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  1. If half the German population flew a Nazi flag in front of their house, I guess the rest of the world would totally freak out!
  2. Awesome! It's been great playing HZD. Looking forward to the next installment!
  3. Will there be more after The Frozen Wilds, or is this it?
  4. I have the ending trophies and no two and two. I've also quit and restarted the game, and still no joy. All that I have left are the death trophies, and two and two. I'm going to do it in multiplayer mode the next time I try
  5. Could Two and Two makes 22 imply that two real players, and two robots make 2 and 2. Perhaps that's why the trophy pops immediately when played in multiplayer, but it takes at least twice if played solo...
  6. Yeah this is NA version
  7. Grenades can leave people unconscious instead of dead. If you use grenades , be sure and hit enemies with your sword to make sure they're dead. There is one sleeping guy at the ground level. Hell wake up if you make noise. The best advice I can give is to smash everything with your sword, and enemies will come to you. I killed the imprisoned witch and she disappeared.
  8. Make a game save in chapter 4 before completing it
  9. From Uncharted 4 I was under the impression that Nadine was a trans, originally a man but now a woman...
  10. Thanks guys! I understand now. I've stayed away from account sharing to avoid being banned or locked out of my account. I'm just pissed I missed the opportunity to get this zero effort platinum...
  11. I guess I lucked out. Was hoping there was a way to "side load" it...
  12. I see people earning trophies daily, yet the game isn't available to purchase.... or is it?
  13. You can stack this 3 times. On PS4 once for US once for EU, and then once more for the region your Vita account is locked to. The proof is in my profile :-)
  14. I finally got the trophy and here's what I ddi: I did not delete my old save. I did not select only a single challenge, but helped my partner with my 2nd challenge. I was host, I selected the challenge, I collected all 5 artefacts (3 medium, 2 large). My partner was near me when I collected each of the 5. He collected 13 small artefacts too. I accidentally collected a small artefact while trying to get cloth, that didn't void the trophy. We did not wait another day, but extracted right away. We failed Master and Apprentice because we didn't wait 10 days. My partner also got the trophy. Conclusions: In my past attempts perhaps I didn't get all 5, and that's why I failed? Or it was because my partner was not nearby? You do not need 10, but only a combination of 5 large+medium. Extract as soon as you got a total of 5, not 6,7,8 or any other number. Definitely whoever selects the challenge has to pick up all 5 artefacts. Hope this helps someone else...
  15. Here's what I've done so far and failed: Did not host: 1)The other guy collected a combination of 5 medium and large artefacts. I was not near him. Failed 2)The other guy got a combination of 10 (4 medium, 6 large). I was not near him. Failed I hosted (and selected the challenge): 3) I collected a combination of 5 medium and large by myself. The other guy was not near me. Survived 14 days, got the trophy for 10 days and 20 artifacts. Failed 4) My partner and I both contributed to the 5 combined artefacts. Failed In all the above runs we did pick up random small artefacts. Could the trophy mean you need at least 5 of either medium or large? I never had 5 of one kind. How do you select a single challenge? You automatically start with 2, and I don't know how to delete one.