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  1. It was always in their update notes that it would be going up to 330 so cant see anything changing tbh. Just let it be a warning to anybody who hasn't bought/played the game yet. I have heard reports though that it locks you out of everything, you can't even play crucible without the dlc, but don't know whether its true or not. I got sucked in and bought the dlc.
  2. 4 years since I last played Bioshock Infinite, and only know can I recognise Credence Clearwater Rival's lyrics of Fortunate Son.  I certainly didn't know them 4 years ago.

  3. I only got the e-mail today so maybe a bit different.
  4. Your total hours of online play : 192 Your most played online game : Star Wars Battlefront Your PS Plus savings : £22 Your monthly games redeemed : 22 Wow 192 hours to legit plat (no boosting) Star Wars Battlefront. I loved every minute of it 😀
  5. It isn't hard at all, just need multiple play throughs concentrating on a different trophy each time. You do need to get lucky on the placement of people on each level but an easy ultra rare plat (0.79% at the moment) in my opinion.
  6. Hooray, something interesting to read again. Good luck everybody, i look forward to reading all your thoughts on your games, and hopefully getting a few ideas on what games to play from my backlog.
  7. Finally Rank 100 on Star Wars Battlefront.  I was rank 92 before the bonus weekend, and the last 8 ranks just flew by.  Bring on Battlefront 2.

    1. marvelboy10


      Great job! :yay: I can't wait until they release Battlefront 2 and Episode 8 The Last Jedi hype. :D

    2. MaximumOverdrive


      Congrats! :D 

    3. DO_or_DIE_312


      Congrats man 👍

  8. You've convinced me. I didn't even realise it was free on plus in January. Luckily I downloaded it at the time and just forgot all about it. Hopefully your tips will come in handy, cheers.
  9. Pre-order DLC according to google. I didn't pre-order so haven't got it, but from what I have read it wasn't worth it anyway.
  10. I had no idea the MP was still active in BLUR. Might have to buy a cheap copy seeing as I have the game on my profile. Thanks.
  11. You change the server you are playing on to a quiet one (or something like that). I have heard reports of people getting their stats reset by EA for using this method, so I would make sure the rank 100 is the last trophy you need for 100% just in case they do.
  12. I still play it on my PS2 every now and again. Agreed it was awesome. I am still hoping that it might get the PS4 treatment at some point. I doubt it but one can hope.
  13. I didn't think it was right tbh, but it was my best shot. Well done sir it has beaten me. I could carry on making sentences all day long but I don't think any would be right. My final thoughts if it helps any one solve it are :
  14. My guess is :
  15. Balls, just died on level 100 of the crucible in Darksiders 2

    1. Hemiak


      Are there checkpoints? Sucks either way, but one sucks way harder. 

    2. delboy_rules



      there are but if you wanna go all the way, you have to get to level 100 in one go.  Just shows how bad my load out was, next attempt no problems at all.