give an opinion. The concept of the game is a bit too unique to have an idea of how hard it could be without playing for a bit.
  3. I just finished the Story. Enjoyed the game a lot, but now I don't know where to start if I aim to get the Plat. Should I finish another day first ? Or should I start Pin Grinding + Pin Farming ?
  4. Thanks, is there any way for me to know I'd I gave the All Pons Stamp ? Because if I'm missing 7 it means that I might only have to do the pictures.
  5. I currently have 101 death wish stamp and only 1 level left to complete (Plus snatcher coins for the Metro) for a possible total of 107... Did I do something wrong ? I did the easy mode. Is there a level that unlocks once everything is done ?
  6. I can't find the The Mischief-Maker The guide says in Havens Above next to an Ultimate Key door, I might've opened that door but I've been looking around for 20 minutes and I just can't see the chest.
  7. Is there anything that can save you from breaking a chain while playing? Those proud songs are scary to me.
  8. When should we expect the next patch ???
  9. Sigh Looks like we have to wait for another patch...
  10. Guard Scorpion used his Tail laser twice in a row too. So yeah, Most bosses have a little something new and I love it.
  11. Hi, First port here. I've been playing Cosmic Star Heroine on my PSVita and when I came here to watch my trophies, I notice 2 of my recently aquired trophies have a Missing Timestamp, I got 2 more from the same game thinking that resynching would fix the issue but its still there. Anything I can do to fix the issue ? Because It kinda breaks the Trophy Milestones by putting those with Missing Timestamp at the very beginning of my PSN account.
  12. I know the feeling. I once had a Friend with 7 Plat and I had 8... We were bragging about who was the best... Today he's at 8 and I'm at 49 (-3 because I'm not proud of those sound shapes ones that I got just for... ... ... No real good reason.)