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  1. I only had time for one match tonight but it did save my progress this time. Here's to hoping it stays this way for awhile .
  2. Buying PlayStation 5 on release and concentrating strictly on PS5 games
  3. I can confirm that I am still getting the error failed to retrieve requested match history today. Ran another quick test today and still no savie February 3rd, 2020
  4. Just tested now and still no saves today.
  5. 3 matches no saves for me tonight
  6. Platinum Trophy - Trivial Pursuit
  7. Thats exactly what I did and its all back to normal
  8. Oddly enough when I updated my profile last night it decided to hide a whole bunch of trophies even though I did not change any settings - not sure why this happened.
  9. I would say this isn't really a grind you can just let the game play for you and do something else.
  10. The game I purchased does not censor the word Nazi.
  11. Hi syxys check my post for info on how to buy the DLC from the USA GameStop website from your country Sure if you want to private message it I would love to be able to complete my 100 percent on one of my first platinums I earned,.
  12. Ah if only I had a US address.
  13. I can confirm this trophy is bugged - I managed to play 2 rounds in the same squad as my other account and the trophy did not pop.
  14. ah I see only on the US best buy does not show up on Canadian best buy
  15. How do you find these codes ? I have checked gamestop and bestbuy and cannot find any codes.