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  1. No I'm right here with you. So this thing is called the PlayStation Pass?
  2. Sorry to hear that you experienced that, I had the same thing happen to me in the sand instance. This may sound like a jerk thing to say but switch to a DPS role for your first playthrough, maybe try Dragoon or something. Then replay them with your tank class. I haven't played in 5 months or longer. Tanking is a little harder than DPS. See how others tanks do things and copy them. Don't forget all you have to do is talk to the guild master of a guild to get the class, then equip there weapon and you are that class. If you want any advice or help message me on the PSN. I'm in the US so I'm not sure if your schedule would fit mine. If you can play when I do I don't mind helping you(I don't heal).
  3. You still have room? I'm just getting started on MHW. PSN: glacier_silver
  4. Best: FF14. I told my brother when Red mage was in the game I would get it. I bought so many games in the last 6 months that are just sitting there, because FF14 is that good. Worst: Mass Effect was way too buggy which really really made me mad. As a Mass Effect fan who hated ME3's ending. I wanted something amazing, not some sub-par BS!
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the only thing that happens if you don't re-sub is that you can't play. Mine is up on Dec 4th. I still need the Fishing, Fate, and Levequest trophies.
  6. So what do I do if. I got the DLC shanks outfit which unlocked him (before I ever played the game, I started with him) and I started Dream log with Him making Luffy the final Boss? Do I then need to beat Luffy with shanks instead? I'm not there yet.
  7. To add on to ShimizuGear09 post. The duty roulette is a daily roulette. I live in the Central Time Zone and the roulettes reset at 10 am for me. 50/60, Leveling, Trials, MS, and guildheist that really adds up everyday. Also the higher level you are at the time of completion of the roulette you get a % of your levels xp so the higher you are the more you get(but only the first time per day). I would pick up Warrior and Dark knight. They can wear the Pally armor if you get the poetics ironwork/shire gear. If you aim for Lv 70 with all 3 you will get way more than the 100 you need. Make sure to do the first 2 dark knight class quests to get the move darkside.
  8. For future reference to new players. After you finish the Lv 10 guild quest with your starting guild you should go join every single guild there is. Personally it is smart to level two or three different combat jobs like gladiator(tank) and lancer(DPS) or CON(Healer) and Arcanist(DPS). I would do you daily roulette every day. The experience is too good to skip out on it. For the dailies called Leveling and 50/60 queue is much fast as a tank or healer. At Lv 50 make sure to get samurai and Red mage, they start at 50 and are so awesome. As soon as you get into heavens ward get Machinist and Dark knight they start at Lv 30. If anyone needs advice about FF 14, they can PM me. I have been playing for 4 months now. Other than gathering/crafting and raiding, I know alot. Also I am on US server Malboro. I tank and DPS hit me up. My sub runs out in Nov after that I will take a break.
  9. Last night I was rewatching the Demon Lord sits in the last row. The last new show I watched was Knights and Magic.
  10. My copy of this game is in the mail. I played this on the PS2. So the class system getting locked? Is that from very beginning.
  11. Get a second ps4 and come over to US server Malboro where me and my brother just started 5 days ago.
  12. May 16th if Ubisoft facebook is right... hopefully it works. According to a couple of xbox people I was talking to A Reservist procs on the 6th round an asset is laid and the off season did not count.
  13. I'm right there with you guys. Ubisoft needs to stop with this crap. I stopped everything I was doing to try to get the plat as soon as possible. Not only did I waste my time, I did not get what I earned.
  14. Number 5 would not work. For example AC Black Flag I completed chapters 5 to 9 when the PSN was down and didn't get credit for it so after completing the game, I started a new game getting the trophies out of order.