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  1. Not yet :/ I’m still trying through Best Buy but their site still isn’t allowing checkout.
  2. I love all the welcome park comments 😂 I thought it was a tutorial too until that first trophy popped 😳 I just got a Vita and the first game I got was Resistance Burning Skies. The first two games are some of my favorites so it’s been fun to get back into it. I technically also have Sly Cooper Thieves in Time from cross buy. I’m excited about that because I didn’t plat it my first time through so it will be fun to play it portably this time.
  3. I’ve been thinking about getting these games as well. Does anyone know if the game controls any better on the Vita? Or is the remaster still the way to go even with some of the issues outlined above?
  4. I’ve recently started working on my completion as well. So far I have started with PS3 and Vita games with online, and will be doing PS4 online games as well. Downloading any dlc I may need before they are delisted. Other than that it’s mostly what I feel like playing. I try to alternate between playing/buying a new game and then going back and finishing a backlog title. Like I said though, if I want to play a game I just play it. I’ve been finishing Persona 5 platinum just because I want to rather than there being a need due to online or something like that. However I do like prioritizing games with online, especially for games I like. Not getting the platinum for Resistance 2 is my biggest trophy regret so far, I don’t want that for other games I love.
  5. Yeah and I get that. I have that same ocd and completionism mentality! So my knee jerk reaction would be to want the ability to delete as well. But when I really think about it I feel for me personally it would take a lot out of it. I feel i would be less motivated or not have the desire to 100% games if I knew I could just delete it.
  6. This! I also view trophies largely as a gaming journal. I can look back and see all the games I played and remember what I liked and didn’t like, even scrolling through and remember specific trophies. And then for others as thefourfoldroot said, it would mess with stats. Not only the rarity stats, but then having a high completion percentage means nothing. So then it’s almost like what’s the point? If you only show off the games you bothered to put effort in and everyone has 100% completion, then it takes a lot out of it. I’m mean if you can delete trophies for only the games you don’t want them on... I just can’t comprehend what others get out of that other than fulfilling their OCD of having a 100% complete profile. It’s almost like they don’t actually like trophies?
  7. I’m going to give a lot of unpopular opinions but, I disagree with a lot of the comments. - I think if you had the option to delete games it completely defeats the purpose of trophies. They let you delete your 0% and I think that’s perfect. - I also think DLC should stay the way it is. Whether you like it or not, it’s part of the game so it should absolutely add to 100% completing it. - I also think online trophies should stay included towards platinums. Part of what I love about trophies is they get me to experience a game fully. It gets me to try things I probably wouldn’t have otherwise. If a game has online, then that is a part of the game. If you play a game after servers are down, you have missed out on a part of the game. I think it would be disingenuous to say you “100%” a game when you never even experience a large portion of it if they don’t require online trophies. Other than that, like many, I would love a progress tracker, cabinet, sorting options, store/rewards, time tracker and no more region specific trophy lists.
  8. Ratchet and Clank Tools of Destruction in 2007. It’s the game that made me buy a PS3, even though it was still $600 at the time. I’m sad that game never got trophies.
  9. Right now I only have 3: Wipeout HD for PS3 Scott Pilgrim Vs the World The Game The Last of Us PS3 The first two were freebies that I played for probably a total of 5 minutes. Neither interest me and trophies are difficult or unattainable. The Last of Us I never even owned on PS3, a friend brought it over and a different friend who didn’t have a PS3 wanted to try it. I have never played the game myself and now I have the 0% :/ Planning on that being my next PS4 game so I will never touch any of these 0% games.
  10. If it’s error code CE 34878 0 then there are no fixes. Trust me, Spider Man does this to me all the time and I’ve done hours of research and “fixes”. People will tell you to turn the internet off, to initialize your PS4, to replace the hard drive, to delete the game and reinstall it, to try a different disc, try cleaning the disc, rebuild the database from safe mode, make sure the game and system are up to date, disconnect the PlayStation camera, and so on and so forth. Some of those things maybe keep the game from crashing as frequently, but in the end nothing works. The game has become unplayable unfortunately. I contacted PlayStation Support four times and they were rude and useless and insisted nothing was wrong. Any forum or discussion you find online give the same answers that don’t work and then the original poster never updates if they found a solution. As far as I know nothing works for this but I would be happy to be proven wrong.
  11. Huh kind of weird! Maybe now that Sony owns the IP they wanted to take down the EA published version. I wonder if they can republish it themselves now or if they are working on a reboot. If they are rebooting it, hopefully it’s more akin to what Fuse was originally. Overstrike, as it was called then, genuinely looked unique and funny. I really liked the art style as well. I’m not sure about the servers. I don’t own the game, and EA’s website isn’t very helpful. Go figure.
  12. I got the platinum the night of July 4th and I got the email the morning of the 6th.
  13. http://lbp.me/v/hnv7zb Level Hearts only please! I will heart everyone who has previously posted and has yet to reach their goal! Please do the same Thanks guys!