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  1. Yes, a story related spear that you must upgrade several times. You can't upgrade a regular spear...
  2. With no AFK's you're not guaranteed big XP, even if you're good. There could be 3 enemies that play as a team and they will own you. One will shock you, one will stun you, and the third will go ape on you will the light saber. Maybe you'll hit 5K XP if you're lucky. Most AFK's I've had was 7, as in I was the only active player, and I've milked it for 3 hours straight. Some may argue that you can only get about ~10K XP in this scenario. However if your character has the ability to see enemies (Boba/Rey) then you can kill a whole lot more than the 10 selected targets in one game. Most points I ever got was 25K with one active player on the other team and 6 other AFK's.
  3. There are definitely fewer game modes than in the first game, but do some modes offer more XP than others? In Battlefront 2015 we had Capture the Droid which 2 people could boost to reach rank 100 in no time. What's the best way to gain XP in Battlefront 2, either legit or by boosting.
  4. Big fan of military flight simulators. Looking forward to playing such a game on the PS4. The trophy list sounds like a grind... get 3 stars on all events etc.
  5. Awesome! It's been great playing HZD. Looking forward to the next installment!
  6. Will there be more after The Frozen Wilds, or is this it?
  7. I have the ending trophies and no two and two. I've also quit and restarted the game, and still no joy. All that I have left are the death trophies, and two and two. I'm going to do it in multiplayer mode the next time I try
  8. Could Two and Two makes 22 imply that two real players, and two robots make 2 and 2. Perhaps that's why the trophy pops immediately when played in multiplayer, but it takes at least twice if played solo...
  9. Yeah this is NA version
  10. Grenades can leave people unconscious instead of dead. If you use grenades , be sure and hit enemies with your sword to make sure they're dead. There is one sleeping guy at the ground level. Hell wake up if you make noise. The best advice I can give is to smash everything with your sword, and enemies will come to you. I killed the imprisoned witch and she disappeared.
  11. Make a game save in chapter 4 before completing it
  12. From Uncharted 4 I was under the impression that Nadine was a trans, originally a man but now a woman...
  13. Thanks guys! I understand now. I've stayed away from account sharing to avoid being banned or locked out of my account. I'm just pissed I missed the opportunity to get this zero effort platinum...
  14. I guess I lucked out. Was hoping there was a way to "side load" it...
  15. I see people earning trophies daily, yet the game isn't available to purchase.... or is it?