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  1. It is still one of my top 3 systems of all time. Play it every day.
  2. Here are mine in alphabetical: Cosmic Star Heroine the Danganronpa Trilogy Hot Shots Golf (FYI Plat is unatainable now) Killzone: Mercenary Muramasa Rebirth + DLC Odin Sphere Persona 4 Golden Timespinner Ys VIII Zero Escape: The Nonary Games There are a ton more and I could go on and on as it is personally top 3 systems of all time
  3. Other than 100% weapons (there were a couple that were really low drop rates) and the S rank on Boss rush, a very doable Platinum. Amazing Metroidvania and if the physical is coming, I will hold out for that. If it wasn't for Dread, this would have been my favorite Metroidvania of the year
  4. Right now, Rayman Legends for Vita. My first trophy was 02/14/2015 and still working towards the plat
  5. You need to get the back of every card which requires to beat about 5 of each regular enemy
  6. So far I'm enjoying this one. the Monster stories are such a Yoko Taro thing, and I love them
  7. I also am able to download and play ps plus games now. I was getting quite scared about this
  8. Totally agree. To me, it is like tactics games. There are good ones, and God Wars comes close, but nothing have ever reached the heights of Final Fantasy Tactics is quality. Back on topic, exist archives story isn't close to VP, but the exploration and battle system really is on point And I hope SO6 is good. I'm going to buy it anyways as I love the series and never thought we would get another one
  9. Did you play Exist Archive? Gameplay is very very similar
  10. This error sucks. I have tried chat (no help, they disconnected after they said we are looking into it), I have tried "buying" a free item (both a theme and dlc for a game) and I even bought a month of PS+ to no avail. I was able to start the download for a total of one game, and it was one I bought (Ratchet and Clank collection). Other than that, it is no good. Not to happy on this front
  11. All games would have been better on the Vita. I love that system so much
  12. Victor Vran is already out in Europe, not only Europe. Also TLOU 2 is only until Jan 3, 2022
  13. I've been playing through Nexomon Extinction and really digging it. Just finished the main story after about 30 hours, but I went and caught a lot more mons than what I needed. I have about 100 left to obtain through evolution or catching. The first one was just released last week and is $10
  14. This gave me some heavy Bayonetta/Nier Automata vibes. I'm in
  15. I haven't earned the platinum but I did everything (Including a 13 hour fight against Yiazamat) on the PS2 and it is a really fun game. The biggest thing now to remember against the guide is you can change you license boards. Originally, you chose one and were stuck with it, but as of a patch it is now in line with the Switch version. This game is a little tedious at the beginning as you are limited on your gambits but as you buy more, the possibilities open up and it becomes more of a strategy game as opposed to an RPG. Filling the bestiary will still take some time, as you the hunts do require some leveling up, but the speed up with the remake is a godsend