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  1. it would seem that the crashing has been fixed since version 1.03 since I just decided to start playing this game after looking at the trophies and have been playing all day. The only reason I found this thread was because I was wondering why the trophies are so rare. I haven't had any crashes or any bugs and the game is running perfect so far, I do have a ps4 pro tho. *Update Shortly after posting this I actually just ran into a glitch where the mission objective didn't update and I had to start the mission over, but after playing for 4 hours today and only having one glitch so far I'd say it's playable at it's current state.
  2. Any more word on these trophies. I'm interested in the game and was going to pick it up today but not if it has glitched trophies
  3. if u turn practice on to 5 mins u can boost by yourself still and you dont have to race during the practice. Increases the amount of time but is still doable.
  4. I have a total between two worlds of over 500 but the trophy for getting 500 player kills didnt unlock so is it on one world or is it glitched?