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  1. I only have the fish 1000 times trophy left. I keep falling asleep any advice?
  2. 100 times not 100 of a magic. Also the amount you draw is based on a chars magic stat so less magic more draws to max out a stack making it easier to get to 100 TOTAL DRAWS. So after you have this trophy go to the ultima draw point and use a char with high magic stat to draw then exchange it to someone else till you have 3 stacks of 100.
  3. I got the rule plus and now the card game is hard as hell. I'm right out side of the Should I start at the beginning or try to push through. I don't even understand how plus works. The NPC obviously does. To be honest I am getting fed up with this crap.
  4. If you're having trouble with the 6 star VR then 7 star is going to be impossible. Cloud cut through this boss super quickly with fire + elem on weapon. If you've ever played a MMORPG as a tank, play it that way. Add in a little bit of moving to avoid the bad breath attack. You only need to get hit by it once on the character with the enemy Materia.
  5. I got 3 things left Barret's ch 14 scene, chapter 9 manuscripts the shears counter attack ones, and pull ups which pissed me off so bad that I'm taking a break. Also playthrough 1 I only missed 5 accesses. In playthrough 2 I had to beat pride and joy 2 times because I forgot to access him the 1st time.
  6. Tip1 Poison the hell house Tip2 If the houses windows are glowing counter it with the opposite element. white = fire Red = blizzard yellow = wind green = thunder Tip 3 Triple slash Tonberrys Tip 4 Arcane ward and don't use Lv 3 Mat move that's a waste of MP I got nothing else to say this fight isn't hard.
  7. Hardest boss in the game, at least for me I beat it on my 3rd try. tip 1 Save your summon for the last phase. tip 2 use 2 different elements + Fire and lightning one on each character (In Phase one this helps) tip 3 use the accessory from Pride and joy on Barret tip 4 at the end use steelwall and Barrier on Barret tip 5 go get more SP for Barret and Aerith Equip them with SIlver staff and Bid Bertha tip 6 hit triangle when Barret reloads tip 7 stand near debrey on the opposite sides of the room and switch chars when your targeted tip 8 in the last phase stand away from each other and revive the dead ally before the next attack tip 9 Maximum Fury, Overload (Barret's Triangle attack) Ray of Judgement, familiar are all good abilities to use
  8. My vote is for the FFX lightening dodge one. I've never attempted the Jump rope challenge.
  9. Memorize enemy locations and weaknesses and adjust MATs for each fight. Abuse rest points, avoid using more that 10 mp at a time, and break boxes only when you need mp. Unlock the first 2 sets of dresses then hit the VR 2 man vs high flyer at the beginning of ch 17. Get to 50 with some good MATs chapter select Chapter 3, 8, 9, and 14 getting all the sidequests out of the way in hard mode for the manuscripts to get more SP then start at the beginning working your way through. Also Cure + Magnify(All MAT) is a good combo.
  10. I've done a 20 mins try and a hour try. I get more angry every time I fail. My best lose was 44 - 40. My 2 brothers one of them got it 3rd try saying this is easy. The other brother is worst than me.
  11. My theory is that the story writer originally helped make Kingdom Hearts and forgot he was working on FF7R not KH: Clouds side story.
  12. He has a well rounded assortment of games, 80% competition rate. He's a true trophy hunter.
  13. I'm at 33 days of playing this. Fishing at night and while I'm at work and grinding quests or processing when I get to play. My processing has 1.5 levels left, my fishing has 14.8 levels left, and my horse training is Level 9/41. I hate this game. Good graphics when its not lagging (the boob jiggle is real). The combat is shit, the worst mmo I've ever played. The story is ok so far. Inventory bag/weight management is all about the real cash money. The lifeskills are named appropriately, grindy as hell. Don't forget about your labor workers that you pay a worker manager for, and that you only supply them with a house and food and they get you resources. That's what you call slaves. Yes you have slaves in this game. They should rename this game SMO Slave manager online: The idle fishing game. I give this game a 4 out 10 recommendation only for the hottie I created.
  14. I agree good/true then bad then neutral don't restore the first successor but restore all 3 of the others so you don't have to hate yourself.
  15. This is from the guide The proper order to get this trophy in just 3 playthroughs is: For To Eternity, beat the game and resurrect more than zero but less than all successors. This is also a good time to collect all vestiges to earn Mender of Minds. For Heirs, don't concentrate on any vestiges and resurrect zero successors. This will be a speed run, just beat all the bosses and finish the game to get this ending. For Dweller in the Dark, make sure that all vestiges are restored and that you've restored all successors (Aurora, Nicola, Emily and Eva). It's imperative that you do not restore all of Io's vestiges, and refrain from picking up at least one of her vestiges. Leave one uncollected, but remember where it is for after the credits roll. You can restore all but one for this ending to ensure the last ending goes well. Dweller in the Dark 2: Electric Boogaloo. Once the game has finished the credits sequence, load your cleared game data and you will spawn right before the final boss. To get the final variation on the ending, restore the last of Io's vestiges by talking to her at the home base. Beat the final boss for the last time and watch the credits roll. If you get a black screen and see/hear "Io" being said/show up on screen (if you have subtitles on), you'll know you've done it right. After this, the trophy should pop! If not, you've played this game enough to be able to run through the main story in around 4-5 hours, so playing through to grab a missing one shouldn't be the end of the world. Congrats on clearing all the endings!