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  1. Four Times the FunUnlock your fourth festival.
  2. コーちん大活躍 コーちんが、隊長をかばった
  3. 超・長丁場 1回の戦闘で200ターンを超えた
  4. Piece of Cake Collect all the trophies
  5. Yup, Akiba's Trip 2 should be first, Beat is second. The remake/whatever just is up for JP preorders right now, there are no lists from what I've seen.
  6. This is in the wrong order. Beat is 3, and the first game is being released for PS4 (in Japan, anyways):'s_Trip
  7. Locked threads for Soul Sacrifice
  8. Repaid in Blood Complete a Vendetta Mission.
  9. I guess I'll progress the story and hope for the best. Thanks guys.
  10. How far in the story did you progress before they showed up? I haven't seen a single one ._.;
  11. It's fucking bullshit, and I don't plan on buying anything for awhile out of spite. I'm not paying $50 for a fucking visual novel (I actually read them, but that's too much money). There are two coming out, and one is like $80. (being Canadian sucks too lol)
  12. I think