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  1. You creeping my profile eh?



    1. ihadalifeb4this


      @LeeMcD- I would be more cautious if i were you.


      Accidents do happen...


  2. Whaddup homie?

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    2. Helyx


      Wat it do y'all. 

    3. Hitman


      @xEl_CidxNo hay razon para cambiarlo.

      @HelyxChillin' bro. Been playin' Uncharted since it's free for PS+ this month.

    4. Helyx


      Just finished Spider-Man recently. Pretty good.

  3. I had the same issue. Just gave up after a while. There goes another 100% ruined.
  4. Didn't mean to ignore you earlier. I was AFK. xD

    1. Spinach


      All good. I may not flay you.

  5. I've seen nothing game-breaking, like the Blighttown frame rate drop from Dark Souls 1.
  6. I thought about using the coiled sword to warp back, but I figured the loading time would be just as much, if not more than the run back. I'm not sure why you think the 3rd knight is too far, though. he's right in the next platform on the right. It's ... like, right there. The 3rd knight has the same move set as the 2nd knight, so you'd deal with him the same way. Either way, I know this is all academic. We all have our proofs boosted. Just figured I'd share my thoughts.
  7. I found that if you have the Symbol of Avarice, the Gold Serpent Ring, and the Crystal Sage Rapier, that gives you about 300 item discovery. I'm not sure the extra points in luck are really worth the hassle. Also, I wouldn't skip the 3rd silver knight. I got quite a few of the Proofs of Concord from him. Just sayin'.
  8. I can't remember exactly, but I think I finished under SL 130.
  9. Worked fine for me as well. Seems like only the Blue/Darkmoon covenants are the ones giving problems. While farming Proofs of Concord, I think I only got summoned twice. With other covenants, I got summoned all the time.
  10. I got helped with all rings, so I'm more than willing to pay it forward. Hit me up on PSN and I'll drop the rings. PSN - Hitman1105 P.S. I'm also willing to trade/dupe weapons if anyone has any upgraded ones. I have a Dark Sword +10 and a few +9 weapons if anyone is interested. I can also drop the Crystal Sage Rapier and Symbol of Avarice if anyone wants them for farming purposes.
  11. Hey, I'm going to see if I can join your gaming session for today, 1/12, if that's ok for WFC. I may not be able to join up until 8:00 PM EST, though.

  12. No worries. Here to help.
  13. If you killed her, then no you didn't get the soul you need. You need to replay the game in NG+ and let her put the old one back to sleep.
  14. I've NEVER heard of any Demon's Souls (or any Souls) game that glitches trophies. I'm 99.9% positive you're missing something OP. Just finish the game up and check later. If you haven't finished the game, then there's no chance that you have all the souls for all the spells/miracles/weapons, unless someone else duped them for you.
  15. Oi, Pie, How's it going? :)

    1. Elliot


      Not bad, thank ye! Back in the family home for Christmas, just catching up with some random games. How about you, I hope everything's well? :)

    2. Hitman


      I'm doing swell. You still at Oxford, or have you graduated?

    3. Elliot


      Graduated now, got a job in the games industry, which is super sweet. :D Not made anything for PS3/4 yet, but when we do, I'll spam the CB with it endlessly.