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  1. Got it ;-) Quick play is enough too, no matter classic stage or SSS ^^
  2. I, and several players have at least beaten authentic difficulty in the SSS in Australia. IA generally finish stage in 1'19'xxx. I achieved 1'18 and has won stage several times with different set (manual, auto, with an without helps, ...). So, i think this trophy needs to be done in a classic stage... pretty hard.
  3. I've downloaded the patch of this day... This piece of shit doesn't work !!! I've just won an authentic difficulty stage... And no fucking pop... . I'm fed up with playin' this game.
  4. Yep, the game is good, i enjoy playing it. Only those fu***** trophies suck ^^ I hope an update... ASAP !!!!!!
  5. Possibly bugged... I've finished a season with more than 15 objectives cleared. Moreover, objectives have disappeared just before Spain... That game really sucks... Too much bugs :-/
  6. Easy ;-) Use the skills (Ressources & dev, the map with abilities) and activate the skills that allow you to boost your chance to earn legendary team member. After few week, u can probably see in available team member to buy, some cards with a right bottom yellow icon. Buy It. Once u will have buy 4 legendary cards, put them in your active crew. Trophy pops ;-)
  7. Thnx for sharing friend ;-) I wonder how u did it. Perfect. 👍
  8. This trophy is definitely bugged at that time :-/ Waiting for an update...
  9. I've just broken the world record ^^. 1'22'0xx Possibly, the time can go under 1'21, but the IA 1'19 (or less...) seems to be unreachable. Hmmm, i'm gonna try to do it online. But i think it won't work. 0% achiever at this day... Edit : 1'19'3xx. I win the stage... And... no trophy... I rage Also... I've won a stage online, authentic difficulty, no trophy.
  10. Hi all ;-) WTF... I've tried to earn the gold trophy " race master ", by winning a race in authentic difficulty. It seems impossible. I'm top 5 worldwide in the Australian SSS with 1'24'xxx. The leader has achieved 1'23. I've seen its ghost. He cheats. Nevertheless... the IA winner is about 1'19... It looks like impossible. Any idea ? ;-)
  11. Only 1 online trophy ?
  12. I'm not (really) serious, obviously ^^ But it's a bit strange to not have news from this game... I'm disappointed :-/
  13. I've unlocked both of them too ;-) It works, done it on 1.07 update.
  14. November 2022
  15. I'll try, but it seems hard to do. No match code like classic matchmaking, but i'll try ;-)