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  1. Watch Dogs 2 Really hoping that comes to PS Plus sometime this year
  2. Ah didn't realize the guide on trueachievements included use of realms my mistake
  3. Since Bedrock is now the same as other platforms, maybe you can check out trueachievements.com for some guides related to the bees trophies. I haven't had a chance to try them out yet but there may be a guide on there
  4. Just wondering if people think that what Ubisoft did with the trophies in Rainbow Six Siege, that we could see similar changes in other titles such as For Honor I think it would be interesting especially for multiplayer type games to update over time, since matchmaking queues get longer and longer. I also really want to Plat and 100% For Honor but can't for the life of me get the 5 killstreak trophy, I'm sub par at the game and can get a 3 and 4 sometimes. So I would welcome a change to the For Honor list like we saw with R6S.
  5. 1. WWE 2k17 (1.05%) 2. WWE 2k15 (1.83%) 3. Helldivers (1.84%) 4. GTA V (1.88%) 5. Strike Vector Ex (2.32%)
  6. Red Dead Redemption 2
  7. Great, thank you
  8. Hey just wondering how much space this game takes up on the hardrive.
  9. Stealth Inc. Luftrausers and Guitar Hero 5