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  1. I reqlly hope so. It still is my favorite numbered ff game
  2. Per Wikipedia. They promised jobs for the share. The player is Curt Schilling, pretty fsmous baseball player with the Boston Red Sox In July 2010, the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation (EDC) approved a $75 million loan guarantee to 38 Studios. 38 Studios had promised to bring 450 jobs to the state by the end of 2012. On November 3, 2010, 38 Studios announced the closure of its $75 million financing package in conjunction with the EDC and the relocation of the Maynard, Massachusetts development studio to One Empire Plaza, Providence, Rhode Island, in early 2011. On April 8, 2011, 38 Studios began relocation from the Maynard location to the new studio home in Providence. Over 160 employees began working in the new space on April 12, exceeding agreed upon job creation and relocation milestones.
  3. Ive been back into Rayman Legends. Tons of stuff to do and a really nice difficulty curve
  4. It looks like the vita version is ok. The PS4 version is still unobtainable, at least for NA
  5. Couple of thoughts on some of my older games Switch Galaxy Ultra 0 trophies F ranking 4+ hours I didn't get any trophies for this game. The most common one is at 5.25%. It plays like a medicore Audiosurf with lame music. The controls felt a little loose to me, which is not ideal in a fast paced game. I spent almost 2 hours trying to beat the 20000 in survival mode, and the most i got was 11000. Glad I didnt pay for this pile of junk Star Ocean: Till the End of Time 1/30 trophies for 1% E ranking 7 hours The third installment of the Star Ocean franchise. I remember preordering this game when i got my first job. You play as Fayt, a normal teenager who is on vacation with his parents and his childhood friend Sophie. As they are chilling in their beach hotel, the place is attacked. Fayt's parents are seperated from him, and Sophie and Fayt are transported to a safe zone. On a transport back to their home planet, the transport ship is also attacked. Some bad luck for Fayt. He escapes via escape pod to the underdeveloped planet Vanguard III, where he helps a town defeat Norton, an offworld criminal trying to become essentially the king of the planet. It has been 14 or so years since i have played this game, and I would like to finish it, as I had never done so before. I still think Second Story is the bestin this series, but this one is really fun too Element4l 2/12 trophies for 10% B ranking 3 hours The game was a strange one. It is a puzzle platformer where you play as a ball of atoms that can change to any of the four classical elements, earth fire water and air. Each one has its own special properties to help get to the end od the level. For example, air is your jump, fire helps you move forward, earth increases your mass and helps you speed up for ramps, and water is converted to ice to help you slide along. This game ramped up in challenge really quickly. For a game that has a lot of speedrunning qualities it adds, I was way to alow to take advantage of any of those. There wasnt much of a Story at all, but it might be one where I'll do a level here or there
  6. Games 2 and 3 are below. Battlefield 1 1/51 trophies for 1% E ranking 3 hours As I stated earlier, I just didnt like this game. I really wish I did. It plays a lot like Star Wars Battlefront, but I think that hame was a better layout. I only played the multiplayer portion on BF1 and it never clicked for me. I might try some more with other classes or other guns, but I just was not having a lot of fun with this game. For FPS I usually only like the story diven ones, like Doom or Titanfall 2. I will say the game looks really nice. Game 3 Hustle Kings 2/17 trophies C ranking 4 hours Hustle Kings is a pool game. There isnt much to say about a story. I spent most of my time on the tutorial missions as I could not jump over the one ball to save my life. I tried for over an hour, but I finally did it exactly as ot was supposed to do. I played a few missions in the campaign, and tried to find someone oneline to play with, but to no avail. I personally would rather just play pool irl. The presentation seemed nice, but nothing to fancy. The vita touch controls felt a little off to me when I slid my finger back and forth to hit the cue ball. I'll probably so Switch Galaxy as my next game and Star Ocean for the weekend Yes there was. It was island mode. But it wasnt as bad as the Magical Miracle Girl Monomi minigame. That was awful
  7. Im liking all the tribe love here. I'm interested as to see what deadline details will be made. I live in Cinci, so I see a lot of Reds games, and Iglasias would be a clutch pick up. Get him, hopefully get a healthy Miller, and have Oliver Perez and Niel Rameriez continue what they are doing, then I can see them going deep in October
  8. Game one is over and I started game 2. First my final thoughts Alienation 4 hours 5/42 for 6% E rating A twin stick shooter where you are fighting off hordes of aliens. Like i said in my quick thoughts, a much more polished version of Helldivers or Dead Nation. Around mission 8, something clickes and I was cleaning up. The battleship I only died once, which considering i was dying a dozen or more times on the levels before is quite an achievement for me. I will probably go back to this one as I was start I g to really have a lot of fun with it. The same cannot be said so far about game 2, Battlefield 1. I am not the greatest of players at FPS, but I played about 5 matches, 3 operations, and i just found myself not really having a lot of fun. I will try to go do more of the campaign to get some skill, but I dont think this will push me into the MP FPS scene.
  9. Deception iv is not free for US. They gave us Extreme Exorcism as well. A little disappointed in that
  10. Played a couple of hours of Alienation. Pretty good twin stick shooter so far. I'm not very good at it, but it is definitely the most polished of games like it I have played (Dead Nation, Helldivers). No trophies yet to show for it, but I just got back to Alaska, so should be pretty soon to getting something
  11. Ill join again and hopefully wont have any technical difficulties like last time 1. Alienation 2. Savage Moon 3. Hustle Kings 4. Legend of Kay 5. Star Ocean Til the End of Time 6. Switch Galaxy Ultra 7. Battlefield 1 8. Guilty Gear Xrd 9. Element4l 10. Mirror's Edge Catalyst
  12. Bought mine. That makes 7 games I have ordered and am now waiting to receive
  13. You have to go 1 to 50. I got Lucas Simms in a box, but no level trophies
  14. Doing some research, this has nothing to do with that series. It is based on a light novel from 2013.
  15. 2-5 is in no particular order. Chrono Trigger is my favorite, as I still see it as the only perfect game ever made Chrono Trigger Nier Nier Automata Earthbound Final fantasy VIII Secret of Mana is very close to making on the list. The original soundtrack, not the remake soundtrack