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  1. I've tried ringing sony customer support but since i live in NZ the service here is really crappy, the email to my account was hacked and everything changed so some way some how its gone from their system? spent a good 25 minutes trying to get it back but meh i just made a new account so yeah
  2. My email got changed without me knowing and theres nothing i can do i already called customer support and they couldnt do anything for me *sigh* i just got into trophy hunting as well god damn i cant believe they can just do that without getting caught its so not fair -.- oh well guess have to make another account and start all over again from the beginning :/ damn just got my 14th platinum and 1000 views arrrrrgh y u do dis world???
  3. sneaky skuxmuffins brah
  4. Request: Signature Theme: Dragon ball z if possible? Text: YoChiink_ If you could do this it will be great cheers
  5. Terminator salvation. Worst part is it was my first platinum #regrets
  6. My first ps3 game was uncharted 3. The entire game just blew me away as prior to my ps3 i was a wii gamer cant wait to get that feeling all over again when Uncharted 4 comes out
  7. DairyOwner69
  8. Watch Dogs Dynamic theme
  9. By far The Last Of Us
  10. 3 years, multiple accounts but this is my main and final one ^^
  11. Working on Watch_dogs, god damn the stupid tailing trophy
  12. Watch Dogs was a major let down for me, i was just expecting so much more from the game but ended up letting me down. Sleeping Dogs was a fun open world game which took me by surprise, cant wait for the sequel Lastly GTA was just a masterpiece in my eyes, it meet every expectation i had and online is a blast with friends. Bring on the next gen version
  13. Don't be jelly brah you can join if you want
  14. Yeah I did just today with this ugly as guy who always got excited when he saw the little girl suzie from ratchet and clank
  15. Just got the platinum for ratchet and clank all 4 one with the bro Yothief. It was quite a challenge as he was always hungry for dem bolts ahaha

    1. awesome_guy_9000


      Congratulations! You just got a platinum trophy wonder what your next one will be. You just got a platinum trophy, LETS CELEBRATE.