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  1. It's all about skills and luck. Skills about shooting with accuracy, luck to find a very good team for those 2-3 hard trophies. Other trophies are just a matter of time, except for Spec Ops locked
  2. Thank you so much for your help! I hope to buy it soon as possible, I liked it watching a gameplay on YT
  3. I was looking for a new game and I found this but, consulting the EU PS Store, it's not available. Is available in the US PS Store?
  4. I'm playing during these days TW2 but seriously, a new DLC for TW2 right now? Pointless. Just waiting for TW3 and stop.
  5. I'll buy it from US Store, somehow.
  6. I searched it on EU Store (Italy) and there isn't.
  7. No more available for EU Store
  8. This was a marketing failure, no way. I picked up a copy of Fuse some days ago and it's fun.
  9. I played the demo version on PS4 and I was quite disappointed. Idk if the PS4 controller is totally wrong in this game (and consequently the racing wheel is a must-buy), 'cause I tried all cars available (Abarth 500, Toyota Celica and Citroen DS3) and it was very difficult to keep 'em on track without crashes on Sanremo track. First, I tried using 'em without any electronic aids and it was just...awful. Understeer or oversteer anytime I pushed to throttle. Then, after countless retries, I decided to put on all driving aids and the feeling of cars on the ground was a bit different, but not enough to say "I'll buy this game, it's a must buy". The only rally game that (maybe) I'll buy it's Dirt Rally. It seems much more driveable with a controller.
  10. I'm sorry but I haven't the DLC I started campaign solo 3 days ago, I still wanna earn online trophies
  11. I knew that servers were saved from closing a year ago, and more news about that. So, there's just one last thing to do, and it's trying to start the game and join a server. If anyone would join this, let me know
  12. Did you play TW2 recently? Someone can confirm that? 'Cause none of my friends have this game...
  13. I just bought Two Worlds II today, servers are still up on PS3 ?
  14. Ok but how? If I create a server no one can see me in LAN, i tried this morning with a friend
  15. I'm really interested to get Platinum trophy but i need to know how to play online with someone if servers are closed Someone could help me, please?