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  1. Can't speak for the 10TB hard drive as an external, but since it would be large format it will need external power source, which would be less convenient than using USB attached 2.5" drive which does not require external power. I use a 4TB external 2.5" drive which spins up automatically when the console goes on, no extra fiddling with power on/off on the larger drives. After one year its not even quarter used yet so even if you completely fil the 4TB drive just switch to another one. Cost much less than 10TB, which would take a very long time to fill, and by that time they may even have much larger 2.5" drives at less cost than today. Good luck whatever you decide to do. btw; I did use an external 3.5" drive on my PS3 console many years back, and can speak to the disadvantages of powering on/off external drives.
  2. Confirming that that the digital save file is compatible with disc version from the same region as the digital copy of the game. As long as you prevent the 1.03 patch from being installed when you start the game using the disc version and you have enough money, there will be second version of the Gremlin with a price tag so you can purchase it. If this was the last trophy missing then the platinum will also pop once the "Jay Will Be Proud" trophy has popped. The only downside is having to also buy the disc version to get around the glitch since the developers don't bother to answer any requests for updates on the game.
  3. Side Missions are not required for the platinum - When I got mine, I still had about seventeen side missions which were not completed.
  4. No updates for the game yet, so yes, its still bugged.
  5. Found that Master of Solitaires (win a game of each of 3 types) was not unlocking after winning many times on different days. Checked the Leaderboards and found that the Local Leaderboards is cleared after every exit of the game, so it would appear that this trophy along with the win 5 of Free cell and Klondike Solitaire will need to be done in a single session. This is either a bug or else the developers have sick sense of humour given that Free cell is win 1 in 7 games on average. Trophy description does not indicate that these need to done in a single session, so its more likely a bug.
  6. Multiplayer is still reasonably active, but mostly under the Playlist "Racing" category or less so the Custom with Quick join. Most of the other categories are not as commonly active these days but you can still find others active occasionally. When you try to find races, and you are in your own lobby, then just back out of the lobby and try to join again, eventually it will match make and find an active lobby with others, from mainly the above two types. For those wanting to obtain the few special trophies, private matches can still be arranged and these can be dispatched quickly, most of the fun in the online is in the Racing category, or else the Demolition derbies.
  7. To those having issues getting online with online passes, the digital copy of my PS Plus version was recently re-installed and was connecting fine, with the occasional expected disconnects due to server issues. The problems may be with the country whose servers you are connecting or if you are obtaining the free pass from PSN, if that online pass does not match the region of your digital game (I downloaded the Online pass from my Download List rather than searching for it on the PSN store). fyi, my location is Australia, and these servers were connecting.
  8. Its possible some of the people who played the level exited the level before it completed so it didn't count towards the 10 plays. Did you try to play it your self also?
  9. Check under the location names if you are using the wide view for the map. I found if you zoom in on the map and the name tags disappear then some locations become visible, which were being masked by the names.
  10. Confirmed that the trophy can still be obtained, found at least one evolution community event open, and trophy popped after repeating the event a second time. "Any Takers" also still works as was able to send challenge to 10 friends & that also popped within seconds.
  11. Can confirm that having the Perks activated for skills can impact getting the Versatile Showman trophy. I was stuck on 98% after completing over 90 skills in all areas at Platinum level, before resetting perks, and trying only three more skills in different areas before the achievement popped. This was also after the v1.12 patch so can't be sure that it may have also been fixed from the patch. Only other advice I can offer is to select the Platinum ghost before starting the skill, to verify that you are beating the minimum Platinum time for the skill, as I noticed when I had the perks activated that I was achieving platinum on skills while still behind the ghost on some events.
  12. At least for this week the Season Pass for Driveclub has been reduced to half price for the Australian (possibly EU) PSN stores if not others (can't confirm), making the game even much better value for the 85 DLC trophies, and cutting out the need to do mindless grinding for the Platinum trophy, as 100% the base game and the 3 free DLC's if the game was bought originally is no where near what you need for the last couple of Platinum requirements.