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  1. Great game! Just disappointed by the lack of leaderboards..
  2. No you don't.. unless I ran into a kind bug. I have all medals on 1-13.. missing two on B1 and one on B2.
  3. Weird.. there's no hidden enemy if that's what you're wondering. Happens everytime?
  4. I like this trophy list a lot.. it's straightforward and rewarding. Nightmare isn't even much harder than Insane at all.. enemies have a little more health but it's barely noticeable. Biggest difference is that your magnet is very weak to collect stars. Also, you can just dodge almost everything. Took me less than 25 hours to get the plat.
  5. I thought you had to get all the medals for Nightmare so I got them for level 1 through 13 (campaign levels) but I got the trophy after surviving through B1 and B2. Also, the card trophy is a non issue.. I do not recommend you use the radar. Not needed..
  6. hi i have trouble with the record score trophy in Aero Fighters 2 how did you get it?

    it really bugs me i want to 100% the game T_T