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  1. How many time for level 50 ? More than level 40 a-spec in GT5 ? ...
  2. Got it in a Monte Carlo stage. Snow falls at the first stage of a WRC Championship. I was close to evening. Try it with a quick stage, it should be ok.
  3. Patch has just been realeased. Trophies & Accomplishments work right now. Tested & approved by myself ^^
  4. Steam patch allows to unlock perfectionist and completionist, at least. No one has unlocked tarmac, snow, or gravel trophy... But it can be " normal ". These ones are a bit long. Still wait this F***ing patch for PS4...
  5. Great cabinet ;-). A pure FF player
  6. Perfect ;-). A short stage can work too. It depends of damages only. Glad to have helped u ;-)
  7. FF 7. The most fabulous game of all time for me.
  8. Got the same " problem " in wrc6. Yes, u will have to be a little lucky. A kind of " solution ", damage your car more than usually. I've done this last year and i've earn the trophy after few tries. " Manual " repair (as u've done... and me too past year), doesn't work.
  9. Yep, exactly. PC first, Box & sony after. No matter, fix is coming ;-)
  10. http://steamcommunity.com/app/621830/discussions/0/1495615865231216529/ A first fix coming soon. Before a " most important " update. I've just seen the % achievements on steam version. 500km trophies and specialist and completionist seem to be unlockable ^^
  11. Just seen your pics in another thread... It's hardly understandable... Never seen a thing like that before. U have reached 500 km tarmac AND snow in the same stage... % of chance to achieve this is close to zero... But the time difference between the victory of 2 rallies seem strange. So, I understand that Japan version is a little different than UE in the " management " trophies. I still wait a fix, in UE.
  12. Snow & Tarmac trophies have been earned by 1 player at that time. He has probably hacked the trophies... No way to unlock them is known. Devs have announced they know the bugs and work on a patch. A fix is coming soon.
  13. Worst than WRC_6. Still in wait for a patch... Nobody knows if we will have to restart... So, I don"t play it anymore, like others players.
  14. I've checked online distance count... it's taken account (finally, i don't understand... Trophy description says " solo mode "...). Go on Dishonored : death of the outsider... I wait a dev answer... Or a patch. I've seen snow distance ans tarmac distance have been unlocked by others players.
  15. I've just sent a email to the KT Studio, exposing trophies & accomplishment problems and ask them if they know that and if they will edit a patch soon... I wait their answer