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  1. I've checked online distance count... it's taken account (finally, i don't understand... Trophy description says " solo mode "...). Go on Dishonored : death of the outsider... I wait a dev answer... Or a patch. I've seen snow distance ans tarmac distance have been unlocked by others players.
  2. I've just sent a email to the KT Studio, exposing trophies & accomplishment problems and ask them if they know that and if they will edit a patch soon... I wait their answer
  3. Some accomplishments were glitched past year... In WRC7, the drifting on 500m accomplishment not pop, so that i've drifted about 8 km... No problem pas year for distances. I hope it will be the same this year ^^ Very disapointed... I've just seen that Completionist AND Perfectionist are bugged, like u said... I've won all stages too and... No pop. I'm gonna stop playing until a fix :-(
  4. I'm disappointed to read this trophy list... Some trophy are useless (500 km, 1000 km) and it's exactly the same than wrc6. But i'll be glad to play this opus.
  5. I failed many shots at the beginning. Trust me, your right stick control can be increased by practice. When u will perfectly master this right stick (and after that, effects), the game will become easier. I've played more than 100 hours. I've won all the accolades, all the careers (except pro & master snooker) and i'm level 108 today. But be sure of one thing, effects are the key, and the most important... The position of the white ball after the shot. Master that, and u will be the king ^^
  6. Hi. The better way to win these accolades is to do that in amateur carreer, 9 ball is easier for me. Win a 4-0 against Madison Master is pretty tough but possible. U will need a piece of luck but it's not the more difficult in that game ;-). Beat Madison in Master career, without any aim lines is really, really hard. But be sure of one thing... practice, practice again an again. It makes effect ^^. There's no available tips, no save allowed between frames or other tips. Play, practice... and prey for she miss a shot ;-)
  7. Hi ;-) Another interesting way to level up. Play in snooker colors. Put all the balls without missing is not harder that we can beleive. I've done it several times in a row. 800 points by minutes. Interesting because it's more regular than royal rumble (and it gives the 800 points until 1:10 clearance. And u can clear it in 45/50 seconds with a little practice), and no need to be concentrate each second (u can win the 800 points with 1 or 2 miss, it happens... more difficult in royal rumble with the constant pression). I grind level 90 to 91 in approx 35/40 minutes. U can easily boost 5, levels a day... if u have time to play ;-)
  8. Some trophies needs to be done with a continuous run (no turn off app & not turn off PS4). Same thing with " Alekhine's gun " with the Chlorophorm trophy... But 7 hours are required with a perfect knowledge of the maps. 4 hours is ridiculous ;-). I'm gonna plat' it soon ;-) Edit : At least Rocketeer, Lifeless astronaut, and Survivalist need a continuous run.
  9. Hi. I've just cleaned the master careers in 9 and 8 balls... in 2.00 patch. I confirm it's impossible to recover the circle, even in 1.00. I've tried with a CD version, offline, and no circle. So, i've practiced very very hard to increase my own level and beat williams in final 5 (4-2 ^^). With a piece of luck, she's potted the black in a frame, and missed 2 normal shots in anothers. I have noted that she misses approx. 1/50 normal shots. Your best chance is she's been snooked (by you, or herself). It happens regularly. Obviously, u must master effects AND the white replacement. That saved me a lot of times ! The bug u talks about seems to be a rule in pure pool. U just have to know it and play with it. No other solution anyway. For the "potential exploit". Nope. They fixed the choice of level because some players had found a way to change level but in mini games (R-rumble, quick shots, ...). No way now to change it. So, practice and practice.... And if it doesn't work... practice again.;-) 1 trophy missing for me now... i'm level 83... Loooooong is the road ;-) but the hardest is done ^^
  10. Thx for your answer Lama ;-) I've given up the idea to play with the circle. I think u're right and i personaly think there's also a "problem" with the PS4 firmware. But it doesn't matter. I practice everyday and practice works ^^. Just won the 9ball master champ and i'm in the third part in 8ball. Gonna win soon. I've found a "tip" to play in master mode. I use a yarn on my TV. Easy to place just in the center. It replaces the white line (from white ball to the other) but doesn't work when the cue is raised. But that help ;-) I will post a photo next time ;-)
  11. Not the same save. i've bought a UK version. i've started with a "clean" game (no accolade, blank profile, ...). i don't understand why the circle is not here... So, i continue with my psn version...
  12. I'm surprised... i've seen a player, level 82 with approx 65/70% of victory with... 500 games only... How can he be so high level with so little games played ?? I'm level 62, victory ratio of 72% with more than 1600 games played. Probably a tip ? ;-)
  13. I'm still rage againt master difficulty... I'm not a pool player IRL ^^ In the 1.00 version, there was a red circle on the aimed ball. Since the 1st patch, no circle. It's pretty hard now. So, i've bought the CD version and without be online, i can install it with the 1.00 version. U cannot play online in this case, but i've earned all online trophies for a long time. And... NO FUCKING CIRCLE. Does anybody know if it's possible to play with that circle, and the way to have it ? THX ;-)
  14. Congrats ;-) Extremely well played to earn this platinum... One of the hardest i've ever seen (with GT5 ^^) I'm level 60 :-( and play only R.Rumble. Completed in 0:28 in my best run... With a piece of luck; approx 400 games played. I've seen the platinum gamers have played between 2k and 4k games... Pretty long.
  15. with 9 ball game ?! What technique do u use to be so fast ? 1 week to reach Veteran from pro is damnly short !!! Congrats anyway ;-)