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  1. They wouldn't have been able to anyways. You can only hire for one day (in game). They don't carry over. It was also on PS+
  2. The "other players" you are seeing might just be NPCs. There is a small pool that rotates, iirc. The QR feature is what you need most for the Platinum. And even then it will be a tedious grind.
  3. I know everyone hates GS, but I dropped off a resume at EB Games today. Even though I have unlimited availability and mentioned I would be willing to fill in for people as needed, I know I'm not going to get the job. I never get the job.


    If you have any advice (aside from "don't work there" lol), please let me know? I know a lot of people here have worked for Game Stop in the past. So on the off chance I do get a callback, it'd be nice to have info.

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    2. ExHaseo


      I used to work at Gamestop, and at least in the district I worked in, the only real way to get a job there was to know someone. We would get tons of applications, but the only ones who would get interviews were regulars that employees liked and friends of employees. That's really the best way to go about it, get to know the staff and be personable.


      I once asked my manager why this was the case, and he told me that it's because they need people that are personable and that's not something you can see on a piece of paper. You're there selling things and need the social skills to be able to do it effectively. A lot of gamers tend to be introverted and that's not something that works well in a sales environment. We would also get so many applications, and almost anyone just applying at Gamestop has enough gaming knowledge, that they needed a way to whittle the pile down. He also said that with such a small staff, it's really important that everyone gets along. Knowing that someone will fit in before hand helps a lot.


      So if you really want the job, just make friends with the staff and you'll be in. If you do get an interview, just be personable.

    3. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      i dont hate GS or EB. They are amazing. Fuck the haters. Probably just dont have money to spend.


      Anytime i have ordered a new game from online, it has arrived in original shrink wrap..So I've never had an issue.

      in terms of trade in values, thats ANYWHERE. Trade in during promotion. Ive gotten double what i paid for a game before.

      example. purchased a game on sale for 18, traded in during a 50% extra toward new releases promo  ended up getting 40+. Doesnt make sense but it worked and thats when you gotta do it.

    4. Angel


      I can't really give any advice since I never worked there or know someone who has but I do wish you the best on getting the job and even if you don't, always keep your spirits up as you will eventually get a job!


      Also I never understood the hate towards GS, in my experience I always had great people helping me out with certain games and have gotten some great deals because of that.

  4. It was released physical on Vita and 3DS
  5. https://***/trophy-guides/ps4-guides/need-a-packet-trophy-guide/ ?
  6. Depending on where you live, prices are very inflated on basically everything gaming wise right now.
  7. Almost every dlc is store exclusive unless a GOTY exists. It would probably be a shorter list if you did games that had DLC on disc.
  8. Epic Tale of Sorcerers Acquired all trophies.
  9. Urgh, I guess I shouldn't buy them from different regions then. Thanks guys.
  10. Like, do I get anything unlocked for having a save of the first game? Or are they separate, in that regard? Sorry, this is a dumb question.
  11. Lulu and Nelke are expensive, but it looks like the other PS4 Atelier have increased too.
  12. >missing the point completely lol ok
  13. Don't be so cocky. There's digital only games for starters. Also, you're wrong.