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  1. This sale hasn't ended yet?
  2. Another thing to keep in mind is that tracking on newer games is shit versus older games. Esp since Sly wasn't updating anyone for awhile or wtfever? RIP my baby Vita Q_Q
  3. tl;dr trophy whores & shovel ware = $$$
  4. Class MasterLeveled a unit to level 99! 19th Sep 2019 2:45:38 AM 1,730 ACHIEVERS 47,388 OWNERS 3.65% ULTRA RARE
  5. im confused you plat this game almost a month ago, plus three more since + 100s ?___?
  6. Here are flags according to JP Clown yellow Infiltration Survey: Mountain Range × Gold coins black Infiltration Survey: Wilderness × Fairy Ivy on green Infiltration Survey: Forest x Cat Grass crest on red background Infiltration investigation: highway × Rabbit Purple diagonal stripes Infiltration Survey: Canyon × Angel yellow Infiltration Survey: Fort × Baku White Mercenary Rank S × crown yellow Initial Benefits ×
  7. Triple Finish Killed 3 enemies simultaneously!
  8. i hate those trees, i have no idea if im doing something wrong or what ;_;
  9. If you are so good at code, can't you help Sly implement things so users don't have to make work arounds?
  11. im jealous, but this game is always on sale and i just need to buy it already ;_; but i am trying to not buy stuff unless i will play it asap
  12. A Cut Above Kill 30 enemies with the Ripper
  13. Live With The Hot Ones Kill 30 enemies with the Flamethrower
  14. I just hate 12 lol
  15. 12 has cheats? That explains why people like it now.