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  1. So just do a full batch slowly update on everyone over the course of a year idk. Wacky numbers are embarrassing.
  2. I think the xbox site uses batches, its no big deal imo
  3. what the fuck did i just play
  4. the site doesnt update, so all the stats are inaccurate lolz
  5. I wish I had saved my save for this, but oh well. At least I can be bothered to play again.
  6. Legendary Phantom ThiefEarn all trophies.
  7. Legendary Phantom Thief Earn all trophies.
  8. Platinum Jack N' JillGet all the trophies
  9. Platinum WeekendGet all other trophies
  10. I'm working on making P5 Plat 50. I'm worried I have more than 2 jewels left to get post ship, but I guess I'll find out when I get them... I put off the Plat for too long. I'm also super excited to play the rest, but I hope to buy Dancing next month lol

  11. Beyond Rehabilitation Defeat the twins.
  12. Mirror's Edge, I fucking hate that game and will never complete it.
  13. I hope they don't fix it.