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  1. When I play the gold survival missions I still encounter a lot of "noobs" who can't even survive the first 10 waves or don't realize that you have to go inside the ring to keep the area you're defending. A "noob" can get great gear by playing with good players who do most of the work. I don't think ki lvl necessarily tells how experienced you are. Nevertheless I would have liked to have the option of matchmaking as well.
  2. I played with Crash. There are some tight turns in Oxide station that are harder to manage without loosing your boost with a speed character. I got past Oxide using rockets and after that it was a done deal for me.
  3. Had easier time with the Oxide ghosts than in the original CTR back in the day. The added super boost (purple fire boost) makes tracks like N. Gin labs and Cortex Castle easy, levels which were hard in the original game. Dragon mines was hard though. I like how they included CNK tracks in the game since it brought more Oxide ghosts to beat.
  4. Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood had one back in 2009. Would like to see more games with a trophy tracker.
  5. I think we last saw Melisandre at Dragonstone in Season 7. In season 6 Jon told her that she will be hanged if she ever returns to the North.
  6. It sure is weird that it works and I do remember making a Hong Kong account. Hopefully it still works!
  7. I did just that back in the day. I think I found it out from PS3trophies.org site so there might be an explanation there.
  8. There is no trophy for upgrading everything (apart from upgrading your weapon and one runic attack) so you can use your xp freely. Upgrading Atreus is surprisingly useful. You don't have to upgrade every rune attack for the axe. Just use the one you like and upgrade that. With the Leviathan axe I used the same light rune attack from the moment I got it to the end of the game. It was the one that lets you throw the axe far away. I did change the heavy rune attack. Also if you do a lot of the side quests you will have more than enough xp to buy anything you want.
  9. If you are trying the open races, try to plan how you go through the checkpoints. Pushing down on the d-pad let's you see the map better and it helps planning the route. Collect the barrels that give you more stamina. Sometimes you get unlucky and someone hits you with their horse but try to avoid other people. Don't bother shooting anyone and luckily there is no auto aim in this mode so you rarely get shot by others. The free Arabian horse obviously helps a lot.
  10. I can also confirm that the gang hideouts respawn.
  11. While in a mission, your companion/s is usually indicated by a grey dot. I think it's just a glitch when it shows a companion on the map like that. Every companion activity I did, started from a white label with some sort of a picture like for example a wagon wheel inside. In chapter 4 there was a companion activity with at least Uncle and Pearson.
  12. Was about to reply the same thing. It seems like a logical solution.
  13. Played Spyro back when I was a kid and I can't wait to play the remastered versions of the games and get those sweet platinums.
  14. Here's my entry https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/5636-lara-croft-go/Riddler535 Thank you for the giveaway!
  15. It won't take too long to get the characters after the new update came that changed the amount of credits you get after match. Rank 50 takes around 80-100 hours at the moment and I believe you can get all the characters in around 15 hours of playing, but this will change of course after the DLC characters become available. There is no other stuff to buy because weapons are unlocked by completing milestones for example "Kill 50 enemies" and cards are behind the loot crates. By the way, I don't like the loot crate system cause it's so random what you get and you get too many duplicates.