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  1. I downloaded the campaign pack and the campaign spec-ops pack as they say they are both required to play the campaign. That is all you need to do. I received the "installation suspended" warning until I downloaded both packs.
  2. First one I just joined had the glitch. Leveling up currently. Edit: Shot ten bodies and my game froze.
  3. After reading the instructions and watching the video I got it in about three tries. Make sure you hold down on the d-pad when doing this shot as it hits the ball much further, 31 mph vs 20 mph. I was a few feet off the green and putted in easily. Edit: I just saw you got it. Ignore please.
  4. I paused after finishing the "Going Rogue" trophy and it freezed up and crashed the game. When logging back in, my game went back to where i finished the 15th kill, instead of outside my hideout. I believe the game preserved this and will allow me to still get 100 percent without re-doing the level 15 vigilante mission.
  5. I tested taxi fares to see if the requirement is 100 in "all" saved games or 100 in "a" saved game. I did 10 taxi runs on one save, and 90 on another. This does not pop the trophy, so you need all 100 on a single game save.
  6. The Forerunner seal did not give me this trophy. That was my first seal.
  7. I am working on all A rankings for the codex trophies and ran into a small glitch. I ended up scoring 4355 points by only breaking 10 blocks myself on Level 9+. The ball got stuck here for almost the entire level, and I spammed the reflector. 4355 was the final score and I only broke 10 blocks myself, the rest were destroyed by the time over ships.
  8. As a person who had just three trophies from the list since 2016 and who completed all the remaining trophies in about one day in July of this year, the online trophies are not at all difficult. There are still tons of people playing, and probably looking for the trophies like you.
  9. As a person who has only played blackout in the 50 v 50 mode, Not A Fluke absolutely counts 50 v 50 wins.
  10. Painbow Connection isn't bad at all. Farm Uranus Bot for nade. There is a travel station 30 seconds away. Farm Haderax for the weapons as there seems to be a very high drop rate for the auto rifle in the chests. I got three auto-rifles in 5 attempts. Haderax also gives a guaranteed shield. You also get a guaranteed relic from a story mission.
  11. Can confirm the three trophies associated with today's release are working. 1) The two trophies that say "in one spin" will work during the 8 spins you get in the bonus round. 2) They count bonus spins as part of the 100 spins needed.
  12. Another good help is to fishing for rare fish until you pull the triple precision ball. The ball when used on 9 or 18 holes disappears after one use, but when you use it on one hole only, it does not go away.
  13. You could always play against yourself, vita versus ps3 with the same account.
  14. As someone who got the platinum on New Vegas and 3 with the full edition disc, removing the autosave for every loading screen/travel helps a lot. Also, I tried to restart the game every 2-3 hours as the game's stability deteriorated after that time frame.
  15. Yes. The unlock requires getting three official condors. Just finished it today actually.